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[Anatomy] There is a 5% Damage Bonus for GM Anatomy

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Old Man of UO, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Something to Consider - The correct formula for anatomy when calculating damage is:
    Anatomy Damage Bonus = (skill/2) (+5% if anatomy at 100.0 or higher)

    So, you get a 5% damage bonus for GM+ Anatomy and 6.25% bonus for GM+ Tactics.

    What that means is if you are tight on skill points (and who isn't) then you are better off with Anatomy/Tactics at 100/115 then 95/120 (it's been a while since I calculated it, but seem to recall it's about a 2% difference). It could save you the cost of an expensive Tactics scroll.
  2. noshroud

    noshroud Guest

    Yup, each "level" of tactics gives you 6.25% DI, while anat gives you 5% DI. Both get a bonus "level" at GM; so, if you have at least GM tactics it will always be better to spend the points bringing anat up to GM as well, I believe. Anat also works with eval for defensive wrestling, so that can be a factor, though not for warriors I suppose...