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The Who's Who of Sonoma Guilds

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lady Vixen, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    This is a very good idea, so many people (new players) are looking for guilds to join and there are alot of smaller "GOOD" guilds out there that can be heard here. They can also post if they Trammel based or Felucca. Many players (some returning vets) are looking for at that as well.
  2. Yes a Great Idea indeed, I'll be searching for a guild soon.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name of Guild: Knight's of the Mystic Realm (KmR)

    GM of Guild: Dragonreborn

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: Knight of Virtue and Verite armor

    Way to contact Guild: KmR Web Site

    KmR is a semi-role playing guild

    We play both sides of the facets

    We are most known for helping new players get started and we try to help the community anyway we can.
  4. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    Name of Guild: Third Legion

    GM of Guild: Del Xavier

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: Blue blue and lots more blue

    Way to contact Guild: ICQ 122338177, or post on our guild forums.

    We are a trammel based guild, though we've given consideration to eventually venturing back to Felucca.
    We are the proprietors and owners of the Township of Darkmoor, although we are welcome to any guild looking to join the town and share in the development and growth of the town.
  5. LoveSpirit

    LoveSpirit Guest

    Name of Guild: Sonoma Angels of Light Guild
    GM of Guild: Leara Anne
    Distinquishing item: All have title displayed on character and each title has the word "Angel" in it. Guildmistress and 2 main assistants (LoveSpirit and Love Spirit) always wear Ice White clothes.
    Way to contact Guild: LoveSpirit's ICQ is 324 991 870, LoveSpirit's email is: [email protected]

    This guild never participates in sparing or wars. It's only purpose is to provide assistance at many levels. The vision of this guild is to network all players of "light" and goodwill and to surround Sonoma in a web of light. Helping young players to learn honor, justice, and the joy of giving (and receiving:)...helping all to learn and grow in their lives.
  6. buckey45895

    buckey45895 Guest

    Guild Name: Power Scroll Hunters
    Guild GM: Freddie Foxfire
    Guild Colors: n/a
  7. Name of Guild: Order Of Tendai [OTE]

    GM of Guild: Pearl Necklace

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: Valorite blue clothing/armor

    Way to contact Guild: Visit www.ote-sonoma.com and fill out an application. Our recruiting officer will contact you for an interview.

    Our town is located in Malas on the east shores. Guild functions normally operate in a Trammel based facet, though some members do choose to live and play in Felucca.
  8. Lady Raven

    Lady Raven Guest

    Name of Guild: Order of Defensor Fortis (ODF)

    GM of ODF: Lord Luther

    Colors/distinguising item of guild: Red Armor with Black Trim

    Way to contact guild: Visit Order of Defensor Fortis

    Our Town is located in Malas- coords are 127 - 5N 33 - 23W

    ODF is a PvM Honor Guild. It is our goal to help those in need or of misfortune.
    We have always followed the paths of virtues. We enjoy helping new players and returning ones as well.
  9. Sonoma Guy

    Sonoma Guy Guest

    Vampire Society
    - White skin, or Lich form, usually wearing Black/Grey

    contact: Sonoma Guy 85416460
  10. Mazrim

    Mazrim Guest

    Name of Guild: Masters of the Rock (MoR)

    GM of Guild: Mazrim and Lake

    Colors/distinguishing item of guild: Formal Uniform is Black Robe with MoR Purple Cape.

    Ways to Contact Guild: Mazrim ICQ= 2553111 and Lake's ICQ=232332265

    MoR is primarily a vendor guild. What this means is that the majority of our adventures are resource gathering events. I.E. Barbed, Horned Leather, Deamon Bone, Felluca Mining. All MoR members are required to place and keep stocked a Guild Vendor. One of our goals is to help new players get to their first Million GP as quickly as possible. When it comes to something you need, if we don't have it in stock somewhere, we probably know who does!
  11. Alarcon

    Alarcon Guest

    Name of Guild: Guardians of Truth and Honor [GTH]
    GM of Guild: Provoco Alarcon and Rich
    Colors/distinguising item of guild: n/a
    Way to contact Guild: www.gth-guild.com
  12. Lord Nivek

    Lord Nivek Guest

    Name of Guild: Knights Of Balaklava

    GM of Guild: Lord Nivek

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: Formal Colors=Gold, Brown, Green
    Informal Colors = NONE

    Way to contact Guild: http://excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=725

    We are a very active Felucia guild that hunts, trains, spawns Champions, Runs Doom, and has an all around good time. Oh and we have this ongoing relation ship with EFL, we like their insurance money...
  13. Cedric Myron

    Cedric Myron Guest

    Name of Guild: Divus Gustos Sanctus, DGS/ACO

    Guildmaster: Cedric Myron, High Priest

    Guild Color: Most wear the healer's robes or Copper/Bronze reward robes

    Way to Contact: Cedric Myron's ICQ 177976530 or Stratics Guild Forums under DGS

    DGS is a guild of healers and priests doing their duty to heal the sick and the injured on the battlefields of our lands. Read the charter in the guild forums if you think you would be interested in filling said capacity. We are semi-rp and a small guild...Normally there are not many formal guild functions so it is perfact for those who want to represent their healing roots without having to be too involved in anything major and time consuming. As long as you are willing to represent our charter then you will be welcomed. All members of DGS started in ACO, The Acolytes of DGS, to prepare for the trials of DGS.

    Cedric Myron, High Priest DGS
  14. Forkbeard

    Forkbeard Guest

    Thee Legion of the Gorean Castes is a guild open to the adult players of Sonoma who would like to interact with other seasoned citizens and are willing to display loyalty to the homestone and guild mates by demonstrating honor. There is some roleplaying involved for the guild's premise is loosely based on the fantasy books of Gor by John Norman. All castes, skills, and professions are encouraged to join and our colors worn are based upon what trades you have developed (i.e. Warriors-Scarlet, Swordmakers-Gray, Merchants-White and gold, slaves or kajira-white silk or red silk).

    We are normally active on Saturday and Sundays at all hours of the day hunting and exploring Trammel and Iishenar or making raids into Felucca. Our homestone is located in Malas and we have a wooden outpost in a remote mining area on Felucca. New players as well as 7x GM professionals are welcome to join the group. There are no meetings unless it is needed and you can always trust a Gorean to be a person of their word as we deal the spawn and barbarians of the land. The key thing is to enjoy the game...../php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    To learn more my ICQ is 2491235. The ubar (leader) of our tribes is Wilkerson Sword, a noted and skillful artisan!
  15. Rotte

    Rotte Guest

    Name of Guild: The Knights who say Ni!

    GM of Guild: Magic

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: Antlers for special occasions and sillyness.

    Way to contact Guild: The city of Haven is our home and you can find Ni! members there many times throughout the day. You can also icq me at 156393680.

    The guild is based off fun, friendship, and love of old Monty Python skits... We're a small guild (maybe a dozen members so far) but one of our goals is to help out new players, which is why we are found in Haven.

    Most of the guild is vet players (1-6yrs) including some ex-Atlantic and Chesapeake wanderers who came to Sonoma.

    Rotte - The Friendly Ogre
    The Knights who say Ni!
  16. Mundayne

    Mundayne Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 6, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Name of Guild: "Empire of the Fallen Lords" aka EFL

    GM of Guild: 1) Seeker of Souls , 2) Kimo , 3) Necro , 4) Vladamir , 5) DeathClaw , 6) Sly.

    Colors/distinguishing item of guild: N/A

    Way to contact the guild: ICQ 5998033 "available daily", or Visit any EFL member.

    Primary Facet: Felluca

    At War with: we are not a war guild and do not war

    Factions: we have a seperate guild for those who wish to participate in factions called "Fallen Lords Factions Guild" aka FL in Shadowlords:
    by Kurare and DeathClaw

    We are mainly a "Red" guild, but not limited to reds only, we do many different events such as Champ Spawns, Doom hunts, Tournaments, Crawls, Swap Meets, Factions, Training, Socializing, if UO offers it, we do not rule it out.

    Guild Offers: UOMAP, Teamspeak(Voice), ICQ, IRC, Public/Private Forums, sorry no AOL.

    "Do not fear the Darkness, fear that which the Darkness hides...."
    -Seeker of Souls/Mundayne
  17. ApollyonDA

    ApollyonDA Guest

    Guild: Return To Balance (R*B)

    GM: Dread Lord Dyvim Tvar

    Way to Distinguish Guild: purple hair, and Silk Dragondances corpse laying everywhere

    Way to contact guild: ICQ Dyv at 130869264

    We are a simple guild of only a few players that enjoys going places where others dont go alone, or very often. We have seen every part of the lands as just two of us, and killed most every creature there as well. We like to hold events that keep with our motto "We will make you rich, or dead, or both".
    We believe in keeping all things in balance, if there are too many "good" chars running around, we try and change that, if there are too many "bad" ones, we fix a few of them as well. We hunt anything and anywhere with our pets, and generally just like to fun, mostly at our own expense.
  18. ApollyonDA

    ApollyonDA Guest

    Guild: Darkside of Balance (D*B)

    GM: Azeri Hathor

    Identifying features: none to speak of

    Contact via PM to me, and I will pass you on to the GM

    Red, or red-to-be chars, evening the score for our Blue counterparts in R*B, fel based with small community.
  19. Nexus of =D=

    Nexus of =D= Guest

    The Order of Dol'Amroth

    A semi-rp guild, based in fel

    Recognized by valorite armor and scarlet robe or cloak.

    Gm of Guild: Nexus, Eternal Knight of the Order

    Point of Contact: ICQ Nexus at 257521195

    Look us up at the UO Shard Guild forums under Dol'Amroth.

    Note, we are a guild of friends, with a set code of conduct and set guild structure. While we don't want "Cookie Cutter" guildsmen ((we find the diversity of our people interesting)) We do ALL hold ot our codes ofconduct.
  20. Shawnsa

    Shawnsa Guest

    Guild Name: People's Army of Sonoma
    <br>Lead by: King David
    <br>PAS is one of the oldest guilds on the shard. Formed before Trammel, it is a Fel based honor guild. We do events across all facets of the shard pvm as well as pvp.
    <br>We do events nightly to give all a chance to have a night they can attend.
    <br>pvp events are always optional, no stigma is placed on anyone for disliking pvp.
    <br>PAS are allowed to have red alts, but those alts should expect no quarter as PAS's motto remains red=dead. PAS will attack reds on sight unless such an act is deemed suicide. Also red alts may not repeatedly target PAS or its allies for purposes of grief.
    <br>We consider the guild GTH as full allies.
    <br>We have a rank based system of promotion. promotions are given for merit and effort within the guild and within the community.
    <br>We strive to improve the game experience for all.
    <br>to contact us you may contact King David at 137449336.
  21. Vochslu

    Vochslu Guest

    we should get this sticky at the top some mod should do it
  22. While doing research for active Sonoma guilds, it became apparant that many have changed in some way or another.

    This is a simple request, please help us in updating who is who.

    Name of Guild:

    GM of Guild:

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: (example: the Knights who say Ni! wear antlers)

    Way to contact Guild:

    You can send me a PM if you rather not post here.
    Thank you for helping all of us know the Who's Who of Sonoma Guilds.

    icq 168812018
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Empire of the Fallen Lords

    To join: contact Kimo, Vlad, DC or Seeker
    Leader : Seeker of Souls

    What we do: We have fun. We are a spawn oriented guild that is pvp intensive. And we can be rather silly at times.

    We also spend a fair amount of time in doom.

    Requirements: Be loyal, mature, and cool. Must Have a red (or be willing to go red) and a blue character that is usefull at spawns (tamer/bard/mage), your prolly gonna want a doom char and a crafter and a faction character too but thats all up to you.

    Allies: none
    Enemies : .....

  24. Ravenloff

    Ravenloff Guest

    Name of Guild: Ravenloff's Enterprises or R$E

    GM of Guild : Ravenloff

    colors: Red & black

    Contact: icq 44062533

    This guild been around 1 month short of 5 years as a merchant guild.

    Website: www.ravenloff.com ( still working on website)
  25. Lady Lavendar

    Lady Lavendar Seasoned Veteran
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Mar 19, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Name of Guild: Keepers of the Virtuous Path -- KVP
    GM of Guild: Lavendar
    Colors: Black, Silver, Green
    Way to contact: http://www.kb-kreations.com/kvp/vault/forum/default.asp?ForumID=0

    Keepers of the Virtuous Path is an Honor guild, founded in 1999 by Rook. We think of our guild as a family. We enjoy many aspects of the game. We love to laugh, and cherish good times with good friends.
  26. JoJo Jr

    JoJo Jr Guest

    Name of Guild: MinuteMen (M|N)

    GM of Guild: JoJo

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: N/A

    Way to contact Guild: AIM: Goldypoop MSN: [email protected]

    MIN is a new guild based in Trammel full of friends trying to help each other out. we participate in Champs and Doom often and always keeping an eye out for more members. currently about 8 large soon to host guild events such as PVP tournaments for GP & Items.
  27. lancell87

    lancell87 Guest

    Name of Guild: the lancermane family

    GM of Guild: aragorn lancermane (sadly his last name doesnt fit so he goes by aragorn)

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: whatever queen mum makes us wear lol -- usually red white blue

    Way to contact Guild: best way to find us look for mum she can easily find the rest of us lol

    this is a family guild each one of us is related /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  28. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Name of Guild: Ultima Online Stratics Sonoma (UOS)

    GM of Guild : Vladimir Taltos

    colors: Black and Blue (or pink, depending on who you ask)

    Contact: [email protected]

    The UOS guildtag indicates that the person you are looking at is a reporter for stratics. If you see us in game, feel free to tell us about any upcoming events you or your guild is hosting.

    If you want to Join UOS, apply to be a stratics reporter!
  29. RobinHood

    RobinHood Guest

    HDr "House Draco"
    GM is Robin Hood
    Colors/Dist Item: N/A
    Contact us through HouseDraco
  30. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Guild: 4H - Four Horsemen
    GM: Venom

    Just a group of friends who have fun and help each other out. The odd stranger joins in from time to time when they see how much fun we are haveing... so we try to hide that!!!
  31. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    NUB - Nubie Underground Battalion
    GM: usually Cy but now its Poo in the interm (bring back the DR!!)
    Guild Colors.... death robes (issued on first hunt!)

    guild is in hibernation... but just waiting to come alive agian!
  32. Ibram

    Ibram Guest

    The Arcadian 1st and Only

    Guildmaster: Lord General Ibram Gaunt

    Colors: Black,White,Imperial Purple

    The Arcadian 1st is a venerable military unit from way back in the annals of Sonoma. We were an illustrious unit in times past and will be once again, I am sure of it. Currently I have no other members besides a couple of other dinosaurs like me. Anyone interested in helping me return the 1st back to it's former glory, contact me at ICQ 4160335.
  33. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guild name: Rivendale Raiders

    Guild abbreviation: =R=

    Role play theme: (ex. Orc clan, pirate's guild, etc): Fallen drow paladin seeks revenge (see my story line here on board - New Beginnings: The Hunt)

    Alignment: (good, bad, neutral) Good - though fudging alittle (or a lot) for the greater advancement of good is fine for this character.

    Home city: (if applicable) Vesper / Minoc (Tram for the time being - as group grows and skills increase we'll venture more and more into Fel)

    Website: None as of yet - can be contacted at [email protected] if any is interested in the group.

    Colors: undecided - may go with rag tag ex-solidier theme but with all the same style mounts??? When I get a group together, we'll let you know

    Contact person: Dannielle - Character names: Dannielle, Draco Rivendale, or Fidge Oakleaf

    Contact ICQ: Have to get back to you on that just got ICQ and can't remember the # right now

    Other pertinent information about guild, goal, etc: Draco's on a quest to rid the lands of evil, vengence and self discover are his motivations. He seeks his old comrades from his days in the Royal Guard (experienced players into RP) and is looking to recruit new members (newer players still developing their characters) as well. R/L has my schedule all mixed up right now so I'm also looking for a couple of people to assist me in running this vision. I'd like to run / hold training events and dungeon crawls at various hours. I'm sure I'm not the only one working shift work that wishes there were events at different times of the day. If I find the people that are interested I hope to be able to schedule morning events which I could lead as well as prime time events that my seconds in command could lead. Don't let Draco's character's military back ground put you off, I forsee a leadership style that will poll the group for ideas, for instance, schedule a dungeon crawl - poll the group and look at experience levels of the group... to me one dungeon is as good as the next. If the group wants to hunt Shame rather than Deciet that day and we've the experiece and people power to do it, why the heck not. Anyone that is interested is encouraged to PM me for more details.
  34. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    So you are an inspiring Treasure Hunter to be, then come and join THB.

    Name of Guild: Treasure Hunters of Britannia

    GM of Guild: Theresa

    Way to contact Guild: Treasure Hunters of Britannia there is an online application there to join.

    We have a Trammel Rune Library and a lock picking house, open to the public, to train your skill in lock picking.

    Lock Picking
    We are a very unformal little group of players that sell our skills to the greater population of the shard. We are not a group seeking the spot light, normally keeping to the shadows.
  35. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    Mission & Structure of the Order of the Temple of Virtues [+]

    Mission of the Temple of Virtues of Darkmoor:
    - To provide a refuge for all who seek it. To provide shelter for those without home, to provide welfare to those without means, and to provide guidance to those without direction.
    - To provide a viable fighting force to seek out and rescue lost souls in the deep bowels of the various dungeons, as well as to provide an armed religious military order to stand against the threat of necromancers and other evils.

    The Order of Clerics, healers at heart, shall wander the lands healing and curing ailments and resurrecting lost souls. Additionally, they shall also provide guidance to those new to the land, as well as staff the Temple and assist in the distribution of contributions to those in need. Their weapon of choice is the hammers, maces, and other blunt weapons, as they do not believe in weapons that pierce and draw blood.

    The Order of Paladins shall provide an armed holy military order for the sole purpose of seeking out lost souls and guiding them back to the land of the living. Additionally, they serve as guards at the Temple, and may venture forth to protect the Clerics on missions of mercy or missions of diplomacy. The Paladin’s weapon of choice is the sword, though some have been seen to utilize fencing, macing, and/or archery weapons.

    There is currently only one location, the Temple of Compassion located in Darkmoor, however there is a good possibility in time we will be opening more branch buildings.

    For more information, or to join or contribute, contact any of the following people:

    Gicod/Ningauble (Temple Master) ICQ 48-653-556
    Isolden (Templar Marshal) ICQ 198-819-288
    Raven (Templar Seneschal) ICQ 163-318-099
    Quisinart (Templar Elder Knight) ICQ 28-289-749
    Jane (Templar Cleric) ICQ 1-464-208
    or Max/Del at ICQ 122-338-177

  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not sure if I should put my guild up here.. seeing as its really just a relic. Perhaps this relic can be unearthed and polished one day, so I'll post it anyways.

    Name: Vesper Dragoons of Sonoma (VDS)
    GM: Lord Zeromus Lightbringer (Me)
    Colors/Distinguishing items: We would wear colors depending on character class and rank back in the day.

    We were a Trammel based guild (though we did have a few events in Felucca). Originally we were called the VDC (Vesper Dragoon Corps). We had many, many roleplaying events in which we would usually create some villain (The names Losse, Zophar, Farrring, and Vollinger come to my mind now) who would try to kill us off and whatnot.. we'd always have to find a way to save the day. Because of the loss of powerhour and general boredom of the game, the events slowly began to wane..

    We would only accept roleplayers (the rare 100% kinds), and semi-roleplayers (character has a story and is in character while in the presence of other guild members). I must admit that we had a lot of fun, and I'm proud to know some of the most intelligent and creative people I've ever known in my whole life.
  37. Lady Nest

    Lady Nest Guest

    Name of Guild: Ultima Online Stratics Sonoma (UOS)

    GM of Guild : Vladimir Taltos

    Colors: Black and Blue (Ice White & Valorite Blue /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif)

    Contact: [email protected]

    The UOS guildtag indicates that the person you are looking at is a reporter for stratics. If you see us in game, feel free to tell us about any upcoming events you or your guild is hosting, or anything you feel might be newsworthy!!

    If you want to Join UOS, apply to be a stratics reporter! If you have applied of late and not recieved a responce...do not dispair, Vlad (our fearless leader) has been having some pc issues and may take a bit to get to your application. Please be patient, we'd LOVE to have you join us!!
  38. Vochslu

    Vochslu Guest

    Name of Guild: Ultima Online's Finest

    GM of Guild: Vochslu

    My goal is to build a strong empire with some extremely dominant reds... If your blue and wanting to go red or your red wanting to stay red and u got an arty under your belt or ur sure u can hold your own then Q me i'll get you on the stone asap... The guild will officially start on May 7, 2004 when we will stake our grounds in fel!

    Way to contact Guild: icq Voch 318737618 or find us at brit fel gate!
  39. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Name of Guild - Kingdom of Golgotha Abbrv - -G-
    Guild Leadership - Lich Calerith
    ICQ - 102503991
    Website - http://ma.gameralliance.com/ForumG/index.php

    Golgotha is a fel based guild located South of the YMCA in the Heart grove next to the Lich Ruins. We were down on our luck with the guild but I plan to change things. Ive done all I can and am willing to do whatever it takes to build the guild again. Golgotha is looking for respectable members. A peoples guild. I am not going to bother with you if you dont want to rp. We need people that put the guild first, that are willing to fight for the fellow Golgothan.

    Our role is to establish a strong Undead rp group on sonoma. The Golgothan History goes way back, When Soulstealer built Golgotha then created and fought for Vecna's armor to summoning Vecna. Vecna is the Golgothan god, Golgothas worship him and fight for him. As a Golgothan you will learn the history and ways of Vecna and his establishment.
    If you are interested in a rp guild then please contact me through icq
  40. Forkbeard

    Forkbeard Guest

    The other side of Somona....for seasoned citizens (age 18 or older)


    for website and information ICQ 2491235, you know you want it!
  41. Decado

    Decado Guest

    C!D Children of the Dragon

    GM: Kebra Landcaster
    Guild Colors : Red and Black
    Contact info:Children of the Dragon

    A military based guild that enjoys hunting , spawns, and other guild activities.
  42. Hexxes

    Hexxes Guest

    Guild : HEX
    GM : Evalynn Carnate
    ICQ : 3202687

    Our webpage and other services are up, but limited to member only services.
    I supose it'll have to suffice to say... the whole lot of us are Honorable and full of life. Those that cross that line and hunt us... will find themselves hunted, so there's your warning.
    Stay safe and wellmet all.
  43. EMPZOG

    EMPZOG Guest

  44. Toni Blake

    Toni Blake Guest

    Tried to check out your link but it's not working
  45. The Trax is back?
  46. brokensaber

    brokensaber Guest

    I haven't seen him, if he is... I wonder if he still tries to PvP from his house at despise, hehe.
  47. Benedict

    Benedict Guest

    Guild : LooT
    GM: Geni
    ICQ: witheld to prevent annoyances by whiny trammies


    Formerly known as LuT (which between losing our stone and the new guild system allowing four letters has become LooT) this guild is one of the older ones on Sonoma.

    Currently recruiting. Pm or email or im me, will put you in touch with Geni. From there, at own risk for recruitment.

    Thrax, we coming fer ya baby.....
  48. nevermind, decided to end it =D
  49. Brown Ninja

    Brown Ninja Guest

    Guild: LuT
    GM: Brown Ninja


    we're LuT! Fear us! .... or don't

    the above guild LooT will probably not last long as our stone is not lost and all the former members are being re-guilded.

    I guess we're recruiting, if we like you.
  50. ironeagle19

    ironeagle19 Guest

    Name of Guild: Royal Holy Knighthood

    GM of Guild: Gorbon De'Ashloy

    Colors/distinquishing item of guild: red cloak's and white robes (formal Wear Only)

    Way to contact Guild: its best to contact either me or elmwrad via icq for a interview gorbon icq: 345-344-123 Elmwrad icq: 295-406-136

    The RHK is a r/p guild focusing on defending Britannia and upholding the laws of our departed King Lord British, we work with darkmoor and participate in guild hunts and doom runs with them, we also do our own hunts but most of our time is spent killing daemons and other high end baddies