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The Story of DanGarion, General of the Order of True Wolves...

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by imported_dangarion, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. *Prelude*
    Some years ago, while on my family’s farm in a small village south of Yew, beasts came. They pillaged the land and killed off everyone they could find. My sister and I were able to hide deep in a shelter my mother had placed us in. Days after, when I heard no sound, my sister and I opened the hidden shelter only to find our farm burnt to the ground. As I searched for my parents I was sickened to see they had been gutted alive as my father tried to fight and my mother clinged to him. Suddenly I heard a sound.

    "Sir, there is still no sight of the children!"

    I ran back to the shelter and grabbed my sister. As we made our way, I was attacked by one of their dogs. This dog was like none other I had ever seen, with red eyes and blood dripping from it's mouth, the mere thought of it today still frightens me. I grabbed for my knife as I heard a whisper out of my sisters mouth. I knew there was something special about her, but what I saw happen I never expected. The dog stopped in it's tracks, it's fur turning an amazingly white right before my eyes! My sister whispered something again and the dog turned and attacked it's master. As I tried to grab my sister to go, she pushed me away and said "no, I must protect you! Go, I can take care of myself. You are the one the really want..."
    I looked at my sister, with tears in our eyes I turned and ran. I heard the men say something about finding the girl. I didn't hear a sound from my sister as I ran off.
    "Captain, there is no sight of the boy."
    "Who cares, we were just going to kill him anyway, the girl is the one we want."
    Startled I continued to run for what seemed to be days. I became so exhausted that I fell to the ground near a large Yew tree and fell unconscious. Days later I woke in what appeared to be a hallowed out Yew tree that was made into a home.
    "Don't worry they will not find you here..."
    I heard a voice say. I tried to open my eyes but the light was to much for my head. "Here drink this, it will help." I took heed to the advice and drank. Slowly I regained my strength. I opened my eyes to see the face of the one of the most beautiful women I had ever laid my eyes on. Me being only of about 12 years of age became slightly uncomfortable as I noticed I was under a blanket and no clothes on. "You are safe here, with me. Your father warned me about this, so fortunately I was ready. Where is your sister?"
    "They got her! I have to go, I need to find her."
    "Don't worry, you need to rest, she will be safe as long as long as you are alive. Those men think she is the key, she's only a decoy. But she still is your sister. They can't hurt her. You will have plenty of time to save her. You are the one they really need. How much did your father tell you?"
    "I'm sorry... about what?"
    "He never told you about... Oh no..."
    "What? Tell me!"
    "You are the child of the light... Your purpose is to defeat the powerful Torak."
    "I'm sorry, I'm supposed to what? I'm merely a boy."
    "That's right you are a merely a boy, and innocent boy. You exemplify innocence. That is what's needed to defeat Torak and his army! Once you are well I will send you to a man named Belgarath. He will teach you and train you. You will be ready."
    "Teach me? Train me? I think you have the wrong boy..."
    "{laughs} Wrong boy? You are DanGarion, son of Aldur and Polgera are you not?"
    "Yes I am..."
    "Then dear child, you are the right boy. Haven't you ever realized that you were different? Your parents were different?"
    "Yes... NO! NO! NO! I'm not different, I'm just a normal boy that was living a normal life until these men decided to take that all away from me."
    "My dear DanGarion you are different, you are special, you will bring light and goodness back to all of the land. Now rest my dear you have a long journey..."

    A week went by and I had regained my strength. I was set off with group of men to meet Belgarath. As we reached his tower I was told to touch a dark stone and a door mysteriously appeared. The men I was with left and I went inside. As I walked up the stairs and my footsteps echoed through the tower I heard the voice of a man.
    "If that's you delivering the Mandrake Root please just leave it in the chest, I don't have time to talk."
    "I'm... I'm sorry sir..."
    "Like I said leave it in the chest and LEAVE!"
    "Sir, I'm not here to deliver anything..."
    "Well then why are you here boy!... Oh... boy? Oh my, it has been a long time, I didn't recognize you. Come here give uncle Belgarath a hug!"
    I looked at him, it was my uncle, but up until today I had always been told to just call him Wolf, or as my mom would call him lovingly Old Wolf. "You are my uncle?"
    "Yes, I'm sorry we never told you. But what was done was to protect you and your sister."
    "I'm still confused about everything..."
    He handed me a book, "Here read this when you are ready, it will explain it all, in much more detail then anyone can."

    Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into seasons. As the time passed I grew into my calling and became the man I am today. Uncle taught me to fight and cast the basic spells I would need for my meeting with Torak. On the eve of my 17th birthday it was time to leave for the journey of my destiny. Myself, my uncle, the lady in the tree, a lumberjack, a Knight of King British, and a man that I was told was from underground, all made the trek. As the book explained us six must complete the journey or all would be lost. Each of us had our purpose in battle and in accomplishing our destiny.

    I don't want to bore you with the facts of the battle, but Torak was defeat, in fact he split the earth, and fell to his death. Slowly the earth closed back up and we journeyed back home.

    As we arrived at my uncle's he said these words to me...

    "Now that your destiny has completed, it's time. It’s time for you to finally be yourself. You have become the warrior that all others will be compared to from here on. Now you must choose your own life. It's time for you to find your sister. All I know is she is safe and no longer in the clutches of Torak or his army. You have a long life ahead of you... I have already seen in and it is magnificent, but the choices you make will decide what happens..."

    "But uncle Bel..."

    "Don't ask any questions, there is nothing more I can say. If you ever need anything just think about me and I will be there... I love you my grandson..."

    He turned his back entered his tower and the door closed.

    "Grandson? What?"
    I hit and hit the door but nothing came of it. As I slowly turned and rode away I thought of him and told him I loved him as well.

    I headed east and met up with 2 men, named Dalamar and Nighthawk, they took me in and I joined their group of men, the Knights of Takhisis. This is where I met Demyss and some of you already know that story. I was one of the superiors and reached the rank of Dark Champion with the Knights.

    I soon found my sister. And then I came back to the world after an absence. I was able to discover the whereabouts of Demyss once again after my return and joined her in the battles of oppression with the Order of the True Wolves. In my time with the wolves I have built some of the strongest friendships ever here on Sorasia. As most of you are aware I have moved up the ranks and now lead the Wolves.

    the end for now...