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The story of the Shoes on the water

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Aseg, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Aseg

    Aseg Guest

    We'va all seen it.

    Na'ar a man speak of id though.

    The odd pools of bloo..d.

    The floating shoes....

    Yah every sailed up on the corpse of the the dead, found her belly full of shoes? My pappi had a story bout dim shoes. Heard tellings late at night, sayings by the strangers in the dark on Fire island.

    ev' seen stout ruthless men be brung to drinking their own tears, weepin their ales full.

    Guess it be mai turn at the barrel, dis eve. Sure nuff wev all seen de shoes. and de blood, and de bellys full of boots.

    Like all things cruel and loving dis tall begins and ends with a story bout a lass, and de thangs her hart wanted but she na'ar cud have.
  2. Aseg

    Aseg Guest

    Dey names have all been lost inna thousand silent tellings. Some folks dinks that gives them right to add to de story by makin up dey names but ney me.

    Dey was dis lass, horrid as ye eyes hab ever held. Wretched to the soul with sorrow fer her looks. Body wracked by a thousand curses, lopsided and twisted in sum pose of eternal wretching or weeping none could say.

    Na'ar a soul cud love dat, Some tell dey tale, that her parents drank the sea from the bottom, rather dan look on her a nudder day.

    She lived off the dark of town, scraps here and der, and none complained who did not see. Some who did see, swore dey did not.

    Dings went on dat way fer years. Den she spied a man, and da woman in her awoke. Some tell dey tale dat dis woman was dey offspring of de savages, and some say she half orc, and half victim. But all agree dat whad eve she pap and ma be dat dey must ob come from magic.

    But when she saw dat man, a brand new beauty was born, dat nun had seen 'for