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(RP) The Trinsic Beacon (2014)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by The Trinsic Beacon, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. The Trinsic Beacon

    The Trinsic Beacon Adventurer
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    Jan 26, 2009
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    Diplomatic Success in Trinsic!

    In an exclusive interview for the Trinsic Beacon Governor Aryala revealed that her recent absence was directly connected to the diplomatic efforts with the gargoyles. Furthermore, her visit to Ter Mur has led to a breakthrough in the talks. As a result, several gargoyles will soon be visiting Trinsic to function as ambassadors between their government and the City. According to the governor it is the hope of both parties to further strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the races and to support each other in times of need. Furthermore, it will be a declared goal of the cooperation to maintain the virtues and to establish a firm stronghold for the beliefs and standards that Lord British once set for Sosaria.

    As yet it is still too early to foresee the implications this agreement will have for the City of Trinsic. However, speaking to the citizens of Trinsic, many hope for a significant improve in the economics of the city, induced by the extraordinary crafting abilities of the gargoyle race. With the city’s coffers increasingly empty one can only hope that Governor Aryala manages to turn the tide towards more prosperity for all.

    Your Questions for the King!

    The Trinsic Beacon will attempt to have an interview with his majesty, King Blackthorn the first of his name and defender of a mostly unknown (anti-)virtue. And while we have a LOT of questions that we would like to ask him we want you, our trusted readers, to have a chance at putting your questions forward. So write us a letter and leave it at the Rosewood Monastery mailbox (west of Trinsic moongate) or at the City Heralds in Trinsic or Britain.

    Do your worst!


    The Horoscope for September

    September - Deck (the Ant Lion)
    Expect your love life to improve considerably this month. On a related note, the plural of succubus is succubi, not succubae.

    October - Whisky (the Rat)
    The king’s banner features a red symbol on a black ground, not a black symbol on a red ground. You should have known that last week when you gave your tax money to a fraud. But it will still help you this week when the real tax collector will be calling.

    November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)
    A month of boredom lies ahead of you. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    December - Theseus (the Minotaur)
    Remember when you were told to remove the spider from the cellar? Now it is grown and likely to remove you from your home soon.

    January - Dontfear (the Reaper)
    Avoid the colour yellow for a while. Which is a shame since it will be a lovely sunny few weeks to come.

    February - Vlad (the Impala)
    The second half of the month will see your fortune improving significantly. Which is easy as your are still broke from last month!

    March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)
    Remember that hilarious story about a poo elemental in Vesper? Wasn’t it a good laugh at the tavern, whenever it was told? Turns out though they do not only happen in Vesper… Keep an extra stock of soap at hand in the second half of the month.

    April - Shrek (the Ogre)
    A poet’s heart awakens in your chest and will easily pave the road to your secret crush with songs and poems. However, it is closely followed by a poet’s purse, so be sure to not eat the last potatoes all at once.

    May - Mat (the Daemon)
    What will you have been before you take that arrow to the knee?

    June - Ming (the Mongbat)
    This month you will be approached by your secret crush! They will only seek directions to the tailors but at least you two are talking. Stay indoors during thunderstorms.

    July - Leon (the Sphynx)
    The stars promise economic success in one of your ventures. The other one, however, will be an even greater disaster. Watch the clouds for an omen.

    August - Fead (the Troll)
    This month your stars align in miraculous ways. More or less in a long line pointing directly at you. We do not know what it means but you might want to stay indoors, just in case.

    Kissed by a Muse?

    Are you a bard, a poet or an entertainer? Can you make the audience laugh or cry? Can you sing or dance or tumble and juggle? Are you so witty that none can match your sharp tongue? Can you impersonate the king or are your jokes better than Bladderstick’s? If so, let us know!

    Write a letter or message to let us know about your talent and include a way to contact you. If enough aspiring stars make themselves known then the Trinsic Beacon will host a festival of bardic arts in the near future.

    Don’t be shy, apply!
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