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The Sharpened Quill

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Danse, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Danse

    Danse Guest

    The old scribe sat in the shadows, quill poised over the parchment. 'My Lord?'
    The missive, you have hired me to write this for you...'

    This statement was met with a loud bout of coughing, and the frail gray beard wiped his mouth with a soiled rag. 'I will tell what I know of this person, but have patience, master. My memories are dim and names elude me.'

    And so begain the short history of the woman whose presence in Skara
    had drawn the interest of the authorities.

    'She literally ran into my life.' the old man chortled...I remember the first time I saw her...'he smiled. 'was dressed in the uniform of an apprenticed Necromancer, well maybe dress is too kind. She was in the process of removing her costume, as she ran through the streets of Luna. Dropping bits of clothing as she ran toward the bank.'

    The ancient leaned back in his seat, and smiled, eyes closed. It was as if he had lost himself in the memory...

    'Ah she was a sight to behold, clad only in her underskirts, the hated dark gray of the necromancer's costume discarded and tossed aside. And she danced...twirling and swaying to a tune only she could hear.'

    'She saw me then, and grabed my arm. She laughed, and the sound was liken to the sounds of those silver bells on the feast day. While her words made little since to me at the time. I just listened. as she prattled on and on about being free of that hated necromancer and his smells of death.'

    'Thinking on it now, I guess she meant that, she had been apprenticed to one of the Necromancer's there in Umbra, and had ran away. I do believe she had no knowledge of the law about such things. But I did. I knew they would search for her and take her back to her master, for he owned her till her servitude for his support was paid.' The old man puased, taking a sip from his mug of ale. 'Well, what could I do, she was an innocent. she had no idea of what was waiting for her with the necromancer. But I did. So, I paid her debt. And I made her my apprentice, I am the tailor Bernard. My shop was one in Skara. It is now long ran by my sons and daughters.'

    Excuse me...I here them calling me far my supper is ready...I wil talk with ye again, after I have rested a bit and fed myself.
  2. Danse

    Danse Guest

    The scribe shook his head...and wrote what the old man had spoken. If the missive made no sense, well, was nothing to him.

    He had been sent by that same necromancer, to see if the lass was well. Apprenently she had not told the old man everything. The necromancer was her father, and she had decided she had not wished to follow in his steps. 'Ahh, the rashness of youth.' he thought to himself. But, to a degree he understood, for his own son had not taken up the quill, but the sword. He was now a guard in Luna, and had advanced to the rank of sargent. The scribe finish the letter, and returned his quills and ink to his pack.

    He could let one of the younger scribes take the letter to the necromancer, but decided to go himself. It had been ages since he had seen his old friend, and he was eager to find out first hand what all this was about.
  3. Danse

    Danse Guest

    'I am too old for this,' the old scribed wheezed and stumbled as he neared the keep of the necromancer. He looked around and shook his head at the ruin he saw around him. It was only three months ago he had left the same keep, and then it was prosperous and bustling, now it was a crumbling shadow of its former glory.

    'What has happened here,' he muttered as he stepped around a rather large pile of debris. 'And the stench...' the scribed took out a kerchief and placed it over his nose. 'Smells of death and decay...like an open grave.' Then he stopped, what he now saw brought bile to his throat and caused his face to go ashen; hands shaking he groped for the nearby wall. There were bodies and parts of bodies everywhere, and the keep was a burned out hull. He knew he should look to see if there were any one left alive, but he could not force himself to go further. He slowly started backing away from the carnage, stumbling when he failed to noticed the rubble around him. As quickly as he could he turned away toward the road he had just left and moved as fast as he could back the way he had come.

    'I tell you, it is awful. Everyone there is dead.' The old scribe then described to the authorities in Yew what he had seen at the keep. 'And no, I saw no one of the road as I approached the keep. Everyone there liked as if they had been dead for days, but I did not touch anyone or anything, I just left.'

    He sat in the Abbey of Yew, his trembling hands wrapped around the mug of hot cider as he collected his thoughts. He knew he must contact the necromancer's daughter, but he was too numb and all of a sudden felt too old to make the journey to her home. Instead he would write down all he knew and have it taken to her, it was the least he could do for his old friend. The strangest thing of all of this, was when the authorities went to the keep they never found the body or any remains of the necromancer himself. The bodies that they did examine seemed to be all killed by a blast of energy of some sort. And the keep itself had burned to a crumbling hulk. They had made the determination that the necromancer must have been experimenting with the blackrock he was known to collect, and it had caused the destruction. And so, setting aside his drink, with trembling hands he picked up his quill and began to write...
  4. MageCruella

    MageCruella Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Ok..Im hooked!~ more..more : )
  5. Danse

    Danse Guest


    Danse had been handled the scroll by the neophyte, wearing the scribes clothes of Yew. 'Lady, I had hurried to you with this missive. My master awaits a reply.' She looked the neo-scribe over, he was not much to look at, his clothes were worn and unwashed, as unwashed as himself if one went by the odors that clung to him as he moved. His hands permanently dyed with the ink of his craft.

    As Danse read the contents of the missive, her face lost all color, and she sank into a convenient chair. 'Wild...Wild, I need you...please.' Danse's adoptive sister looked up from her forge. 'What is the problem... you look as if you saw a ghost...' The elf took the letter from Danse and began to read. 'this is rot, that old fart was a lot of things, but he would not have done what is suggested here.' Danse looked up at Wildfire questioningly. 'What makes you say that? You and I know that for the last 5 or 6 years, that old man has not be sane...always looking to bring back the dead.' 'Danse think hard, what do either of us know of him since
    we last spoke with him.' the Elf tossed her head, 'You hated him for trying to make you become something you hated, and...' 'and you had your own reasons Wild. Most even I am unaware if,' The two women stood in the garden. 'And will stay that way a while longer.' 'WILD!!' Danse stomped her foot, bruising her heel. 'WILD!!! COME BACK HERE, WE NEED TO TALK. '

    The elf just smiled a knowing smile and rode off leaving the fuming Danse cursing under her breath.
  6. Danse

    Danse Guest

    Wildfire attacked the rock like it was alive and she must crush the life from it. She should not have ridden off from Danse Like she did, but she needed to be alone and think a few things through.

    While the old necromancer was Danse's true father, he had been Wild's guardian. She had been left with him by her grandparents when they had decided to remove themselves from the human world. Wildfire was not a full elf, her mother had been human, but had died at her birth. Her elven grandparents had raised her after their son had died from a fall. She looked like her father, but had her mother's temperament. Where her father had been quiet, her mother was unpredictable. It was this unpredictability that had drawn her father to her, and was the reason Wild's elven grandparents had decided to trust her care to a human.

    So, Wildfire had been raised with Danse as a sister. They were as different as night and day. Wildfire had accepted the quirky nature of her guardian, while Danse had rebelled against all the man did. When Danse had reached the age of 17 she ran away. It had broken her father's heart, and from that moment the old man had just withered away. Becoming more and more of a recluse and every bad thing that happened in that part of Sosaria was blamed on him or one of his 'experiments.' Wildfire knew he was harmless, he was just brokenhearted. But then the old necromancer had begun to gather those around him that were truly evil. But these persons kept their true nature hidden from him. It was one of these, or even a group of them that were the cause of all the troubles that abounded at the keep. She knew that they had lured an Ancient Wyrm away from its lair, and were trying to learn to control it. And, she smiled grimly at the thought, she figured that the Wyrm had its revenge.

    Wildfire had left the keep about the time the necromancer had allowed those evil mages a free rein on their experiments. She could only guess at the outcome. It seemed to her that they had received their just rewards.
  7. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2008
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  8. Danse

    Danse Guest

    *Stares at the blank page*
  9. Aavie of TMC

    Aavie of TMC Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 9, 2008
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    Quit using inviable ink and it wouldn't be blank!
  10. Danse

    Danse Guest


    Writers block...as soon as I have it shoved out of the way....the tales will return!:blushing:
  11. Danse

    Danse Guest

    Wildfire cursed as she stumbled over a chest. 'Drat Danse and her urge to re-decorate every time she needs to think...' she mumbled.

    'What?..' Danse's sleepy voice was heard in the darkness...'Here let me light a lantern.'

    When the room was brightened with the glow from the small lantern, Wildfire saw her adopted sister. Danse's eyes were red and tear trails streaked her face through the dirt. 'Okay..out with it, sis...why the tears now...'

    Danse wiped her face, smearing the dirt across her nose, making her look comical. Wild could not help it when a giggle escaped her. 'What's so funny,' Danse pouted, 'I dropped that chest you tripped over on my foot...it hurt.'

    'Yeah...sure, sis. Whatever you say. Wanna talk about it?' Wild pulled her gloves off and tossed them onto her cot.

    'No, not really just remembering and feeling a bit sorry for myself.' Danse rose from the bench she had been sitting on. 'By the way, did you know that father left a sizable debt? It seems he allowed those vermin he access to the keep to run up a quite large account with the local regents dealer and with the local winery. Not to mention the damages that those creatures did to the town. I have nearly depleted my bank account making good on all of those debts.'

    Wildfire shook her head, 'No, I did not know about that, and I will help with it. It is only fair.' Wildfire watched as Danse put a kettle over the fire. 'If you are fixing tea, add enough for me too, please.'

    Danse handed Wildfire a scroll, 'And this came yesterday. It is addressed to you and whoever brought it just left it on the stoop. Sugarfoot was munching on it when I finally saw it.' Danse watched as Wildfire opened the scroll and read its contents. 'Well...'

    Wildfire grinned, 'It is an order for boards and ingots, which I happen to already have. This will more than make up for what you had to payout for father's debts.'

    Danse handed her sister a mug of tea, 'By the way, we are responsible for finding that ancient wyrm and getting it back to where it belongs...it seems the authorities are a bit concerned. No one has seen the beast, but it is feared the creature is lurking about the ruins of the keep.'

    Wildfire choked, 'WHAT!!!! They can not be serious, neither of us are tamers, how are WE going to manage THAT!' She looked suspiciously at Danse. 'You're kidding, right?' Wildfire manage to squeak.

    Danse shook her head, 'I wish I were, but no, this is what they want. We need to travel to the keep, search for the beast and somehow lure it to Illishnar. And, they only way I know to do this is to anger it and let it chase us through a gate...you CAN gate CAN'T you? ' Danse's eyebrow was arched questioningly. "Wild...can't you?'

    'I don't know...I haven't tried. To gate that is...' Wildfire stared into her mug. 'Maybe we can hire someone to kill it...I mean how hard can it be for some well trained warrior.'

    Danse laughed, 'You have no idea about the wyrm, do you?' She shook her head at her sister's naiveté. 'Let me explain something to you, first it would be wrong for us to consider having someone else try and kill the wyrm, those beast are special. We need to lure it back to its home. If you will not help, then I will do it alone. Have you ever looked into the eyes of one? They look right though to your soul. I cannot kill it and I won't be party to having it killed.'

    'But it will KILL US!!!' Wildfire wailed.

    Danse shook her head and said, 'So..someone will heal us. I am kinda looking forward to facing the dragon....
  12. Danse

    Danse Guest

    The great beast settled herself among the boulder atop the mountain closest to the old Necro's keep. Yawning widely, she stretched like an over sized cat. The rays of the dawn sun, pearled her iridescent scales in shades from pale pale blues to warm and glowing golds turning to lavender and pinks. '

    'Impressive, isn't it.' she growled to her companion. 'Aye Mistress, it tis. But I still do not understand why we have lingered here at the horrid place. Why have we not returned to the glory's of your lands. You would be safe there from the prying eyes of the puny humans and their kin.'
    'you could just take what you wish from these creatures and return to the safety of the lost lands.

    The great beast turned her head toward the speaker, I do what I must, I am under an enchantment produced by those very ones who I have rid the realm of. But their magics linger, and I must find a way to be free of their spells'

    The cat like creature rubbed against the legs of the dragon, 'but mistress what enchantment...surely you are more powerful than any human mage.'

    'Hush Child, just know that I have a plan which will free me and return things to the proper order of how things should be.'
  13. Leanan Sidhe

    Leanan Sidhe Guest

    *pours hot coffee and waits*
    I know Danse will be here soon to write more..... "Fall Break time and all... " =D
  14. Danse

    Danse Guest


    He pulled the cowl of his robe closer around his face. He had prowled the outer edges of the township since the destruction of the keep. He still wondered how he had survived while all others had perished.

    He had been full of ambition and lust for forbidden knowledge, now he was full of anger. Anger at the beast that had rendered him deformed and nearly blind. Anger at himself for his role in the outcome of this folly. And anger with the locals, who now chased him from their midst, who would not even give him a crust of bread or a cold drink of water. Anger at them for allowing their children to throw rotting vegetables and fruits and other offal at him.

    When he had come to this forsaken part of the known world, he had been an eager journeyman mage and necromancer. He had learned from word of mouth about the old man who was wanting apprentices to aide him in experiments with blackrock. If he had known then what the outcome would have been for himself and, maybe even the others who had answered the call to the keep, he would have stayed away.

    To begin with, the old man had been content with just trying to use the blackrock, in combination with various other ingredients, to manufacture potions. But all of those failed. Then, quite by accident, it was himself who had discovered that by uttering a certain combination of 'magical' words, that things began to happen. Small things to begin with, like the changing of items around him. And then the changing of creatures. He shuddered at the remembrance, and grimaced.

    It was he who had talked the old man into seeking out the ancient wyrm, to use it magical power to enhance the spells with the blackrock.
    It was he who had cast the spell, holding the beast ensnared. And it was
    upon him that the beast had gotten its revenge...

    That thirty other lives were lost meant little to him, nor did it matter to him that the beast was still at large in the area. He blamed the local populace for that. They had interfered, they had become suspicious and had sent the local authorities to investigate. All because one bratty, snot nosed kid had gotten too curious, and paid for that curiosity by becoming lunch for the wyrm.

    Now he wandered, eating from the midden piles; eating slop that even the hogs ingnored. They would pay...he would see to it!
  15. Danse

    Danse Guest

    He was once broad of shoulder, golden skin, hair the color of a raven's wing and eyes the color of storm clouds. Now he was broken. His body twisted and deformed; burnt beyond recognition. His closest family would not recognize him now.

    His mind, once sharp and quick, was as twisted as his body. He once had a name, forgotten now in his madness and pain. He called himself Ghoul. It was how he saw himself, half formed and only able to moan out his frustration at his dilemma.

    His sleep was haunted with the images of the last experiments that had brought him to his present state. He remembered everything.

    He had finally convinced the old man to the fact that they were never going to be able to use the blackrock to alter any potions. And had, finally, admitted to experimenting on his own with the use of "magical" words. Using them in different combinations than originally meant. Of how he had found a combination of words that, when spoken while holding a small piece of blackrock, caused the closest items nearby to alter their proprieties making them very violative. These objects caused the very air around them to be come unstable. These items when held, made all spells, when the runic words for them were spoken added power to the original spell.

    And, then he discovered that by channeling magic through the other mages assembled together, the spell became even more powerful.

    It was this discovery that had finally caused the destruction of everything. He and another..he could not remember the name, found that certain beasts had more magical powers than humans or even elves. Upon this discovery, they set about capturing these creatures. First it was the smaller creatures, then eventually the larger ones.

    That these creatures died during these experiments meant nothing to any of them. They were tools to be used and discarded when they had served their purpose. With each beast, which was magically more powerful than the last, the spells became more powerful. The effects lasting longer and longer. Then, it had been himself who had decided to lure the ancient wyrm from its lair and to channel spells through it.

    But he had misjudged the beast. From the beginning the beast seemed to have more intelligence than the assembled men. Oh, it had 'allowed' itself to be lured into the populated world. But the beast seems to be laughing at them all. At the very end, the very day of the destruction of the keep, he had begun to think, in his twisted mind, that the creature had sensed what was needed of it. And it KNEW what the out come would be. The beast was the one who channeled...not himself or the other mages...he could hear the rumbling laughter from its maw still.

    'HERE!!! I told ya..the monster of the keep...' he heard the shout through the haze of his memories. Then he felt the crushing of ribs as the first stone struck. He heard their shouts of hatred through the red haze of pain and, now, fear, as stone upon stone found their mark. His last thought was of freedom, then he knew no more.
  16. Danse

    Danse Guest

    'Cease!!' A clear authoritive voice spoke out, a monk stepped from the shadows of the ruins. "What are ye, animals?..Have you learned nothing..'

    'He deserves no better, it was him and his kind that cause the beast to come here.' Several heads in the crowd nodded in agreement, 'Aye, him and those others have caused us nothing but grief. He is the last, them others are dead, I know.' The head of everyman there turned to the speaker at this statement.

    'How are you so sure he is the last?' the healer came closer to the prone form lying in a broken heap on the roadway. 'Come my man, tell us, we are waiting. How would you know such things?'

    The rough looking man, licked his lips and looked around at this neighbors. 'I..I just know. that's all. I seem 'em fall, I snuck in and watched the beast kill em all...all except this 'un.'

    The crowd was moving back away from both the healer and their 'leader'.

    'Gorren,' a man smelling of hogs pointed to the rough man, 'yer said if we were to stone this offal, and bring his head to the magistrate, we would get a reward...get enough to eat good for a month yer said, yer did.! yer lied dincha...we're all gonna be lucky we don't end up in a cell ourselves.'

    'I don't know about the rest of ya, but for me and mine, I am leaving...I have livestock to tend..' and with those words the old farmer stalked off.

    Gorren saw the others he has stirred up into killing the Ghoul, were wandering off some to their homes and others to the tavern.

    'You there, help me get him to my hut.' the healer grabbed Gorran by the sleeve; and Gorren sensing the strength in those hands, helped.

    Several hours later, Ghoul moaned and began to rouse. He had no idea where he was. He was weak from his latest injuries, and extremely hungry and thirsty. 'Ah, you are awake, here drink this. Are you able to hold it, or should i hold it for you?' Ghoul could only see a face hazily, but the voice was male and he heard the kindness in it.

    'Why?' he croaked...it was only a sound, even to his own ears; but the other man answered, 'It is my calling, I am a Healer...I do not differentiate between Good or Evil, if any need healing I will tend to both.

    Ghoul lay still as the healer tended his injuries, the pain was nearly unbearable, but it got done. The man told Ghoul his name was, Arrias, and for Ghoul to call him that. As Arrias finished with the bandages, he helped Ghoul sit up and held a cup of a foul smelling liquid to his month. 'Drink this. It will make you sleep for a day or so, but while you sleep, your wounds will start to heal.'

    The elixir must have been potent, for that was the last thing Ghoul remebered....he slept as the dead.
  17. Danse

    Danse Guest

    (OOC-Please overlook misspellings and incorrect grammer...I just re-read this and it sound slike I was on the 'sauce'..which I was not. I just cannot seem to remember the proper order of letters for the words, nor can I remember those English lessons which are so far back in my past, well...let just say it has been a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time....:mf_prop: I will add more when my brain decides to co-operate...:gee:)
  18. DevilsOwn

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    Oct 27, 2003
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    whut mishpelinks?
  19. Uriah Heep

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    May 26, 2008
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  20. Maplestone

    Maplestone Crazed Zealot
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    Jul 26, 2008
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    No problem, I'm well practiced - I do it every time I write :)
  21. Lord Cuda

    Lord Cuda Sage
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    May 13, 2008
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    It's okay, some of us read while sauced so it makes complete sense. :lol:

    *winks at Cru*
  22. Danse

    Danse Guest

    You guys...!!!

    Thanks..I was feeling a bit down...you all are like a couple of my kids who ride the bus...can not be down long with you all and them around!
  23. Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep Grand Poobah
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    May 26, 2008
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    I'm reading for the story and entertainment :D

    Could care less about punctuation and spelling, lol, I ain't a teacher and grading things!!:lick:
  24. Danse

    Danse Guest

    Awaking in the library, Ghoul stretched and yawned. His face was finally healing; whatever was being used was even causing some of the scars to fade. He found himself more able to walk the halls of the monastery without hiding hid face. And the rumble in his stomach told him that breakfast would be waiting for him in the kitchen.

    Ghoul saw her then, a beauty for whom there was no match...he was lost.
    Grabbing the sleeve of a busy house servant, 'Who is that fair lady.' The steward looked in the direction that Ghoul pointed. 'She is trouble Ghoul, I do not mean to be cruel, but that lady never talks to the likes of us. She is
    of the nobility and is not for the likes of us.' the man rushed away to complete his errand, looking back once and shacking his head 'no'.

    Ghoul watched, as the lady in question went about her business at the monastery., which included reading to the smaller children and offering council to the older children, especially the girls. Her smiles nearly broke his heart, she was so lovely. In those smiles, Ghoul saw her longing, her uncertain, and fear. This showed itself in how she approached and dealt with the children. When she met with the youngest group, he saw the tear that tracked down her face. He sighed, oh how he would dearly love to take her hands and lead her to some bench in the gardens. He would talk to her as the monks had spoken to him, calming his fears, and with wise words strengthening his belief in himself and mankind.

    Ghoul had been sent to serve the wine and the bread and the cheese and to help with the smallest children and offer them a drink of fresh cold milk.
    He had been frightened of this task, he was afraid that when the children saw him as he truly looked. They would become afraid and run from him. If that happened, Ghoul had no idea of what his action would be. Since the destruction of the keep, he had been called monster. They had searched for him as they would search a rabid dog. And, the people of the valley still considered him the main cause of their problem of the Wyrm.

    But Ghoul owed so much to the monastery, they had saved his life, in so many ways. He no longer searched for revenge from anyone or anything. He had learned and come to peace with that his circumstances were his own making. He wanted to assure the beautiful woman, that inspite of her problems, there would be an answer. She would have to wait for it to come, as would he.

    Ghoul problems were almost overwhelming, through his pride and arrogance, he had caused the fall of the Keep. He finally recognized that it was he who kept the flames of learning burning in the old man. It was Ghoul who had used the desire for success that obsessed the old man to trick him into allowing the use of gathering any beast with a tendency of magic and using it It was Ghoul who had used these beast to show the rest gathered there how by channeling magic through the beast and a small piece of blackrock, the spell desired would be extremely more effective and destructive. He had found that the more magical ability the wild beast had, the more powerful the spell. And it was he who, himself, after luring the ancient Wyrm into the forest closest to the Keep, performed the last spell...it was to be THE spell...the one that would assure those of the keep that their fame and their fortunes were assured. But instead, well...all knew the outcome of THAT fiasco. 'And of that...' Ghoul thought 'I am living proof.'
  25. Maplestone

    Maplestone Crazed Zealot
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    Jul 26, 2008
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    Run away Ghoul! A woman's smile can be as dangerous as any wyrm.
  26. Danse

    Danse Guest

    'WILDFIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' The scream shook the windows of the newly redecorated Tailor Shoppe. 'What on earth!' Danse nearly fell, jumping from her bed and reaching for the door.

    'Who was that yelling,' as Iris, Mercee and Willow all met her in the hallway. Then they heard the cursing, followed by a loud crash. 'WREN!'

    The group ran to the back of the tailor shop, and toward the Alchemy Lab, as Wildfire had dubbed it.

    Danse slowly opened the door and ducked just as an alchemy tool barely missed her head. 'What in the world...Wren! Wild work hard to get this just right for you.' Shaking her head, Danse muttered something about gratitude.

    'She has ruined me...I had over 50k of necro reagents and she has caused them to be lost forever...'

    Danse's left eyebrow shot up into her bangs...'Maybe you are unaware of this, dear, but it was Wild herself who purchased every reagent you have. And if she did not, I did with funds she worked very hard for. You are lucky she even thought of you, with your 'attitude' with her. She has done nothing but try and make things easier for you. You had better calm down before she returns. She is out either mining or chopping wood. Both of which gives you the gold to buy the items you need to make your scrolls and potions.'

    'Yeah, you better cool it, cause if Wild or danse don't toss you out on your bottom...I will.' Willow grinned, and Wren shuddered.

    'Ok, enough of this, we all have to work together to live here peacefully. If anyone of you feel you can not live by the rules that we agreed too..well, you all know where the door is.'

    Wren hung her head in shame and embrassment, 'Sorry guys...I was planning on starting working my necro books today...but it will wait.'

    Willow hung back as the others returned to their rooms. 'Danse?'

    'Aye?' Danse had an eerie feeling creep over her. 'What is it?'

    'Well..erhm..Have you come to a decision about the...er ..wyrm?' Willow looked expectant. 'If you haven't, I would like to go and at least see the beast for myself. I do not intend to approach it to fight with it, but...well, I have never seen one up close and I want to see for my self, what the big deal is.'

    Danse looked out the window, as if she was collecting her thoughts before giving an answer. 'Willow, that is up to you. I will not stop anyone from seeking out the beast. I, personally, think to stare int o the eyes of such as that beast, is like staring into your own soul. I lot can be learned about yourself. It will either scare the daylights out of you, or make you stronger and more aware of things around you.'

    Willow gave a whoop, and grinned folishly, 'I was hoping you would say something like that. I had talked to Wild, and she wanted to lock me in a closet.'

    Danse laughed, 'Sounds like her..she is afraid of her own shadow..and she is the one who is always seeking out the most remote places to mine or cut wood.' Danse shook her head. 'Go figure...yeah, sure. go seek out the beast. At sometime in your life you will have to seek out whatever beasts that plague you. You need to learn to face them down.'
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    The Lady...

    Arrias watched as the one the others called 'Ghoul' struggled with the chore he had been assigned. As, Arrias watched, he thought to himself that he really need to help the reformed necro, find a better name...'Ghoul' was...well...unsettling.

    The chore was to show a bevy of young school age children the garden where they would be selecting their plots and helping them grow herbs and a few vegetables for their own tables. 'Ghoul, come here please. We must talk.'

    The reformed necro excused himself from the children and slowly made his way to where Arrias stood. 'You need me to help with something else? It will only take a moment to get the lads and lassies settle to their tasks.'

    'Go ahead, this will wait.' Arrias stood in the shadows watching how Ghoul treated and approached each group. There seemed to be a comradely that Ghoul had with the children. A week ago these same children would have ran screaming from his presence. Arrias thought to himself , maybe he is healing in his soul as well his body.

    These thoughts were interrupted by Ghoul, 'Now, you wanted to see me?'
    The two men moved away from the rush and noise of the children, 'I have a job for you, Ghoul, but first,' Arrias paused, 'I think it is time for you to use your birth name.' Arrias looked over at Ghoul's frowning face. 'Do you remember you original name. The frown grew deeper, 'No,' it was whispered.

    'Ah...I see...' Arrias strolled down the path toward the monastery kitchens. 'Well, that could be a dilemma. You do need a name, especially if you are to help with what I have planned for you. Think one it please, and let me know what you decide. But, here, sit down.' Arrias patted the stone bench that was tucked into a corner of the gardens. 'We, here at the monastery, have a slight problem. You have seen the lady reading to the children, haven't you.' Arrias watched his friend blush. 'AHH I see you have at least seen her. Well, here is the problem, she needs a guide. She has relatives in Illishnar, and she has asked we find her a worthy warrior to guide her and defend her as the needs be.'

    'I AM NOT A WARRIOR...' Ghoul was ashen, surely they would not force him into this...

    'Calm down, all that is needed is some one to ride before her and urge those who would impede her progress to think twice about that deed. In fact, she has see how you are with the children and find,that in her opinion you are perfect for this job.'

    'In fact, I believe she has wondered if you would considered being called Master Spice. A silly name that is for sure but she seems to like it.'

    'Why Master Spice??' Ghoul looked perplexed. Arrias just smiled and shrugged.
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    Just a bump, so Danse doesn't forget we are waiting...

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    Willow rode through the ruins of the old keep; she was awed by the power that would have been used to destroy the place. She had hoped to find some sort of trail that she could follow that would lead her to the wyrm, but all she saw was ruins.

    'Well, at least I have seen this part of the realm.' she dismounted form her horse and tightened the cinch of her saddle. 'Come on old fellow, lets head home. We will head north a while then turn south and home.'

    Willow allowed the horse to have his head and he picked his way through the underbrush and trees of the dense forest. She had been dozing in the saddle and had not noticed that they were climbing until they came into a clearing. On one side was a sheer cliff, the other offered a clear view of a small valley. There was a waterfall rushing from the mountain top into a clear pool. Willow allowed the beast to quench his thirst before dismounting and drinking from the pool herself.

    'We will camp here tonight, and head for home at first light.' and with those words she unloaded the horse and turned him loose into the lush grass of the little meadow.

    She had her campfire going and a rabbit cooking over the flames when she saw a small catlike creature sitting a few feet away. It was the color of molten gold and its eyes were emerald green. 'Hello little one.' Willow tossed a piece of the half cooked rabbit toward the creature. 'Here I will share my supper.'

    'Thank you, lass.' the beast took the rabbit and Begin nibbling at it.

    Willow blanched..'Y..yy..you speak!!'

    'Why certainly...you speak to your horse, he speaks to you...you just do not always listen.' the beast licked its paws. 'Every INTELLIGENT creature can speak. Sadly not all creatures can hear.'

    Willow blushed at the reprimand. You are right, of course. Humans think that they are the only ones with the ability to speak the spoken word. But not all conversations are held orally. Sometimes the best conversations are unspoken between two creatures.'

    'Aye, young one. You are so right!' The creature stretched, I am called Tobias. What name are you called?'


    'Willow, a good name. Willow, I have a..er..friend who you would like I think. May I ask them to join us?'

    'Why certainly! I would love for them to join us. Here, I will divide the rabbit again, there is more than enough for everyone.'

    Willow turned at the loud rustling and crashing sounds coming from the stand of trees behind her. 'What on earth....' her voice faded as a great Ancient Wyrm joined them on the clearing. Her horse snorted but stood still watching the great creature cautiously as it settled itself near the small fire.

    'Lady, this is Willow. Willow this is my mistress.' Tobias made the introductions as if he were a lordling and he were introducing his lady.

    'Willow, tis a pleasure to meet ye.' the fire played along the scales of the Wyrm iridescently.

    Willow gulped and stood, giving the great creature a curtsey. 'No one is ever gonna believe this!!'
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    I don't believe this! :)
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    'Well..I see you're finally awake.'

    Willow looked around her, 'WHAT....HOW..' She was in her bed, in the room she shared with Iris. 'It was so real', she whispered.

    'What? I can't hear you.' Iris sounded irritated. 'You spent the night tossing and turning; kept me awake all night. Whatever you ate before you came to bed, don't eat it again. I need my sleep, and if you are going on that journey you and Danse talked about all day yesterday, you need yours too.'

    Iris straightened her small bed and tidied her side of the room. 'You'd better get up and do your share of the chores, or you won't go anywhere.' With those words, Iris left the room and headed down the stairs.

    Willow sat on the edge of her bed, looking out the small window. It was a familiar view, but today it seemed unreal. She could have sworn that she had packed, mounted and ridden for hours after telling Danse about her desire to see the Keep for herself. She would find Danse, maybe she could tell her what was going on....

    When Willow found Danse, she was at the loom. 'I thought you were going to leave early. Are you sick? You are literally 'green' looking.'

    'I DID leave, got as far as the hill behind the Keep. But..when I made camp, I had..er...visitors...' Willow took a deep breath and then related to Danse what happened.

    Danse looked at Willow, 'No, you DID NOT leave. You suddenly said you were very tired, and decided to go to bed early. You also said you were going to leave before dawn this morning. You dreamed, it is as simple as that.'

    'But..it was so vivid...'

    "I had a similar dream; I was going to go and find the beast too, remember? But the night before I was to leave, I dreamed almost the same dream. And, no, I did not tell any of you. Would you have believed me? No, I think not. '

    'So, you decided not to go..' Willow looked away from Danse. 'The desire to search for the creature was gone. But it was so real, I can still taste that rabbit. And it is not fear that kept you from going. I am not afraid of actually seeing the Wyrm..I just do not think I can help either us or the Wyrm. She wants to go home, and we are not the ones to help her get there.'

    'Aye, the one, or ones, who caused her to be trapped here must release her. How, I have no idea. I do not even think any of those who are responsible for her being in our realm are still alive.' Danse turned back to her loom.

    Willow sat watching Danse at the loom for a few minutes, then without a word left to check her mount and repair her fishing pole. And she knew Danse was right.

    (OOC: There will be a break in this story for a while..my brain is fried. And this last part sounds so dumb!)
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    You are a wonderful writer. Ever consider writing a book or two.
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    Thanks for the compliment. And no, I have never considered that..I have read thousands of books, and I am always afraid that when I write, I am copying something someone else has done. (Of course, THEY usually do not have some many grammar mistakes...rolleyes:)

    I WIll most likely take this up again in a few weeks, but right now I am at a stalemate...can not think of a way to go.:mf_prop:
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    Well, You haven't said anything yet about Momma, trains, being drunk, prison, or rain...oh wait, that's a different story, nm :mf_prop:
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    Gimme time...it ain't over till the fat lady sings.....and I have not started yodeling yet!!!

    done a lot of this...:yell:
    some of this...:sleep2:
    tried this:pint:
    did this:shots:

    and get a lot of this from hubby:scholar:

    Keeps telling me that the house will not clean itself...shoul I tell 'im about lock downs?? or the trash barrel?:eek:
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    Ghoul, Spice as the new traveling companions were calling him, sat their mounts, waiting for him to draw near. He still had not discovered why 'Spice' Maybe he never would. To him it made Little difference what he was called.

    His scars had healed somewhat, no longer did his own face frighten him, although, he still saw no recognition in his reflection. There were times where he found himself staring at hi s reflection in a polished shield. But Ghoul saw nothing there he could remember. His traveling companions called him Master Spice, for some strange reason they would look at each other in a most peculiar way and quickly look toward the sky or some other point.

    The 'Lady' never spoke directly to him, making Ghoul uncomfortable and no overly so. Ghoul felt she was offended by his appearance, and could not bear to look upon his scarred face,

    Ghoul/Spice had been informed that his purpose for this trip was to help 'guard' the lady from brigands. To aide in hunting food and making camp.
    Tobias, the lady's companion, was very capable with nearly any weapon, and it seemed to Ghoul, Tobias was the one who lead the group, after speaking each morning with the 'Lady'.

    They had been on their trek for nearly 5 weeks, the trail they had been following as twisting its way into the higher mountains and the trail was treacherous, with rocks falling around them as they approached the summit. Everyone's nerves were on edge, Ghoul found himself extremely agitated and quick of temper. This place seem very familiar, but the memory would not come...HE KNEW this place...but he could not remember the circumstances of why he had been here before.

    Then when they reached the peak of this mountain, he knew...this was where he has seen that Ancient Warm so long ago.

    Ghoul found himself in a cold sweat, he was remembering...he remembered of luring the great beast from its lair, HERE he had made the biggest mistake of his life...He had thought himself so powerful magically, with his 'Words of Power' and the use of the black rock.

    There were 5 of them, his compatriots, each well learned in their training. Each feeling the power of the magics they had trained. Each carrying pieces of the substance called Black rock, and none of the knew the true nature of the substance.

    The Five lured the Ancient Beast to the keep...its scream of agony failing on deaf ears. All the 5 were concerned about was making the spell to channel all of their power through the creature...

    Ghoul remember the five of them reciting the words of power in unison, and then things had happened. Things that had killed four of them, leaving him crippled but alive. And until he had stepped on this ground again, he had not remembered.

    'By the god's...what have I done...' Ghoul held his head in his hands, shielding his vision so that he would not have to look upon the destruction here.

    'By trying to change things into what your greed led you, you have destroyed more than the Keep, manling, you have disrupted the balance between our worlds.' the voice Ghoul heard was soft spoken but had a hard edge to it.

    Ghoul turned slowly, knowing what he would face. 'I am sorry, great one, had I but knwon...'

    'You would have done the same...mankind is full of itself, thinking they are the only ones who have the right to the riches of this world. You do not.
    There is en ought gold, gems and magiciks for all. Most creatures care nothing for any of it. All they want is sufficient food and shelter when the wind turns cold.' The rising sun played upon the iridescent scales of the great Wyrm. 'Even now, manling, you wish for the strength and skill to kill me and take my treasure. You want the fame that comes from killing my kind.'

    Ghoul opened his mouth to deny this, but the words would not come, and he hung his head in shame. 'You are right great one, but I have no anger toward you or any other now. But the riches would keep me well for the rest of my life..but it does not seem to matter anymore. I have ruined my life and those of countless others with my arrogance. I have much to atone for.'

    The dragoness looked long and hard at the manling, as if she were measuring him in some way. 'There is one thing I need form you...Open a magical opening to my lair, from whence you lured me. Once that is done, I leave this part of the realm to those who wish to fight for it. As for me, I will return to my home and there stay.' she cocked her head looking deep into Ghoul's eyes. 'You have not asked why Tobias and I chose to name you Master Spice. Surely you have wondered?'

    She settled down on her haunches and watched as Ghoul thought on this. 'I wondered at first. But then, I decided that it was a private joke among the two of you. I had thought you a great lady of some noble house who was a bit strange in her dealings with others. And, I thought your companion Tobias, was some trusted retainer, who rushed to do your bidding out of loyalty.' he looked deep into the dragoness's eyes...'then a couple of nights ago, I over heard you and Tobias arguing over my future. Tobias wanted me as a main course, but you defended me. Why?'

    She chortled, 'Why should I sully myself with your death? It would serve no purpose. And you would not be able to help me return home, which is all I want from you. Speak the words mage, and release me so I can return to my proper place. And, know this, when you have done this, your soul is free of the burdens you have placed there. you will be able to restart you life anew. Maybe this time you will make better choices...' Ghoul cringed at the toothy smile she aimed at him.

    It took Ghoul a few minutes to remember the proper order of words, but once they come into his mind, it was easy to use them to undo what he had started. And as the great dragon shimmered away from view, he felt himself change. His heart was no longer heavy with regrets, nor was it full of anger at others. For the first time since he had been a small lad, his eyes were opened to the wonder around him. for the first time in many months he actually smiled a genuine smile, full of joy and merriment.

    This is the last tale and the end of this one...

    Maybe the Quill will be sharpened again and more will come about other strange occurances :eek: