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The True Tanky Cho'Gath

Discussion in 'Rate My Build' started by AuraVoid, May 12, 2012.


What kind of Cho 'Gath do you perfer?

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  1. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    Hello everyone i find people who build cho as a tank focus to much on armor and magic resist or too much on health so im here to share my build that balances the three.

    Core Items
    Force of Nature
    Guardian Angel
    Banshees Veil
    Mercury Treads

    Final Value
    Magic Resist-219
    Movement speed-415
    Health-3900~4800(full stacks)
    Hp regen-110

    Item abilities
    Return 30% dmg of auto attacks back
    Block next ability ever 45 seconds
    Restore 0.35% of max hp every sec
    Revives you with 700hp+375mp-5 min cd

    *Mind you these values are without Masteries or Runes*

    [​IMG]x9 insight marks, [​IMG]x9 endurance seals, [​IMG]x9 shielding glyphs,[​IMG]x3 endurance quints


    Skill Order
    The sequence for my skills is almost always the same- the first skill is the only one that changes, however, if i am not soloing top i will go Q->E->E then do the same as usual.

    -This Cho'Gath build is ideal for solo top or doing top with another person.
    -Aim rupture where they are GOING to be, not where they are.
    -Once you hit 2/5 hp start retreating because people have a habit of focusing tanks when their hp gets low, meaning you will still get out alive AND get the other team to focus you rather than your teammates- the ones doing the damage.

    -8:42 May,14,2012 added updates section and changed alacrity marks to marks of insight.
    -10:10 may 16,2012 changed masteries based on schwagbert's input.
    -11:38 may 16,2012 fixed the skill order from having leveling your 8 eight times to 5 times and feral scream from 2 times to 5 times.

    *I will be adding more to this guide in the future*
  2. Adiados

    Adiados Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 4, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Good guide. What runes do you run on him?
  3. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    I added those runes above the masteries- i might change them in the future though.
  4. Schwagbert

    Schwagbert Guest

    Looks nice, but here's my issues with it (just feedback, not trying to be a ****** or anything lol):

    No CDR at all. Mana Regen in Utility. You level W to 2 and level E to 8.

    But really, you don't need all the HP runes because of Feast + Warmog's. Also, you only need to build resistance to what you're facing, so FoN/tmail are both potentially overkill. I'd definitely throw in a Frozen Heart for some CDR.

    As far as masteries, if you're building as tanky as you are, you don't need the extra damage reduction from Evasion or Honor Guard. You also don't need the mana regen because of Cho's passive. You have 252 armor and 219 mr without runes or masteries, so you don't need the 6 mastery points into mr + armor; you can use them for summoner spell masteries, and Enlightenment for CDR. You could even throw one in Siege Commander if you wanted.

    Just my thoughts. :]
    Adiados and Hideidaran like this.
  5. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    I'm not sure what you mean there.

    While this is true you have to remember when you have 75% damage reduction it takes 4 damage to take away one point of hp so for every point of hp you are getting in runes you get 4 effective hp making it worthwhile in my opinion.

    I've taken note of this and i am going to revise my masteries.

    Generally teams balance themselves between ad and ap so that is why i build both. Also, FoN gives amazing hp regen which makes it possible to sit in a push and recover your hp quickly which will also take 4 damage per hp point so even recovering just a bit while moving from one palce to another is very effective. For the thornmail not only does it give 100 armor but it returns 30% of the damage back from auto-attacks BEFORE armor making it very potent on ad champs and even allows a little damage on ap champs as they will auto attacks in between abilities.

    While it is true your armor and magic resist will reach that you must take into consideration that you start off with little armor so i get the 6 armor and magic resist to give me a boost in the early game.
  6. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    Thanks for the input Schwagbert though- it really made me reconsider things in my build. i will be adding new updates tonight! :p Also, for more information on the effective health you can go read the art of shredding tanks thread I made in general discussion. (The art of shredding tanks | Stratics Forums)
  7. Schwagbert

    Schwagbert Guest

    I just meant that on your skill-leveling image you have 2 points in W and 8 in E. ;]

    This is true. I'm just suggesting that there could be better uses of rune slots (armor, mr, ms, cdr) than just stacking more health on Cho (also, you made a thread about killing tanks... The more health you have the more dmg Kog, Vayne, Varus, Garen, Xin, etc do to you. ;] )

    This is also true.. They balance their champ selection on carries.. However, one of them may not get as fed as, or even fed at all, the other carry. If you have a 0/8 ap carry, there probably isn't a need for FoN. ;]

    I agree here as well. I'm just suggesting that you could try other mastery combos out and see how it works. If you're going with a straight tank, though, I'd still probably take both those masteries as you have done.
  8. AuraVoid

    AuraVoid Guest

    LOL. I just realized that there are 8 in E, now i see what you meant and I think I will always get the FoN because of the movement speed and hp regen (which stacks with hp runes). Also, all of the % hp magic damage is easily countered by magic resist as long as they have no or little magic penetration so it is still beneficial to get the bonus hp. vayne is another story with her true damage.....:sad2: