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The Ultimate Athlete

Discussion in 'WoW WotLK Beta' started by MMAnti7, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. MMAnti7

    MMAnti7 Guest

    <b>The Ultimate Athlete</b>

    The look on the elf's face told the whole story. This one last competition was taking its toll upon him. A deft move to his left avoided the strike of a nearby orc. With a whisper the dark-haired elf found himself upon the upper catwalk of the grand arena. His eyes scan the grounds for his true target. Moments after his entrance to the arena he had seen trails of a sorceress who had gone invisible. But now her spell hid her too well from his keen eyes.

    A bead of sweat rolls down his pale skin into his dark brow and he comes out of his concentration in time to parry a blow from the orc who pursued him to the platform.

    "I will end you!" The massive grey-skinned orc screamed at him. Once again the orc slashes his enormous battle axe toward the elf.

    "Clever..." The elf mutters, mocking the orc's battle cry. The elf ducks under the wayward chop and slowly rises with his light blades in hand, one scores into an exposed area in the orc's armor, his other strike is glanced harmlessly away by a gruesome looking bracer.

    The orc doesn't even flinch at the score and turns the axe back for another swing, but the elf has already reacted. A quick back bend puts the elf upside down and he plants his left hand and launches himself backward. Just in time to see the orc throw himself off balance. Suddenly a burst of light slams against the orc and he screams in agony. The elf views the stunning looking blond mage. He knows now he must act quickly.

    Pushing out of his crouch he runs at the orc who is now attempting to put out the fire in his hair. The elf's feet move up the orc's body, using him as a ladder. In his right hand he twists the blade, plunging into the neck of the orc and lifting himself up into the rafters of the arena. Narrowly avoiding an incoming spout of fire from the mage below.

    "You are a coward Tryllvyn!" Calls the sorceress. "You may have won your other events but this one belongs to those who stand tall! We are the only ones left!"

    Tryllvyn allows his cloak to surround him and envelops into the shadows of the rafters. He knew the mage could not go invisible again, she had wasted her power. But how would he get the jump on this one? She was the best in these games, behind himself of course.

    Pushing his hand along his side he feels for his throwing knives and closes his eyes. His mind draws an image of the arena and the position of his adversary. He knew the answer.

    With a flash of metal he tosses two of the throwing knives at the sorceress who does not flinch.

    "You missed!" She cries with a hearty laugh.

    "Did I?" Tryllvyn was already dropping toward her and she attempts to move out of the way but finds her robes stuck to the ground. His momentum carries his foot into the chest of the mage and he flashes his main hand blade out toward her neck. "Yield."

    The mage gasps for are and closes her eyes. She slowly raises her left hand to Tryllvyn's right calf and taps twice.

    "The winner of the Olympic Arena Match: TRYLLVYN!" Cries the arena master.

    He had done it. A first place finish in each event including the arena tournament. He would finally be crowned the ultimate athlete of Azeroth.


    Edit: Corrected a spelling error. Stuff like that bothers me.