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The Visit

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Danse, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Danse

    Danse Guest

    Nuriko showed me the ruins of what once had been her home. If one had not known that this was a building made by the hands of man, one would have thought it to be a strange jumble of rocks. There was no order to the way the boulders and stones had placed themselves. The vegetation had begun to grow at odd angles from the stones. This caused the local folks to fear the place, some even claimed they had seen strange creatures walking in and around the place.

    I was nervous, for my hostess seemed very strange herself. She seemed to be constantly talking to some unseen person, arguing loudly about something with some unseen person or persons, but the minute she thought I might hear, Nuriko would cease talking and walk away to begin a new search.

    We were searching to the tomes that complied Aeric Horn's Library. Nuriko was sure it was somewhere in the ruins of this place. What service this spot had served in better days was unknown to me anyway. I was being to question my own sanity. Dealing with Nuriko had proved extremely tiring.

    She had insisted that Aeric's Horse be allowed to had a free rein and travel as he wish. By doing this, she felt that Aeric's Spirit would be with her on her quest to locate those tales he had written into books. The story here , is this, Aeric had those tomes with him as he fled back to the Valley of MYTH from the gates of Luna. He was very ill and most likely his mind was not clear, and he was reacting to the fever that held him in its grasp

    From what Nuriko had been able to piece together from the difference versions of the event, Aeric had tried to get Ginsu and himself to the Valley of MYTH, and seeing that he would fail at that, hid his stories somewhere on the way. They both knew they were dying and both wanted to die in MYTH valley. The rumor was that they wanted to find a secure place to hid those tomes of tales. And they wanted to be where MYTH had started.

    I had agreed to ride with Nuriko on this her last ride. What she planned at the end of it I had no knowledge. If I had, I would have stopped this madness.

    As we rode, Nuriko told me of how she and Aeric became so close. , Of how she found him nearly drowned in a rain swollen stream. He was in full armor, and because of that, could not keep his head above the water. Of her laughter as she tossed him a rope and pulled him out, commenting that he looked much like a half drowned fox. With all that red in his hair and beard.
    she told of how she seemed to know they were connected, their mothers were sisters. She could see the resemblance in his face as he slept. He looked just like her youngest brother.

    After this, Nuriko rode ahead in silence, the Hood of her cloak pulled tight over her head. I suspected she was crying, she cried often these days.
  2. DevilsOwn

    DevilsOwn Stratics Legend
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 27, 2003
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    I'm a bit afraid of what Nuriko has planned, but don't stop!
  3. Lord Cuda

    Lord Cuda Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    Cookies and milk? :popcorn:
  4. Danse

    Danse Guest

    'Nuriko, please...' I called out to the figure slumped over the horse ahead of me, 'I can go no further, and my poor mount is limping.' I swung down from the saddle stiffly, my legs barely holding me upright.

    We had ridden until well pass nightfall, she, allowing her mount to follow his head, and myself, clinging to the saddle, praying that I did not fall off. (This was before I had learned to really ride, to be one with the horse, and not a piece of cargo.)

    'Stay here.' Nuriko croaked, like a person unused to speaking out loud. 'I will go and find a place to camp.'

    Looking around at the dark forbidden forest, I shook my head, 'NO!' I sqeaked. 'No, er...I will walk my mount, and hold the tail of yours, so, er, I do not want get lost here.'

    'Suit yourself..' she said flatly. 'We shall come upon a miner's camp soon, we can rest there, and I will tend to you horse.'

    'SOON', I thought to myself, 'You have no concept of time, soon to you could mean I walk for days...'

    Neither of us talked as we sludged through the rain and muck to the camp, nor while the camp was prepared. It was not until there was a pot of water boiling for tea, that Nuriko even looked at me. 'You have done well, I am surprised that you have come this far and not complained. In the morning, we shall come to the place where I think Aeric hid his tales...If they are not there, then they are lost forever to us. Others may have copies, but because of my behavior, they will not be available.'

    I slept badly, the dreams were vivid. One second, I was riding with Nuriko and some of her companions, as they fought with a group wearing the colors of WAKA. Our group was small, 4 to 5 riders at the most, the other group swarmed over us like we were nothing. I saw each of our group go down, and re-appear, re-equiped to go down over and over. The next memory of these dreams, was of a Tavern located on a field of grass so green, one could almost smell and taste the freshness of it.

    Inside were the same folks that had ridden against WAKA, laughing and telling tales and bragging of their feats. Pointing fingers at each other and laughing as each told how they had met death and eluded it. A more jovial group, I do not think I have ever seen before or hence. There was a real brotherhood here, a feeling of true caring for each other. I was surprised when another scene flashed in to my dreams.

    It was a solomn procession of what seemed to be novices parading toward a stone entry. I followed and slipped inside the structure. There I witnessed the iinitiation of these novices into the family of the guild of MYTH. I do not remember the words, but those words were spoken by their leader, Aeric Horn.

    Exsisting members and guests stood on the perimeter of a large pit, and there were bright red and flame colored plants surrounding the edges of the structure. At every corner blazed torches, and each memper and guest held a lit torch also. As Lord Aeric finihsed speaking, he turned to the assembled group and asked each in turn if they had questions for the initiate.

    Each member of the Circle of the Flame either asked their questions or welcomed the novice into their ranks. The unlit torch the novice carried was lit, first from the torch Aeric held, then by each of the other members of the Circle. Then Lord Aeric hugged the novice and said..'Welcome to MYTH..the Circle of the Flame.'

    The next scene in this dream was of another solemn procession, a funeral. Oh! The weeping, and the saddness hovered in the very air around all. At first, I could not tell who this funeral was for, and then I saw...Lord Aeric, laid out upon a platform. The bright reds and flame flowers surrounding him, as if the platform was aflame.

    And the mourners, each in his or her turn, came forward and spoke of the life of this man and that of his brother, Ginsu. Of how they had helped build a strong community, and each spoke of the respect they held for these men. Both friend and foe alike were there. Everyone was respectful of the others grief.

    These are the last scenes of that dream...I awoke and the sun was high in the sky, the rain that had tormented us the day before was gone. I rose and stretched, and looked around for Nuriko.

    My heart caught in my throat...she still lay as I had seen her the night before..but, I knew, before I ever touched her, her spirit was gone.

    Sometime during the night she had finally recieved the peace she was seeking. I left her there...cruel you may say...but I think it was as she wished...for you see...we were at the place where the Cirlce of the Flame Ceremony took place...Nuri was home.