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The True Harrower The EM Slayer (old story)

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Spoz, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Spoz

    Spoz Guest

    I recently found a collection of my old stories, tactics and Feluccan advice that I had posted on the old Stratic's forums and so, for old times sake, I am going to repost them here for people to read and hopefully enjoy. I've not edited these from the time I wrote them:

    (original post follows this one)
  2. Spoz

    Spoz Guest

    The True Harrower, The EM Slayer - by Spoz, Lord Justicar, Guildmaster of Warriors of Redemption

    This story is done from my viewpoint - as the leader of my guild in Felucca, and is true in almost all respects.


    I logged on a lot later than usual today (12 CST) to find 4 guildmates yelling for me to get to Destard because there was a Harrower in progress. First off I thought they were joking because no guild does a Harrower at that time of day. However they assured me it was true and that it was a special EM Harry. This sounded both fun and profitable so I went to find a rune to Trammel Destard, since I never thought a EM would actually do an event monster in Felucca. How wrong I was.

    After finding out it really was in Felucca Destard, I also found out that they had been fighting it for 2+ hours, from the Harrower, through the tentacles and right to the True Harrower. Of course - a normal Harrower has a lot of hitpoints - but this had an extraordinary amount!

    It turns out that all the guilds were ignoring our usual petty struggles, in an attempt to slay the thing and make sure they got enough damage to it to get some scrolls! The last normal harrower we did as a guild took about 1 and a half hours, and that was with 4 tamers hitting it - this had much more than that hitting it - and it took over 3 from start to finish! Also it was able to move - something the True Harrower is not able to usually do.

    I protected my fellow guildmates and we all set off to hit the thing - bringing its health slowly down. It was not until all of the blue was gone from its life bar that our tamer could see that the amount of lives it had left was 20,000. At this time I told them to be wary, knowing that our uneasy truce with our rivals - BMF, W&W and others that were there was likely to break once our common foe was dead. I also ran to hide - so that my protection scrolls would be safe. I found a nice hiding spot with another protector from another guild.

    When the True Harrower died I ran for freedom (I had received 5 protection scrolls) through the teleporters - because already I was hearing reports of fresh fighting between the guilds to take each others scrolls. Two of my five guildmates only got poor +5 or +10 scrolls, so I said that they could attack at will and cover the rest of our escape which they did well, until they died. Athena and Michael had a +25 and +20 Stat scroll on them respectively and I wanted to make sure that they got out safely. Others were not so lucky enough to escape with their scrolls. My guildmates killed an unfortunate person who had tried to escape but fell at the exit and had some scrolls on him - but nothing valuable. Most people were able to escape the carnage and even the trap that BMF had set outside.

    After the fighting I was able to loot 10k of the 1 million gold the Super Harrower dropped - and look through his corpse. 75 Items were on it - but I didn't have time to look through it all before it decayed :(

    Anyhow, now I've finished my tale - I shall get onto what you really want to see - some pictures:

    The entrance to the dungeon was covered in remains of exploded corpses. For those that don't know, the Harrower destroys any corpse it kills - including all items in that corpse. This is the result of many deaths I can imagine (and was continued throughout the entire dungeon)


    Upon arriving we could see the True Harrower wondering around. I set about protecting my guildmates and a few friends I knew there that would also accept it. Typically the True Harrower is stationary - but this one was different... as you can see by its name!


    Since the True Harrower is usually stationary a guild sets up a defensive perimeter with about 20 people, while just 5 handle the Harrower. However obviously in this case it wasn't possible - and Destard is a hard dungeon to defend in the best of circumstances. In this case it appears a temporary truce had formed just to get the thing killed. Of course we knew it'd never hold. This is Felucca afterall...


    After I had collected all 10 scrolls my guildmates had received I returned to the dungeon to see what was on the corpse of the boss, and any other unfortunates in the area. I also collected as much gold as I could and made off pretty swiftly to write this report.



    I want to thank the EM(s) for this Harrower. As I stated earlier I didn't expect anything to be held in Felucca - especially an unannounced and unplanned event at this time of the day during the week! I'm also pleased that such a large amount of people were there representing Felucca. Imagine a planned and announced event. I bet all the Feluccan guilds and the Trammel ones that are brave enough to show up would outnumber the usual Trammel Thomas Winters Event!

    Sometime soon perhaps I will do a Tainted Lands all about a Harrower - because they are complex and dangerous spawns and very entertaining and fun! It would be an interesting read.