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The runic changes....

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Hammersmith, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Hammersmith

    Hammersmith Guest

    Dear Friends,

    I see that the future of the smithing BOD system is that runic hammers will have 100% intensity and “X” number of mobs based on the runic hammer type. So what this means is that my 50 charge dull copper runic may not be able to produce more than 2 mods but it could be nice ones, it also means that copper, gold, bronze, agipite, verite, valorite, hammers are all going to make really really nice weapons. What will happen then? Well the market gets flooded with uber weapons and once again smiths are worthless. The reason I am posting this is we must not implement this change. This is a quick fix that will have very long term consequences to the Blacksmiths. I know on the surface it sounds good, looks cool to be able to make uber weapons, but in the long term they really will just have no value, I would guess 3 to 6 months. Part of this problem is like many others I have been slowly saving BOD’s hoping for a change. Doing small irons in hopes of a valorite hammer. But in the mean time I have managed to save up quite a collection of lesser hammers and deeds. I am asking that this system not be implemented and that we all vote here.

    So I am asking you all, do you think that 100% intensity is the answer to smithing?
    Vote AYE I want to see 100% intensity hammers in the game.

    Vote Nay; I don’t want to see the 100% intensity hammers in the game because it will ruin weapons and smithing for good.

    Thank you,

  2. Lilac Crypt

    Lilac Crypt Guest

    They will have the <font color="blue"> possiblility </font> of 100% intensity on any or all given properties. Possibility is a whole lot different than if they'd just handed smiths the key to the kingdom.

    When the word possibility enters into equations.. it changes stuff quick like. I understand your worry.. I genuinely do. My smith has been collecting and doing bods since they were first created.. even before bod books existed. I don't have any huge supply of runic hammers, mostly because I tossed at least forty dull copper ones into a trash can last summer. They just wouldn't make ANYTHING anyone in the game now would buy or use.

    Considering those who have tried it don't even recommend using anything other than bronze hammers or up to attempt armor creation.. that's just sad! Bronze hammers and up are not easy to get.. not by my standards, anyhow.

    Heck, I have two agapite hammers I've refused to use, just because of the numbers posted here on what other smiths got on a test shard.

    I can take a luck-inbued character out hunting swoops and loot on three corpses stuff my smith can NEVER make with runic hammers the way they are now. Literally, never. I haven't sold squat for anything I've made in.. years. I don't want to flood the market with high-end stuff any more than it already is, but I really would like to be able to once in a great while make something at least someone would use.

    If I can stop throwing my low end hammers into the trash, and make a decent piece once in a great while with a high end one? I'm all for it.

  3. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Well I think that its going to do just what UO does normally now. Make stronger items, which in turn will create stronger monsters, which will give us new stuff, which, well you get the idea.

    The devs have totally ruined UO doing this over the years, but sadly theres nothing we can do about it. Its been talked about many times. We start playing long ago. Players GM skill. Then slayer weapons are introduced, then they have to boost up monsters because its easy to kill, then they throw in powerscrolls and higher skills, then we need paragons and champs to have any competition, then we get new items, arties, talismans, many things to make us stronger, then we need peerless and stronger monsters, now we will get runics to make stronger weapons, soon they will make stronger monsters.

    The problem wasn't that runics didn't make good weapons, its that it was super hard to get the higher ones. So of course they change something that didn't need changing. Instead of simply making the higher runics accessable, they make them alot stronger AND accessable.
  4. Lilac, I use the runic created weapons but I wouldn't pay much for them. I wonder how many there are like me that play less than optimal characters using less than optimal gear but still having optimal fun. You threw away a bunch of runics? Too bad it wasn't like when they first started the bod system. I got some dull copper runics and made a bunch of stuff with a couple of them not getting anything I liked so I smelted all the results and the remaining runics yielded a couple ingots each when I smelted them.:) I quit doing bods for a while after that.