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The Siege Bounty Hunters (SBH) is back open for business

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Major_Jax, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest

    SBH is back and ready to do your dirty work. We are now taking applications for membership and applications for contracts.

    For those that were not around when SBH was open I will explain what we do.

    SBH - Siege Bounty Hunters is a guild of scoundrels. We have a network of hired assassins, thugs, and brutes to handle certain jobs that are not always talked about in public. We do run a dedicated auto-map. Members must be able to carry thier own weight and we do NOT train or provide.

    Bounties - Once you are accepted into the guild you will be given access to the UOAM and the SBH Bounty Board. In UOAM you can find out where other assassins are in case they need or you need assistance with a job.

    The SBH Bounty Board will give you access to view all current contracts or marks. The bounty board will be updated on a regular basis of new "Marks". A mark is another word used for the person we are going to assassinate.

    Jobs - We also take on certain jobs from employers. They range from guarding, assassinations, to completing certain quests. We have done everything from joining a faction to help guard sigils to guard a tamer while he farmed.

    If I join do I get paid? Yes, but if you assassinate someone you and all members involved will receive 50% of the bounty price. The other 50% goes into a guild fund. Guild fund will buy equipment. Will I be famous? Yes, the more contracts you complete the more I post of your accomplishments. Also, you must not be afraid to go red if you are not already red.

    Guild titles - When you 1st join your title will be "4-Hire". Once you get a few kills it will change to your number of kill points. Ex. "3 Confirmed Kills"

    How do I prove I assassinated a mark? All assassins are required to take a screenshot of their kill. In order to receive the bounty you will provide me (Jax) with the screenshot. I will then contact the employer and exchange payment for the screenshot. After payment is received, you will receive your money and I will post of your kill.

    Can I negotiate side contracts myself? NO! If caught taking contracts on without my knowledge you will be kicked from the guild.


    If you are wanting to place a contract on someone, I will ask a serious of questions.
    1. Who and does their alt characters count.
    2. Do you want anything special done to them? (reskill/dryloot, ect…)
    3. Do you want them to know who placed the bounty on their head?

    Once we have completed the contract I will contact you and arrange a payment meeting. Once we are paid I will post a nice pretty picture and details of the hit.

    Here is examples of our work from long ago:
    Old SBH forum

    Here is our current forum:
    New SBH forum

    We also keep track of the top bounty hunters. No bounties may be placed on any members of WORM or SBH. SBH HQ's is located in the town of Dreadwood.

    P.S. WORM is not disbanding. We still have characters in it and I will still be planning future events once the Maginica event is over.
  2. thought about doing something like this myself, I applaude you and hope it goes well.
  3. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest

    It was a blast in the past...so thought I'd give it another go.
  4. That sounds like so much fun!
  5. If SBH does not provide, what does the 50% loot fund from a kill go towards?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i think hes refering to people looking for training equipment, the 50% funds go to decent pvp gear i believe like armor shields general throw aways purchased in bulk.
  7. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest

    I usally have chest of pots, bandages, GM armor bolts, arrows....that type stuff that the guild can use.
  8. What happened to the Hoff? Does the Hoff approve of your bounty hunting?
  9. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    We want da Hoff!! We got enough stealth assassins running around, now your going stealth on us tooo!!!
  10. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest


    What happened to the Hoff? Does the Hoff approve of your bounty hunting?

    [/ QUOTE ]
    P.S. WORM is not disbanding. We still have characters in it and I will still be planning future events once the Maginica event is over.
  11. pikon198

    pikon198 Guest

    wootski! Thats polish for woot!
  12. Greer

    Greer Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2007
    Likes Received:
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have 1 mill gold who's head can I buy for that?
    I saw in the past KFC and PY go for much less.
  14. Major_Jax

    Major_Jax Guest

    ICQ me or PM me...for 1 million I'm sure we can get a few contracts going with you.