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The Tunnel

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Riding slowly down the road that left Cove Landing, Malac was thinking quickly. Looking for a way out of the assignment that he and Mason had been sent on. It had been foolish of him to mention the caverns beneath the cities of Sosaria. He should have known that in their zeal to rid their lands of the orc scourge that one of their leaders would get it in their minds to investigate. After all, that is what had led him and the men of Connemara to venture there some years past. Orcs, they want us to go down their seeking orcs? Well there are more foul things living in the deep places of the world than orcs.

    His mind drifted in thought and time as the rhymical plod of their horses went on for mile after mile. He could see that day when He followed his Lord Llyrwech into the tunnels pursuing the last vestige of an orc clan that had been raiding the farms and villages around Castle Connemara. They believed that if they vanquished them all, that a quiet could return to their countryside.

    It was a small band, so they took along only sixty of their best men. Malac’s own brigade of well-trained swordsmen. He had tried to persuade the king to remain behind in safety, but the stubborn man insisted he accompany them. He had always been loathed to send men into any place he would not venture himself.

    As they moved deeper, it seemed a bit odd to them that there was still plenty of light in front of them. Perhaps there was an entire orc village waiting for them ahead. They moved as quietly as they could, wanting to keep the element of surprise with them. When they finally reached the large, open cavern, they came to a sudden halt, and stared at the scene that met their eyes.

    They had found their orcs alright. Well, at least what was left of them. All about the floor of the cavern the smoldering remains of orc bodies lay. Some were still squirming in agony as the skin dripped off of them, forming feted pools of flesh and blood beneath them. Llyrwech spoke suddenly calling for a withdraw from this place, but before they move back up the tunnel, it was upon them.

    He had seen demons in his days, and killed many. But this was like none he had ever seen before. It moved swiftly about, casting fire and shadow in every corner of the cavern. And if that were not enough, it seemed to have a hypnotic effect on his men, causing them to cast down their swords and run towards it. He could still hear their agonizing screams as they were being burned alive, and smell the acrid stench of burning flesh.

    They never stood a chance, of the sixty that ventured forth into the cavern, only five lived to see the light of day again. Had it not been for Llyrwech grabbing his arm and with the aid of the others dragging him out, Malac would have perished along with the men who served him. But the effects of the encounter were long lived and did not fade with the sudden safety of daylight. Two of those who lived soon took their own life. One returned to the country side and took up sheep farming. It was said that he was never the same, and the locals referred to him as Don the Dark owing to his changed mood and outlook. Llyrwech returned to his lands and castle, but within a month stepped down as lord, foisting the duty on his younger brother.

    Malac could not find it within him to return to training knights. He was haunted by the screams of the dying, and still heard the demon’s song echoing through his thoughts and dreams. He wandered for a time, then one day ventured into the town of Mokota-Jima in the Tukuno islands. It was a lovely town, filled with cherry trees in full blossom. The sounds of instruments filled the air as the wind chimes swung softly from each doorway.

    Stopping in front of one, well decorated building. Malac heard the song of soft singing from within as the scent of jasmine drifted through the doorway. Looking to the sigh, he scoffed a bit as he translated the elegant characters into their more common meaning.

    The Tunnel
    Walking inside, he was greeted by a woman who moved with the grace of a willow. Greeting him, she told him her name was Miko and that she could see that he had many cares on his mind. Here, she said, we can ease your cares, and lift your heart. As she called out, another appeared carrying a tray on which a small flask and cup set. Pouring some of the liquid, she offered it to Malac. He had never been so quick, so eager to accept a drink from a stranger, but he quickly took the cup from her, draining all the warm liquid. As he set the empty vessel onto the tray, she reached out her hand to him.

    “Come sir, all will be made peaceful in your mind and heart.”

    A sudden giggle from Mason as a family of dear leapt across the road in front of them brought him out of his daydream. He watched as the Mage joyfully watched the family scamper across the road, and down the hill on the other side. He knew one thing for sure watching the man. He could not lead him into the caverns beneath Cove. Could not take the chance that the horror he led his men to in the past would be waiting from the tow of them in this place. Looking at Mason he asked.

    “You can cast gates, right?”

    After confirming that he could, Malac reached into his pack and tossed a small, oddly colored rune onto the ground.

    “Take us there then.”

    As the words of magic left his lips, a small, silver moongate opened before the two men. Nodding a bit, Malac said:

    “Follow me.”

    They appeared before the door of a well decorated building. The grounds before it was well kept, and cherry trees blossomed all around them. From the doorway, the soft scent of jasmine drifted out. Dismounting, Malac led Mason inside. With a rustle as soft as a whisper, the lady appeared before them. Bowing gracefully, she said;

    “Mister Malac, you have returned to us, and brought a friend. You are welcome here sir”

    “Long time no see Miko. My friend here was sent with me to explore the Tunnel. Can you see to it he sees all that he needs to?”

    Smiling, she clapped her hands softly. Another woman, as beautiful as Miko appeared carrying a small tray on which a flask and two cups rested. Pouring some liquid into each vessel, she offered it up to the two men. Mason seemed reluctant to drink at first, until Malac grinned at him saying;

    “Bottoms Up Mason.”

    As the warm concoction of sake and zoogi slid down their throats a sense of relaxation filled both men. As the tray was carried away, two more women appeared, taking Mason by both hands. As the mage was being led away, Malac called out.

    “Be gentle with him ladies, I need to return him intact.”

    And then, looking towards Miko, Malac smiled and stepped closer.

    “Shall we take up where we left of darling?”