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The scent of llamas is in the air... (EM Event)

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady Mal, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Lady Mal

    Lady Mal Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 14, 2006
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    The autumn harvest is over and winter is just a few weeks away. And all of Britannia is rejoicing, for once again it’s that magical time of year when people from all walks of life from beggar to nobleman come together in friendship, sharing in their love for the most beautiful and noble creature to be found, the llama.

    So, In celebration of this wonderful time of year, Queen Dawn has decreed that the first annual Atlantic Llama Festival shall be held this Saturday and Sunday, the 13th and 14th of November.

    At special request (and high expense) of the Throne, the event's host will be none other than the King of Llamas himself, Ralph the Wonderllama!

    All participants are greatly encouraged to ride only llamas on the weekend of the event (or even the week leading up to the event!), to show your support for these majestic creatures (preferably non-ethereal llamas). The Britannia Royal Zoo will be bringing in dozens of rideable llamas for people to tame as well, so no one will be left llamaless. The tamers of the realm are encouraged to help supply llamas to those people who can't obtain one themselves.

    There will be a special Llama Festival chat channel created for those who don't like to use General chat. Each event will be announced on the channel 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes prior to the event's start. General chat will not be used to announce the start of any event other than the final top-secret one.

    There will be five official Llama Festival events, but our llama-loving players are very welcome to stage their own llama-themed events to supplement the official ones.

    The official event itinerary is as follows:

    3:00 PM EST Saturday, November 13th: The Herd Mentality

    Oh no! the poor llamas of Terra Sanctum are being attacked by dire wolves! Can the shepherds of Britannia save the herd before its too late? [herding event]

    6:00 PM EST Saturday, November 13th: Storytelling

    Ralph wants to hear a story! But not just any story - every storyteller will be given a bag with two random items in it. The storyteller will have 30 seconds to look at the items in the bag and think of a story, and then three minutes to tell it. The rules are: The story must involve the two items in some way, the story must be llama-themed in some way, and the story has to be family-friendly.

    3:00 PM EST Sunday November 14th: Thieves!

    a shipment of food from Ralph's distant kingdom was captured by pirates and hidden in Jhelom. But the thieves were caught, and now the food is just waiting for someone to take it back to Ralph. [Thief event, takes place in Fel, rules for the game will be explained at the start of the event]

    6:00 PM EST Sunday, November 14th: Homesick

    Ralph is feeling a little homesick, so he's called for the mages of Britannia to help bring him a little bit of home while he's visiting us. The first mage to summon a Llama Vortex wins! All mages are advised to bring 100% LRC suits and as much mana regen as possible [mage event]

    Sometime after the mage event, Sunday, November 14th: ????
    This event is top secret! The start of the event and its location will be announced on the General Chat channel AND the special Llama Festival channel within two hours of the conclusion of the mage event. Participants are advised to show up ready for anything! Will it be a tea party with Ralph the Wonderllama? Or will it be total death and destruction for everyone in Britannia? Probably neither, but still be on your guard!

    UOEM Atlantic