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The stories from tonight's Story Night

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Below are the stories of tonights Story Night, as best as my journal was able to catch them and I was able to edit out the sounds of everyones *hic*. That UO journal thing is pretty cool, don't know why I didn't use it until tonight for the first time.

    Remember tonights theme was a round-robin story, where everyone who wanted to participate got to tell one line of a story as they pleased.

    And the stories:

    Round-Robin Story #1

    Brook: Once upon a time a long long time ago, in a land far far away.
    BlacK RaiN: was a giant rock who's best friend in the whole world was a piece of dirt and they talked 4 days
    Bruin: until one day it started to rain....
    Rufus Buck: and the dirt bonded with the rock
    BlacK RaiN: but what happened next was amazing as low and behold a bunny rabbit was hippity hopping by to
    Bruin: but then ran into Elmer Fudd of KOC
    Rufus Buck: and elmer fudd said i have the key
    Rufus Buck: look at the sky its red see
    BlacK RaiN: to the most dangerous part of the tree which unlocks the world to a secret place called Melehan
    Brook: The Melehan was known to be dangerous place with many monsters
    Rufus Buck: but one monster the most wicked of all is sister to melanhe
    BlacK RaiN: and her name is Belesande
    James: and she had a magic necklace
    BlacK RaiN: which the lil dude Ulric stole from her by sneaky means also known as the art of necklass remova
    BlacK RaiN: l
    Ulric Marrok: bark, growl, bark, bark growl, whine
    BlacK RaiN: *pets ulric on the head*
    Bruin: Bites Black Rains hand, does Ulric
    BlacK RaiN: Kal Vas Flam
    Ulric Marrok: evade
    Rufus Buck: theres only one who can remove the neclace
    James: who is my long lost sister
    BlacK RaiN: but the sister turned out to be none other than the cross-dressing sheep hating kelmo of Melehan
    Bruin: Then the rabbit came in, slayed everyone with his carrot of death, and took the necklace. The End


    BlacK RaiN: Bob
    BlacK RaiN: has been
    BlacK RaiN: on a few adventurers
    BlacK RaiN: and as the official reporter
    BlacK RaiN: i must
    BlacK RaiN: inform thee
    BlacK RaiN: this is an exerpt from the book of Bob
    BlacK RaiN: titled
    BlacK RaiN: Bob does the jiggy
    BlacK RaiN: Bob pwns all
    BlacK RaiN: Bob relies on his wits and the stuff under his arm pits
    BlacK RaiN: he was last seen
    BlacK RaiN: fighting the evil rabbit of jojo
    BlacK RaiN: over the cupcake king
    BlacK RaiN: being bob
    BlacK RaiN: and the pwn throned prince
    BlacK RaiN: no cupcake king could do to convince
    BlacK RaiN: he was not royalty
    BlacK RaiN: he was royally
    BlacK RaiN: pissed
    BlacK RaiN: *the end*

    Round Robin Story #2

    Rufus Buck: There was a lady with no escort wished to cross a river
    Rufus Buck: on the other side was a knight whos platemail was made of silver
    Brook: She smiled at the young knight.
    Bruin: But Alas, the knight knew not how to reach her!
    Angharad: The 'Knight', alas, was not a true one - all he could think of was how his armor would rust
    BlacK RaiN: but rust it did not as he found out it was made of leather but the mold wound up killing him
    Angharad: Then the damsel espied a possible Hero - Brook was cantering along the opposite shore
    Bruin: But Brook was in the shape of an Ostard! How odd...
    BlacK RaiN: As an Ostard brook was able to out run Bruin because he forgot to wear shoes and stepped on a
    Angharad: ...sharp piece of friggerty blackrock. Wincing in pain and alarm, he excalimed, "
    BlacK RaiN: but Alas the Knight finally found his purpose while the suit molded with good hands he tuched Bruin
    Rufus Buck: but then a strang breeze came thru the trees; and the nights armor began to freeze
    BlacK RaiN: stone cold his hands became as he tickled Bruins itty bitty feet but back 2 the moral of the....
    Angharad: ...story: You can lead a Knight to water, but you can't make him sink
    BlacK RaiN: unless you convince him to take a drink - THE END


    BlacK RaiN: This is an exerpt
    BlacK RaiN: from the Book of Bob
    BlacK RaiN: Chapter 6
    BlacK RaiN: Bob was royally pissed for all that he missed
    BlacK RaiN: it was 2 days before his crowning
    BlacK RaiN: and all he did was frowning
    BlacK RaiN: till the muppet man cheered his spirits
    BlacK RaiN: ill drink to that!!! he said so fearless
    BlacK RaiN: the end

    A Joke (All in good fun!)

    Elmer Fudd: what does kelmo and a slinky have in common
    Elmer Fudd: not worth much but a little laugh LAUGH AFTER U PUSH EM DOWN THE STAIRS

    Angharad and her story of the Randy Monks

    Angharad: I've a tale about the randy monks at the Abbey
    Angharad: The monks used to be a bit less civilized in these parts
    Angharad: This tale stems from those days
    Angharad: A sleek, round monk once saw a maid
    Angharad: Off in the woods so green:\
    Angharad: There never was a lustier mionk
    Angharad: And fairer maid was never seen
    Angharad: He looked to east, he looked to west;
    Angharad: She had no kin or friend in sight.
    Angharad: The father licked his lips and smiled;
    Angharad: The maid was in sorry plight.
    Angharad: Now she was kneeling by a spring
    Angharad: To fix her hair, which was unbound
    Angharad: The monk came stealing up behind
    Angharad: And pinched her where she was most round.
    Angharad: "You're caught, you're mine, my pretty maid!"
    Angharad: He cried and gripped her well
    Angharad: "Rather than lie with a monk,' she wailed,
    Angharad: "I'd chance a fiend of Hell!"
    Angharad: But still he vowed by all the saints
    Angharad: To have her maidenhead
    Angharad: "If it must be,' she said at last,
    Angharad: "It's better done in bed."
    Angharad: "My father is away all day
    Angharad: My mother died last year
    Angharad: And feather beds are snugger than
    Angharad: The cold, hard ground is here."
    Angharad: "So if you'll take me to where
    Angharad: Why ask me then and I will say
    Angharad: My maidenhead is yours."
    Angharad: But when they came to where she lived
    Angharad: The maiden gave a shout:
    Angharad: "A lusty monk would force his will!"
    Angharad: Then four stout men came out.\
    Angharad: "My father is away,' she laughed,
    Angharad: And mother died last year.
    Angharad: You never asked of other kin:
    Angharad: These are my brothers dear"
    Angharad: They beat that monk until he howled
    Angharad: "You lying wench!" he said
    Angharad: "You sworethat if I brought you home
    Angharad: You'd give your maidenhead!"
    Angharad: "It still is yours," she answered him\
    Angharad: Though where, I do not know...
    Angharad: But when you find it, keep the thing --
    Angharad: I lost it years ago!"

    Could it be, another BLACK RAIN BOB ADVENTURES STORY?

    BlacK RaiN: This is an exerpt from the Book of Bob
    BlacK RaiN: Chapter 12
    BlacK RaiN: Bob now happy knew not of friends
    BlacK RaiN: but wished he could have one before the end
    BlacK RaiN: so off he set out to find his buddy
    BlacK RaiN: bringing a sack of gold aka money
    BlacK RaiN: where he found
    BlacK RaiN: at the local inn
    BlacK RaiN: a woman who lived a life of sin
    BlacK RaiN: an only 10 pieces of goldd is all it took
    BlacK RaiN: to befriend his new friend who's name was Brook
    BlacK RaiN: the end

    Round Robin Story #3

    Bruin: Luka and Kelmo, sittin at the table....
    Brook: K I S S I N G
    Rufus Buck: and it another times forgotten space there eyes looked into a forgoten space
    Bruin: as they played footsies under the table...
    Rufus Buck: they went and got there horses from the stable
    Bruin: Rode off into the sunset they did....
    Angharad: ...whereupon they stumbled across a pot o' gold!
    BlacK RaiN: DAMN KIDS yee got me lucky charms
    Rufus Buck: they rode all night until it turned to day
    Rufus Buck: then it rang like fire and turnd baway
    Angharad: Twas a burning ring o' Fire...! And they fell in...
    Bruin: Together forever, their burned corpses lay....
    Rufus Buck: it may be one good ring you cant tell
    Rufus Buck: one watch my night on watch by day
    Rufus Buck: if you get confused let the rings music play
    Angharad: Summoned forth by the Ring music, the Valkyries descended and scooped them both up
    BlacK RaiN: but because of their sick sense of humor dropped them back into the flames to burn some more
    Bruin: A detective passed by, and noticed the ring of fire was started by none other than KOC....
    Angharad: ...and the delicious arome of fried chicken was wafting o'er the land!
    Bruin: Which was brought for all to enjoy at Story Night!

    Round Robin Story #4

    BlacK RaiN: scallywags
    Bruin: Wenches!!!!
    BlacK RaiN: with TWO Big toes!
    Angharad: Avast, ye lily-livered, blackhearted turnip worms!!
    Angharad: *shakes a fist*
    BlacK RaiN: yellerbellied puffer pucker fish slime
    Bruin: Bring me some booty!
    BlacK RaiN: I touched that booty and plundered it with fierce assundar
    Angharad: *sings*
    Angharad: Slow-ly, slow-ly, he sank into the sea....TO the ve-ry bottom, he sank
    Angharad: in
    Angharad: to
    Angharad: the
    Angharad: seeeea!
    Bruin: *sheds a tear*
    Angharad: No more women!
    Bruin: The End!

    A poem, as told by Wiylst:

    Wiylst: I have a poem
    Wiylst: brought from the lands of afar
    Wiylst: Spring blooms when rain falls
    Wiylst: Flowers brought forth blossum
    Wiylst: Until the night falls
    Wiylst: *bows*
  2. Sir Ha-ward

    Sir Ha-ward Guest

    Why dont u add a games room upstairs and have that going on the same night as story night?
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Meh !!!

    Don't get me started !!

    I wanted a casino opened on Siege here, and had it all set up in a big 18 x 18 and could not get any of 'yall menfolk' to co opereate to put your braincells together to create gambling games that would *work* in UO like blackjack and other casino games.

    And surely there must be ways to make some casino games to function in UO somehow *with some sort of security so them highrollers can freely LOOSE it all in the gambling not enroute or exiting so they COULD gamble, or something so they all could have some gambling fun together.
    I had green felt gambling hall tables, gold bricks, silver and gold deco, blinking bling bling lights [​IMG] it was cool, but got no co operation back then to create the games, persay, take someone that gambles more to create games that work in UO, making the building all casinoy.. was the easy part, but without games created that translate to work IN UO..it doesn't go very far. Still I would love to see a casino on this shard.

    You would think even blackjack 21's etc could somehow work/translate with dice/created book cards...in game... or something. Still it would be kinda cool to have some kinda casino night on this shard even if once a month..or season !

    Course at a story night some be so busy gambling, they never go down to hear any stories. [​IMG]
  4. HAR!!

    Best story night... ever!

    Tks to all who came!

    And why is it that we no longer find Otto there? Has the blind man gotten himself lost?!?