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The Thief, The Fool and the Hero

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Cody McCourt, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Cody McCourt

    Cody McCourt Guest

    Before i begin let me start by saying that this did not happen in game and my friend that does not play mad ethis up because of the theme of UO. So we decided to share it with you all!

    I, Wally Halberning was doing my usual rounds around cove. Thinking of heading out towards Britian for somoene to steal from or maybe just harrass and then if they wish to fight, to duel them! Being an expert person at this stuff I easily saw a knight traiinng a person apparently becoming an expert warrior.Looke dlike a ranger without taming and alot of magic and helaing,just a fighter with some magery to heal and maybe teleport to somehwere. As I watched the trainer turn his back to head into the woods,most likely to gather something and probably also to grab a few reagents to aid his new apprentice.As soon as he was out of veiw I quickly proceeded forward."Ye should be careful with thy sword or you shall rip thou clothing and body into shreds!",I siad to him."it's not me own sword. I am an apprentice to a fighter of some sort and he lent this to me.",he quickly responded,placing his sword by his side."Dost thou wish to train skill faster",,"yes I would like that".Knowing I had a compleet and utter fool here not wearing any armor and barely knowing how a sword works let alone a real strategy,not just go up swing and wait for another swing, I decxided that I'd just re say what I thought to myself from the beggining. Instead of doing my average job I quickly told him that I would duekl him and go easy on him. Instea dof a duel I'd put him out of his misery, as they say!We dueled.Abut halfway through he recognized my paralyze spell as it fizzled 2 times in a row."Hey,you're casting a spell!Your not dueling, your tricking me!"No,tis not,for it be a healing magic!""Oh,that's alright then!:)"!Well eventualkly I got paralyze.3rd time IS the charm after all! Finally I struck him with a few more spells, did your average hit with my Kryss and him and his new player clothing quickly fell to the ground on him. If only I knew if ghosts existed or not I'd try to talk however I doubted that that happened and everytime a healer could feel something he'd jsut make a copy of that persons body with all his normal stuff taken off his former self and he'd be wearing a robe for some odd unknown reason. I quickly used my knife tuning him into mince-meat and taking the head as well as a few body parts I took my leave after scattering the rest all about the large meadow with a couple small houses they were practicing in.As I left I saw from behind mte the knight was retunring from his adventure. I knew that I shouldn't have my name engraved on gold against purple and leave namentags behind after very long jobs such as that. That day was 27 years ago. The next events you hear about me shall take place rouhgly 23 years after the event.

    I had been in hiding for 22 years now,or is it 23,I lost track after quite a bit. I nhad been hiding since 2 days after that one day, that day I destroyed a very powerful knights apprentice. I knew he wasa looking. Recently i got a thought that sticking in my mind. I fhe was out there traiinng and he could beatt me before, then if I ever get found I'd be toast especially since my skills have been slowly decaying!I'll fix spelknig lter,hope you like spart one of this!