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(RP) The Sultan Must Pay!!!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Aragorn, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Aragorn

    Aragorn Journeyman

    Jan 16, 2013
    Likes Received:
    *Aragorn looks up from his reports as shouts of DEATH TO THE SULTAN!!! and SULTAN IS A TRAITOR...BURN HIM!!! are heard outside his office..Angus somewhat disheveled and bleeding from his head staggers in* Angus what the hell is the ruckus outside and why are you bleeding on my carpet?

    Apologies m'Lord but the citizens have heard about the capture of the nefarious Bladderstick *applies a compress to his head to staunch the bleeding* somehow word got out that since the sultan aided in bladdersticks capture he shouldn't be punished. They want the sultan to be tried and hung right alongside Bladderstick for his crime against the realm. They are up in arms about it there is even talk in the town of some vigilantes going to nu'jelm to take care of it themselves I tried to calm them m'lord but well they took it a bit too personal. *sits down heavily in the chair lightheaded* I dont feel so good.

    *summoning his personal medic to tend to his aide de kamp* Tell me bout these vigilantes what guild are they in what are their plans?

    All I know is rumor has it they plan to sail out to try and take the sultan into custody while bladderstick is being escorted into yew. They dont seem to trust the kings version of Justice.

    Well in that we definetly are in agreement but they want Vengeance not Justice and its not the same, word must be put out to the other governors of the realm to watch out for these vigilantes and that they plan to take the sultan and deal their own brand of justice. *nods to his medic and angus is escorted to a side room for further treatment..and hopefully less blood on the expensive carpet*

    *sitting up and grabbing pen and paper Aragorn writes the following*

    To King Blackthorn,

    M'lord, Fellow Governors
    It is of some concern here that Bladderstick is to be tried and yet the sultan is to be held unaccountable for his crimes of allying himself willingly to this nefarious criminal. Blood has been spilled and he is responsible for the multiple deaths in Cove. He should be made to pay for this.

    I have received word that some of my citizens are unhappy with the way this is proceeding. Angus has told me that quite possibly a group of vigilantes may take matters into their own hand and sail to nujelm to intercept the prison caravan scheduled to travel to yew...Quite possibly with intentions of deadly force.
    It is my view that any and all security measures should be implemented in preparation as well as swords sharpened and to the ready.

    Governor- New Magincia

    *sealing the envelope and stamping his Governors seal on it its passed on to the fastest courier on the payroll for expedient delivery. Aragorn watches the dust fly as the courier speeds off toward the dock and a waiting ship praying it's not too late.*

    (OOC: I brought this before Gotan with the possibility of adding a small twist in the upcoming event. He seemed receptive to it so I am posting the fiction now with hopes it can be used. I am off work on the 28th for vacation so I have every plan to be there.)
    #1 Aragorn, Sep 10, 2014
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014
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  2. Bobar

    Bobar Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 20, 2004
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    Letter to His Majesty King Blackthorn bearing a Ducal seal.

    I have read the recent information regarding the Sultan with some misgivings. Surely citizens calling for the Sultan to be executed are extreme?. Bladderstick is evil and warrants any and all punishments that might be considered. But the Sultan?, Selfish yes - Stupid yes - Misguided yes - Greedy yes, he is all these things and more, but evil?, I think not. His 'crimes' are not confined to the Sultan himself. Many people throughout our realm could be found with some if not all of these faults. They are very human faults and in no way worthy of a sentence of death.

    Concerned about recent events these citizens may be but the Sultan of an independent Country is not accountable to them. For it must be considered that what these vigilantes are likely to cause is WAR, Sosarians attacking the ruler of a sovereign state can be considered nothing less. The Sultan could, and almost certainly would, call on his citizens to defend him. What ensued then would indubitably be a state of war existing between our two realms.

    I would urge Your Majesty to do your utmost to deter these hotheads from their proposed action and to take all and every precaution to prevent what could be a disaster for Sosaria.

    I respectfully remain, your loyal subject,
    Lord Sparrow, Duke of Moonglow.
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