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The Search

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by EMCrysania, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
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    "Easy goes it man" Mary said to the crewman manning the wheel of the Crimson Rose II, as he piloted the ship into the port. "Drop the flag" she ordered to another,"No need for the town to know who we are".
    As the ship nudged up to the dock, Mary gave word to drop anchor and moor up the ship.
    Turning to her crew, she said " Take leave for a few hours, get your land legs back under you! It's been a long journey.Mind yourselves now, Don't stir up too much trouble." she laughed.
    Mary watched as the men laughed and patted each other on the backs as they walked down the gang plank headed to the nearest tavern for ale and whatever else they could find to do. She had a good crew,and they had watched out for the fledgling Captain as she started her sea journeys.
    They had not run into many troubles on the journey across the seas. A few cargo ships had been taken, relieved of their gold and whatever else valuable they carried. Mary had given strict instructions that no cargo ship be sank, no lives to be taken, as her memories of her father and how it effected her mother when she heard the new's, still burned in her heart. She didn't want any innocent lives downed and others to go through the heartache that had been endured.
    Mary went down to her cabin and changed into her "girly" clothes as the crew were fond of calling them. Making her way down the gangplank, she headed off towards one of the quieter taverns in the small town.
    As she entered the tavern, she noticed a old man sitting at one of the bar stools, staring at her as she made her way across the room to a small table near the back. Ordering her ale from the barmaid, she saw that the old man was still looking at her with a frown upon his lined face,as if he recognized her. Being the woman she was, Mary looked back at him, lifted her hands in a expression of "What?"
    Taking his tankard of ale, the old man hobbled over and Mary motioned for him to sit down." Lass, what ye be wearin' round that fine neck of yours, if I were you, I'd put it where it can't be seen." he said, motioning to the medallion she wore.
    " I recognized that medallion,lass, as others will, and it could cause you a bit of trouble ye know" he said with a grin.
    Tucking the medallion inside of her collar, Mary asked "How do you know what it is old one, and why would it cause bother? Is this not a town known for Pirates?"
    "Aye lass, it 'tis, but not many come through the ports here now.And those that do, well they cause such a ruckus and mayhem,that the townsfolk would rather they be scuttled back to their ship or a good lynching of a few!" he chuckled.
    "Now lass, what ship ye be from? One of those cargo ships? And where did ye get that medallion? From some fancy boy tryin' to impress ye?" he asked.
    "What business of yours is it old one, where I came from or who gave me the medallion?" Mary retorted back.
    "Don't bust ta buttons on that fancy dress,lass!" he said, " I were askin' cause, well...*whispers*.."folks round here don't know, but in me younger days I were a crewman on a pirate ship" he said as he slipped a medallion from under his worn tunic,showing Mary the one he wore, almost identical to hers.
    "Seen lots o' battles..took part in most, and know a great deal of the pirate folk still" he said.
    Mary listened politely as the old man rambled on about his life and being a pirate, the tales he knew, the famous pirates he had encountered. Then Mary heard him say the name "Tom Flint"..her head snapped up and eyes grew wide. " What did you just say old one?" she demanded.
    " I were sayin' lass, that when we got them barrels o' rum outtin the ship..."
    "No no! Before that, about Tom Flint!" she said leaning forward.
    " Ohhh..yeah..let me think" he said scratching his head. "Oh aye, Tom Flint..I knew him, before he were taken prisoner after another group of rouge pirates scuttled his ship."
    " Prisoner? He was taken alive? He didn't die when his ship sank?" Mary said breathlessly.
    "Not from what I heard,lass. Them rouge pirates 'ave him, still do to best of my recollections. I hear'd they won't let 'em go till he tells 'em where he buried all the treasures he had. Tom Flint was the best pirate around these parts as far as keel haulin' and getting booty from the ships. I hear'd he'd hidden treasures all over the realms. Treasures worth so much gold ye'd never be able to spend it in your lifetime, or you're heirs lifetimes."
    "Ain't no wonder they holdin' him. It's a kings ransom to be had for the one that finds it."
    "Now calm down lass, ye makin' me nervous..why all the interest in Tom Flint?..wait...now jest a minute..." he said as he peered closer at Mary.
    "You! That's where I knows ye from! You're Tom's little lass aren't ye girl?? I can see Tom in ye girl, don't deny it! That's Tom's medallion ye be wearing sure as my boots! He'd talk of ye often when he were in port here..you were the apple of his eye girl! Mary, be ye name iffin I remembers right" he said.
    "How's ye ma, lass? Is she here too?" he said looking around " Tom loved that woman, always spoke sweet 'bout her,buyin' her fancy trinkets and such.I use to give him the what fer about takin' to a woman's skirts when he were about!"
    "Aye I am Mary, old one, and my mother isn't here. She went insane and died in grief, her heart broken after news of my fathers ship going down at sea." Mary said quietly, tears welling up in her eyes at the memory.
    " Aww lass, sorry to hear that I am", he said. "But ye haven't told me why ye here, or what ship ye be on." I kin watch out fer ye here, keep the old scurvy rotters off ye whilst ye here." I got connections..so to speak..still".
    " I'm here on my own ship, the Crimson Rose II. After my mothers death, I took to the sea's, keeping his memory afloat," she said, deciding not to tell him about the scraps of paper she had found in the small chest of her mothers.
    " But now, hearing what you have said, that my father may still be alive I must try and find him!" she said with emotion.
    "Is there any thing you can tell me to help? And what is your name old one?"
    " Me names Charlie,lass, and Tom were a good friend o'mine, I'll tell ye what I knows, and see iffin I can find out more.." he said.
    Leaning forward, Mary listened to the old man called Charlie...

    Player event: The Search for Tom Flint.
    Date: Oct 22
    Time: 7pm PST/10pm EST
    Meet: Mary Flint at West Brit Bank