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The Sosarian Inquisition. (RP story)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by imported_Salty Pete, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. The smiling elderly man gently wrapped his wrinkled and shaking arm around the young boy. Almost with a whisper he said to the boy, "Have I ever told you about the great profit Dood Ayerule?"

    The little boy's eyes lit up and replied eagerly, "No grampa, will you tell me a tale?"

    The elderly man smiled to the boy and nodded and then went on, "Well, the profit once held a gathering here at the shrine to the fallen warriors of virtue. He was a mighty man, as tall as an oak and as stout as the finest Yew wood. He could fell a man with a word, he didn't even need to raise a hand."

    "Wow!" said the wide eyed little boy.

    "Well this great man had us gathered here in the square and told us all of an insipid evil that was growing roots throughout our world. He bade us all to gather and listen. Then he spoke of this evil and what each and every able bodied man and woman should do to stop it." The elderly man gathered himself and then taking the boy's shoulders and squarely looking him in the eye continued, "Listen to me boy, I am too old to continue the fight as I have done for these years past. It is time for you to become a man and follow through with the great profit's fight against the ultimate evil."

    The little boy's eyes began to well up with tears, "But grampa, I am just a boy!"

    "Shush now, you will soon be a strong and healthy young man. It is then that you will continue to bring the fight against evil." The old man coughed and fought to regain his composure.

    "I will do it grampa! Please, tell me what this evil is and how I must fight against it?" The boy said puffing his small chest up.

    The elderly man placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and then leaned in close to him, "Boy, this evil is never to be spoken of, but since you must know I will show you."

    Hand in hand the boy and his grand father walked along the path until they reached the home of the town's healer. The boy raised an eyebrow and looked at his grand father questioningly. "Watch boy." The grand father said in a low voice.

    Just then the unmistakable sound of the healer bringing the dead back to life was heard followed by a loud shout from the newly arrived, "d00d u guys suck it took like 10 of u to kill me and u only won cuz i lagged."

    The boy gripped his grand fathers hand tighter. "Will the evil come to kill this man?" He asked his grand father in a low whisper.

    "No boy, he is the evil, the dead are not meant to return to the living. We must stop this madness now. Take this book, it tells of the inquisition against the heresy of reincarnation," the elderly man tucked the small book into his grandson's belt, "Watch what I do boy, because soon you will need to do this for me!" The elderly man rushed into the healer's hut and shouted a curse at the newly arrived and thrust his skinning knife deep into the man's bowels.

    The newly arrived only had time to spit out, "d00d WTF!!" as his lifeless body dropped to the ground. The healer quickly called for the guards who then took the life of the elderly man for the attack.

    With a tear in the corner of his eye the boy took the book out of his belt and looked at the worn leather cover. "I won't fail you grampa, I'll stop this evil even if I have to kill every last healer and zombie in the world!" The boy made his oath as he lifted the book over his head with two hands.
  2. Pffftt insurance is for trammies and newbs.

    My character will die more often than live which is why he only wears the finest ground score.
  3. Laoric

    Laoric Guest

    I dunno why, but your story reminded me of Beernut.
  4. So basically you're going to camp Mag gate and pick off PvPers when newely ressed? If you want to try your foot in PvP do it full blown, Salty. I know the "K3wL d00ds 1337 sp33ck" is annoying and looking down on but so is RKing. I'm sure you guy's get a lil tad annoying when lets say you're killing a dragon or whatever you die, run back to grab loot just to have it kill ya again, look at it that way. Complain about griefers? Fine, I am one myself.. But what you're doing is a form of grief, just keep that in mind.

    EDIT: But I did like the story though, seriously.
  5. Well, first of all, I am not interested in PvP. I am just making a character for the sole purpose of murder. In the land of insurance and unbalanced PvP templates the best place to find unwilling victims is at the healer. This is where even the most powerful item decked out character can be found with their pants down.

    I don't intend to sit on one person until that person logs out or uses the "help" menu to escape, rather my character will just pop in, kill someone seemingly out of the blue, and then vanish to go after another character.

    The idea is to murder as many different people as possible with the least chance of being stoppped.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Cool story. Although I won't create a character like yours (I was contemplating it - Vin Decatur was going to be his name), I agree with GrandPa. What is death? You lose some karma, fame and money (if you insure). There is no glory without risk and little risk is to be found in Sosaria. Most people would be much less 'brave' if there was some major setback to death. Maddwg races to the front of the fight and melees anything. Why not? Lose some fame? Big Deal. I guess if I cared about being a Glorious Lord I might think differently. Personally, I'm playing to have fun and not impress anyone with my title. If you are impressed by anyone I would hope it is for actions and not words. SHOW DONT TELL!

    On the same train of thought, there is no good without evil. Hence my tolerance for one character that I will not mention but everyone knows very well. Role players of good characters should thank the evil ones for portraying evil in a way that the Devs could never put in the game. Lets face it, you-know-who is much more evil than any dragon or lich lord.
    Thank them then kill 'em.