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The United Pirates are looking for help!!!

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by imported_Hawkeye_Pike, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Ahoy mateys!

    The United Pirates [UP] is the oldest pirate guild on Catskills. It was founded in 1998 by my mate Hook and meself. In 2002 the crew slowly disbanded and I had left Britannia for good. Last year I have returned and re-activated the brethren of pirates. Our crew has grown ever since.
    Since a few weeks we've been having more and more trouble with landlubber guilds, who detest our behavior and begin ta threaten our existance. The conflict escalated. Now some more landlubber corpses are lyin' on da bottom of our bay, har har! That's why our enemies called other guilds fer help, and it seems we have open war upon us.

    We are lookin' fer brave souls to join our brethren and support us against those landlubbin' do-gooders! We will sign ye up to our crew, if ye are an outcast, a scoundrel, a man of da seas who does not fear combat nor death, and if ye accept our simple guild rules.

    Ye will find directions, instructions, our rules, and contact information on our website at: http://www.aschulze.net/ultima/pirates/
    Ye can contact me directly if ye are interested or have questions: Hawkeye Pike, ICQ 7041294
    Ye can find our pirate village on a sandy beach south of Trinsic (Trammel):


    (We are a pvp-oriented roleplaying guild. All members who want to try playing an evil scumbag without having to face the insane PKing on Felucca, are welcome to join us! Our guild wars are a lot of fun, without the pressure of worrying about being looted or abased. We also accept members not familiar with roleplaying; they will learn from us, and I promise that it is a lot of fun playing a pirate in UO!)

    Hawkeye Pike
    Captain of the United Pirates

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I get to slay GRI members by the shipfull??? Arrrr billy...count me in!

  3. Ye get to mug even landlubbers from da Purple Guardians of Honor [PGoH] and da Loyal Fury [Torm] (who posted on dis board as well, cryin' fer help 'cause dey be afraid of us). Rumor has it, dat da Kingdom of Everthorne [KE] will turn 'gainst us as well. May dey come! A few more landlubbers buried beneath da sand of our beach, dey'll be. Da hungry crabs will take care of it.

    Contact me so I can sign ye up, matey!
    Hawkeye Pike
  4. From the Destard Happy Hour Wars my Liege, Sir Obake, got a warm cloak of wolven fur...

    From the pirates we expect little resistance...


    "Walk in Virtue", old saying from Imohtep.