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The Satyr

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by imported_Risso, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I need a complete newbie walkthrough to how this fella works :p

    1. Are they aggressive/is there aggressive spawn?
    2. When discorded is one skill affected or can you train anything?
    3. What does discordance actually do?
    4. Is this the most effective way to train skills 90-120?
    5. Do I need a Scroll of Alacrity or is that just if I want better gains?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
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    1) They are not agressive but i think they attack bad karma people.
    In tweates weald the further you go the more likely you find agresive monsters.

    2) All skills are affected.

    3) Discordance.

    4) It helps for most skills, not all.

    5) Those scrolls only gives you higher gains at ones but not faster.

    The Satyr
  3. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    More specifically.

    1. The Twisted Weald is a dangerous place to be if you're negative karma. The Entrance dumps you right in the middle of a champion spawn that is the same (for the first half or so) to the Oaks spawn (and gets much worse after that). It is also possible that dryads and cu sidhe may have wandered down to that area, making it even more treacherous.

    If you have high positive karma, you should be okay; note that for some reason that paragons will sometimes attack low-positive karma types there as if they are negative karma (no one knows why).

    2. All skills are affected, approximately 25-30 percent. Paragon satyrs will drop your skills an additional 7-10 percent more than the normal ones. The skills still use their normal amount, for purposes of caps, so you still need to have room to gain both in that skill and overall, to use this method. To STAY discorded, you have to run outside and back in, or go invisible, for a VERY short time. Take more than a few seconds, and you'll break the discord. Also, you must stay within line of sight of the Satyr (at least on the same screen, if not closer).

    2.a. The actual method to GET discorded is as follows:
    -Find a Satyr
    -Attack the Satyr to get it to come after you
    -Run around until it discords you, trying not to become Swoop-food from a provoke (see section 3).
    -Now, immediately either have a friend invis you (typically you can't hide being chased, and are already peaced so you can't cast invis), drink an invis potion, or run out the entrance for a second, and back in (the last is the easiest method, in terms of timing).
    -before you're out of sight for more than a second or two, get BACK on the same screen as, if not right on top of, the satyr, and STAY VISIBLE to it, moving with it as needs allow. If peaced, it will wear off, but the Discord won't as long as you're in range - and neither will any provokes on you (see below) - watch out for hostiles, including stuff wandering in from the desert, or chasing people running for their life from the swamp area beyond it.

    3. The Satyr is a full-fledged Bard. While the discord is important, it's far from the worst it can do to you. For one thing, it can peace you. Second, it can make a female character strip off her armor, making her easy meat for attacks. Lastly, it can provoke creatures onto you - and those creatures will REMEMBER you even if you break line of sight, and immediately attack you again until they die or despawn. Be prepared to RUN if you see the message about getting angry - especially if it's a cu sidhe or the Swoop making a bee-line for you.

    4. Notable skills that can't be trained this way, or are difficult to train.
    a. Blacksmithing (need a forge and an anvil - if there was such thing as a portable anvil, one could use a fire beetle for the forge).
    b. Fishing (no water to cast into, except in the swamp, and the satyr would be the least of your worries there).
    c. Begging (no NPCs)
    d. Hiding & stealth - technically these COULD be trained, but very haphazardly. The problem is that hiding (and being hidden is required for stealth) will break the discord on you after a couple seconds, so you'd end up having to make many more attempts to get discorded, which would of course add more time than not being discorded would have taken.
    e. Tracking can be trained but requires someone to volunteer to be the tracked person.
    f. Lockpicking, forensics, and other target-requisite skills need you to bring the proper items to target (locked boxes, etc.). To an extent, will have a similar issue with working on taming, from lack of viable targets (champ spawn creatures can't be tamed, and the discord will put you too low for the cu sidhe - someone will have to bring in and release creatures for you to tame while you stay in range of the satyr). Skills that use up their resources (alchemy, inscription, cartography, etc.) will also require someone to fetch supplies for you, if you intend to train for long periods with the satyr.

    5. Don't worry about alacrity scrolls, unless they add a new means of getting them.