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The Splintered Orcs Clan <Destruction>

Discussion in 'Warhammer Guild Recruitment' started by Gorthak, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Gorthak

    Gorthak Guest


    The SoC is a very old Clan that's USEAST based. Well established having survived 10+ years. Created on August 23rd, 1997 we came onto the WarCraft2 scene where we built our force and waged successful wars against other Clans over the years. We branched into WarCraft3 where we did the same, there was really no stopping us.
    Our first MMORPG experience came with the coming of World of WarCraft. From the first day of its release we marched our forces into it and ever since then have slaughtered our enemies and tried working our way through it's PvE content all the way into and through its expansion, The Burning Crusade.

    With the coming of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, we now have a new desire to branch into new territories ripe for the pillaging.

    We are old, organized, and very competitive. Our goals are to strive to be the best at anything we do. We will be concentrating heavily on both RvR and PvE objectives when the game comes out and we welcome any who wish to join us in pursuit of these goals.

    However, we are not elitests. We do not demand daily attendance on the game. We do take a laid back approach and try to enjoy a friendly in Clan enviroment. Our seriousness comes into play mainly when there is something we are trying to get done and complete. We want to make sure every one enjoys themselves and that no ones time is wasted.

    For further information on how to join, visit the Clan site at http://www.SplinteredOrcs.Guildomatic.com.
  2. Gorthak

    Gorthak Guest


    The Splintered Orcs Clan has just celebrated it's 11th year anniversary while rampaging across the lands during the Preview Weekend in W.A.R.

    We are still looking for like minded individuals with goals similar to ours to apply and join our ranks. Let's continue the blood bath. :gun: