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(RP) The Trinsic Beacon (27th day of October)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by The Trinsic Beacon, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. The Trinsic Beacon

    The Trinsic Beacon Adventurer
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    Jan 26, 2009
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    (By PLC)

    Last night’s Council Meeting turned into a rather bizarre show, once more highlighting the distance between King and country. Before even the usual squabbles had started a strange person entered the room to demand an audience with his Majesty. What followed then was by far the most disturbing display yet witnessed in the council chamber.

    With the claim of bringing a gift for his Majesty the stranger threw a wooden box across the table, which apparently included vials of poison. Their purpose, according to this strangest of assassins, was to offer King Blackthorn a chance to, well, rid the world of his presence. In short order the man accused the by now enraged monarch of poisoning the souls of the people with his teachings of chaos and of planting the seeds of war and terror in the realm.

    It has to be emphasized that, apart from providing means of self-harm, the would-be-not-so-much-an-assassin seemed to make no move to actively attack the king. Instead, he kept accusing the king of vileness and asked him to put the realm ‘out of its misery’ by removing himself and his teachings from the equation. The king raged freely and tried to corner the man, who, when seeing that there would be no argument, called out a cryptic threat and drank his own poison.

    Whether raving mad or not, the threat left a sour taste in the mouths of the attending citizens from Trinsic. According to the man, a ‘rising darkness’ would come from the south in a city with golden walls… which can only mean Trinsic. Governor Aryala also seemed to suspect foul play after hearing this rather specific threat and thus asked for Sir Dupre to be sent to Trinsic as an agent to the crown and to investigate the matter.

    What followed after can be summed up as ‘the usual’. Distrust between king and his council seems strong as ever and the usual topics were thrown around. Notable highlights were new troubles with missing miners from Minoc, the revelation that Skaros now employs ravens as flying spies and the apparent appearance of a dragon in a ruin in Yew. The Beacon will report as more news become available.

    The evening was complete when the governor of Skara Brae, wearing the uniform of a covian grunt, more or less freely admitted to neglecting his duties and instead blessing the people of Cove with his continued presence. The Beacon wishes to congratulate the people of Skara Brae for their deliverance and would like to remind the people of Cove about the conveniently placed Orc fort in the immediate vicinity. It might solve some problems, for once.

    Summed up: chaos is not just a philosophy, by now, it’s real.

    In further news:

    According to the Trinsic City Watch a gargoyle from the ambassador’s party has gone missing. Helpful information will be rewarded in gold by Sergeant Iljian.

    Failed-Governor Palin of Skara Brae claims Cove is now ruled by a Baroness. Spectators of the council meeting wonder if she is real and where the heck she has suddenly come from. One farmer from the area claimed that the Baroness is just an orc stuffed into a dress and used as a puppet. The Beacon will investigate and try to secure an interview.

    Bladderstick supporter Aldrick remains imprisoned in Trinsic. Governor Aryala asked for evidence on this man’s involvement with the late jester to be brought to the Trinsic City Watch. The evidence gathered will be used in a trial to determine this man’s fate.


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