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The Shipwrecked Pirates be lookin' fer new swabbies [PVP-RP]

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by Sins Vorkag, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Sins Vorkag

    Sins Vorkag Guest

    Ahoy ye lubbers, wenches, fancy lads, ‘n ye crewless wanderers.

    The Shipwrecked Pirates, da vile ‘n bloodthirsty crew o’ Tha Salty Maid, be scoutin’ da coast lines o’ Tyria, in search o’ da ship we dun lost at sea. We be a tight knit bunch o’ scurvy dogs look’n ta pillage ‘n plundar our way cross all o’ Tyria, while also makin’ a dent ‘n tha ale ‘n rum supplies. Dun ferget tha wenchin’ . If’n ye can read wat I be sayin’ ‘n be liken part o’ wat we be ‘bouts we be lookin’ fer new hands on deck. We dun jes take any one ‘n make em part o’ tha crew but if’n ye run bouts wit us ‘n fight fer us. Ye do yer part, walk tha walk ‘n talk da talk, or ye be find’n yerself walkin’ da plank wit all da other nancies.

    "Respect da code o' the sea, drive da lubbers into da brine, pillage and PLUNDAAAARRRRR!"
    ~ Capt’n Arnie, in rallying his crew.
    The Shipwrecked Pirates are a pvp-focused online gaming guild, requiring moderate to light Pirate Role-playing, and committed to exceeding every goal a game presents. While consistently demonstrating expert knowledge of game mechanics, we have a dedicated mature membership, superior PvP capabilities, unequaled in sportsmanship and an infectious style.

    We are heading into Guild Wars 2 with a renewed confidence in our ability to find The Salty Maid, da ship we dun lost at sea, in GW2’s unique style of MMO. We have found old friends /enemies and are banding together on Jade Quarry to pillage and plunder together in the World versus World setting. If you fancy yourself a Pirate then come by The Salty Maid (Welcome to The Salty Maid) and express your intrest or find us in-game tagged as TSP (The Shipwrecked Pirates).
  2. Sins Vorkag

    Sins Vorkag Guest

    Dun be scared lubbers. Did'n I mention we has rum?