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Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Guest, Jun 10, 2000.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

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  2. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Felluca is the ‘old lands’ where any criminal or murderous act (Stealing, Attacking, and Killing) is possible and holds some consequences. This land is littered with gravestones and bones and the trees have no leaves. This is the primary place you may steal from other players.

    Trammel, Ilshenar, and Malas are a 'Safe' land, and the ONLY way you may steal from another player is to be 1.) A member of the Victims' Guild 2.) member of a guild warring a Victims' Guild 3.) A member of Order or Chaos, and target only those in your opposing Guild.

    Malas has one extra "Perk" for thieves, and that is the Dungeon Doom. Only Thieves can use their stealing skill to obtain the Rares located therein.
  3. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    In Trammel, Malas, or Ilshenar, you "cannot do negative acts on your targets" - this includes Stealing from PC's and NPC's, and snooping other players (or NPCs in the Guard Zone) You must go to Felucca to steal from anyone (excecpt for a few exceptions dealing with Guild Membership). If you start a new thief and you are in Trammel, you can stay there and train in other skills, or rush to the nearest moongate and go straight to Felucca.

    If you are in Felucca and you can't steal from NPC's then that means your character is too young. You need to either play for several hours to remove your young status or type "I renounce my young player status". You must be in the Thief NPC guild to steal from other players, but you can steal from NPC's at any time.

    You also can not steal any blessed or insured items, clicking once on the item should tell you if it's blessed or insured in any way. CURRENTLY YOU CAN NOT STEAL BAGS OF ANY KIND, OSI has stated it's a bug and it will be fixed some day.

    If you wish to steal in Trammel, you still must join the Thief Guild, and then join a Player Run Guild so you can steal from guildmembers or guild opponents. IE: Join a Warring guild, Order, or Chaos. You can't harm faction enemies in Trammel, and that includes stealing from them.
  4. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    You can steal from chest/crates ONLY in Felluca now. Trammel chest are off limits if you are in the Guard Zone (which only leaves Buc's Den, but then you can pick them up freely). You can simply take items out of a container that is outside of town limits, but inside guard zones you must steal the items. First you need to be able to Unlock the chest if needed, and disarm/set off the trap. After that, you can attempt to steal the item. If ANY NPC notices you, guards will be summoned, and kill you. Since stealing is a criminal act, your corpse is gray, and freely lootable by ANYONE. If any PC notices you, you turn gray. NPC's can see through walls and floors. Any item to steal must weigh less than 10 stones, and you can attempt to steal at any skill level.

    Doom is different however, as the items are not located within chest, but upon the ground, on tables, or hanging on walls. You MUST have a minimum skill of 100 to even attempt to steal these. At 100 Stealing, you have very slim chances of actually stealing the item. At 105 Stealing, you will try about 10-20 times till you actually steal it. At 110 Stealing, maybe only 1-2 minutes. At 115-200, less than a minute is needed to steal the items.
  5. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Don’t get too excited, this was a glorious possibility mid-2000 and thieves still talk about it to this day. OSI screwed something up with the opening up of Trammel and guards were able to be outran. However, they now cast Lighting bolts and will strike you down even if you steal just out of guard zones and someone in town calls on them. It was great while it lasted!
  6. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Make sure your packhorse is still tame first (his health bar needs to be blue or Yellow), Name your backhorse a one-word name and tell it by name "(Name) Guard Me". It won't hurt to macro that phrase and press it a couple times before you steal. When you are a member of a PC Guild, it’s health meter will turn green, and stay that way regardless if it is safe to steal or not. Feed your packhorse often, or he will go wild, and you'll be out a horse and all the stuff on him. Once again, you must be in Felluca! You can NOT raise stealing from a packhorse in Trammel, PERIOD.
  7. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    First, your character needs to be in-game for 40 hours. Second, your stealing skill must be 60. Third, you need 500 gold (700 more if you wish to buy a disguise kit). Then, all you need is the Thief Guildmaster (see #7). Once you find one, ask them by name, ‘(name) join guild’. They will ask for 500 gold if you meet all the requirements; then just drop it on top of them. Then ask them, ‘name buy disguise kit’ and drop 700 gold on top of them again. Bank that Kit! Zip came up with a brilliant way to know when you are 40 hours old. As soon as you create your thief, go out into the wilderness or outside Delucia and find an NPC "Shepherd". Kill ONE shephered - it will give you a murder count. (Don't worry, it's 5 murder counts where you turn red). If you say, "I must consider my sins", it shows you have 1 long term count, which takes 40 hours to go away! So basically, once you get rid of your murder count, you can go join the thief guild!

    So you want to also know how to QUIT the Guild? FOR SHAME! Just find any NPC Thief Guildmaster again, and tell them by name, "(name) resign guild"

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by CrazyJoe on 09/26/01 12:26 PM.</FONT></P>
  8. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    If you wish to steal from actual players in addition to NPC's and Containers, you will need to join the Thief Guild, via the Thief Guildmaster. They now appear in random locations around every town. You will have to run around and bring up every NPC paperdoll to see if they are the Guildmaster. They do NOT reside in a single place for more than an hour, so there is no other way but to run around and look for him. I personally advise going to the city of Cove - it's the smallest town there is, and I always find him within 3 minutes. Be advised once you join the Thief guild, you may NO LONGER give murder counts to anyone that ever kills you. NEVER.
  9. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    It will only work if you are in the Thieves Guild. Double click on it, then select what style of hair you desire. Once you apply it, bring up your own paper doll and see if your ‘new’ NPC name is acceptable – if not, use the kit again. You will notice that your hair turns bright white when you use the kit. You can always wear a hat, or simply use hair dye to cover it up. The kit will work for 2 hours in Real Time. It can NOT be removed, and you must play for 2 hours to have it removed. While disguised, you cannot cast Incognito or Polymorph.
    Other things to improve your disguise are to raise your karma and get rid of your ‘Scoundrel’ Title and delete any relative text in your scroll that tips other off into knowing you’re a Thief. You can gain karma giving items to NPCs by dropping it on them. Ie: collect bags from monsters, and give them to the provisioner. Cycle your newbie clothes, and buy a dye tub. The objective is to not allow yourself to be recognized! Even go so far to dress and act like the Local NPC's!
    If you know someone is using the Tracking Skill on you, don't think changing disguises will throw them off the track. The sure-fire way to break the tracking is to leave the area or cross server lines.
    But for the thief on the go, you can always leave the disguise kit menu on screen, even while the kit is in the bank and you run off. Just move it to the bottom of your screen and bring it up when you need it, and you can change your diguise again and again. However, dying with it up can do very interestings things...
    Be warned, if you quit the game while your disguise is on, you will notice your disguise name in your Login Menu instead of your thief's original name. You will also notice all your macros you recorded are also not working - this is because UO's code makes a totally new folder for this new-name character and has trouble keeping track of it.
  10. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Thieves Rejoice! It seems Perma Grey has been either messed up or altered thanks to Publish 16.

    First, the old rules, which are no longer applicable are :

    If you use the stealing skill on a container, a Player, or a NPC, you become gray and attackable (ONLY in Feluca are you attackable) by your Victims until you die (Of course, NPC’s don’t attack you, but players can). Even though only your victim sees your name gray and everyone else sees your name blue, you can be freely attacked by ANYONE and guards will not come to your rescue when you call for them. If you are killed perma-gray, you may NOT give murder counts, because you committed a criminal act. You It’s highly advisable for the active thief to kill himself or herself every now and then to clear the Perma-Grey status. Rare Hunters beware as well, stealing from Town Chest also turn you Perma Gray, even in Trammel.

    Now, for the new rules. Stealing is no longer an Aggressive act, it's only a criminal act. That means if you steal outside town and get attacked, you may freely kill the attackers and not receive a murder count.

    But wait, there's more! If you steal from someone and you are NOT noticed, you remain blue to them - they can't attack you without turning gray to everyone! If you do get noticed and turn gray, you will turn blue again in 2 minutes - and will be blue to the victim. HOWEVER, if you are outside town and someone cast Energy Vortex, or cast Area Effect spells, they WILL hurt you. So if you go dungoen stealing for scrolls, I suggest you kill yourself before going down there.
  11. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    If you steal from anyone, you become gray to him or her until you die. This is known as being "Perma Gray". If you are noticed stealing, you'll be gray to everyone for two minutes. In this time period, you are a criminal - you can't recall or use a gate portal. If someone attacks you and you retaliate, guards can be called on you in town!

    Pre-Publish 16, if you kill someone within this two minute period that you're marked a criminal, you can receive a murder count from them- regardless if it's the person you robbed or somone else trying to assist them. The good thing about Publish 16 is that you will NO LONGER receive murder counts killing anyone that attacks you after you rob them within that 2 minute period. (Receiving murder counts will NO LONGER boot you from the Thieves Guild, that was removed ages ago).

    Now if you don't keep track of time, and you need to know when you're no longer a criminal - there are a few ways. Try to cast 'recall' - if you're a criminal it won't allow it. If you were noticed stealing, you name turns gray for everyone to see. Simply single click on it to see if it has turned blue/yellow yet. If you weren't noticed stealing, your name remains blue and casting recall is the best method. If you are outside the guard zone, try useing a Trammel stone - it won't allow it if you're a criminal (works great for Siege Perilous players!). If you were not noticed stealing, you can bank the item right away. If you were noticed, you must wait 2 minutes before your name turns blue, and you can bank again.

    Keep in mind if you are near an NPC, they always yell for guards when an innocent is attacked near them - even wandering healers in the woods! That's because the NPC's always look out for the "innocents". If you are attacked while Perma-gray, the NPC's say NOTHING. Sometimes if you're at the moongate and a mongbat attacks you but the wandering healer or other NPC nearby doesn't say anything...others may realize you're perma gray! (Quite common tactic for finding perma gray thieves at the moonglow gate!)

    &lt;P ID="edit"&gt;&lt;FONT class="small"&gt;&lt;EM&gt;Edited by CrazyJoe on 10/29/01 10:01 AM.&lt;/EM&gt;</font>&lt;/P&gt;
  12. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    First you need 80 Wrestle and 80 Arms Lore minimum to use the "Wrestle Disarm" function. Macro a key for "Wrestle-Disarm". Press this when you are ready to run up to anyone and wrestle them. While you wrestle, the Program makes a check against your skills, and determines if you Fail or succesfully disarm the opponent. High Wrestle will help you avoid being hit by your opponent, and you can disarm ANYTHING held in their hands - spellbooks, weapons, and shields. However, you will lose 15 Stamina points for EACH success or failure; carrying red potions is wise.

    You do become an aggressor for this action if you initiate the attack, so watch out for other players or guard-zones. You of course you can safely do this when someone else initiates the attack, especially after the 2-minute aggressor rule (see #10). I heard of people that just run around dungeons disarming and stealing high quality weapons, and do not worry about receiving murder counts - your victim would rather take a loss than die to give you a count and loose all his loot.

    It helps to have very high STR and DEX. I got on the Test Center and played around with the two skills. These results are the most COMMON amount of failures I received. (Wrestle/Lore):

    80/80 Failed up to 6 times in a row, not reliable at all.
    90/80 Failed up to 4 times
    95/80 Failed 3-4 times
    95/85 Failed 2 times
    100/90 Failed 1-2 times
    100/100 Failed Rarely

    To be effective you should have their weapon targeted and ready to hit Steal-Last Target. Run up, disarm, hit your steal-target macro and you can have their weapon before they knew what hit them. You also become a nice assest in a close melee attack where someone may not notice their sword missing until it's too late. Keep in mind what weapons you can NOT steal, anything that weighs over 10 stones is off limits. But also remember your Steal Skill determines how well you steal anything. If you have decent fighting skills, disarm your victim then kill them with thier own weapon - now that's class.

    Any disarm thief should try to Grandmaster both Arms Lore and Wrestle, because when you are going head to head with someone carrying a very strong weapon, one failure could mean you death. If they are holding a deadly poisoned weapon, one failure can also mean your slow death! Keep in mind sometimes they will have higher dexteriety and be able to land one hit on you before you get a chance to disarm, so always carry some quick healing potions and cures!
  13. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Fencing = Paralyze blow (spears only)
    Wrestle = Stun or disarm bonuses
    Maces = Crushing blows, lower your opponents stamina & destroy shields quickly (2-handed only, excluding staffs)
    Swords (Halberds or Bardiches only) = Concussion blow, which lowers INT by half
    Archery gives no bonuses.

    Wrestle also allows you to cast spells with fewer interruptions.
  14. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Clothes/items I found useful:
    Archery - Bow
    Arms Lore - Random Weapon
    Swords - katana
    Mace - Club
    Fencing - Kryss
    Wrestle – Leather Gloves (free 2 AR points!)
    Tracking – Boots and a skinning knife
    Fishing – Floppy Hat (nice if you wish to cover your head when disguised), fishing pole
    Blacksmith – Half Apron, smith's tool
    Parry – Wooden Shield
    Snoop/Hide - Cape
    Fancy Shirts, regular shirts, Long Pants, short pants are completely random.
    Music skills – a Newbie Instrument that you can constantly use to raise DEX &amp; INT.
    Alchemy - Mortar that will wear out, but useful.
    Healing - scissors, great for those with healing in mind.

    If you start with the WARRIOR template, one great item you get is a newbiefied Leather Tunic!!!
    MAGE starts with a newbiefied Wizard Hat.

    On Siege Perilous, this does NOT apply as of late 2001. Everyone starts with 100 gold some ingots, a shovel, and random pants/shirt. It is NO LONGER POSSIBLE to get newbie boots, floopy hat, or any other individual item listed above. Hence, they are now RARE on Siege! So if you have a old character there, maybe some of his newbie gear is now worth quite a chunk of gold!

    Some newbie items do wear out, but as you can see some items are very handy to have always, and the newbie 'gear' can help you with a disguise.
  15. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Stealing is effected by Line of sight (LOS). Stealing while your PC victim is directly facing you will 99% of time get you noticed. NPC's however act very strangly, they have eyes in the back of their heads and see through walls. However, here are the possible outcomes.
    1.) You successfully steal the item – Nobody noticed you! Beautiful!
    2.) You steal the item, but are noticed! – You are gray to everyone. If in a guard zone, you better start running before someone calls them on you!
    3.) You steal the item, but you turn gray to your victim – Being only gray to your victim has it’s advantages, he may not see your name anymore, and has to hit All Names to take notice.
    4.) You fail to steal the item – Not good, you are noticed as a failure, and you’re gray! However, you do not turn Perma-Grey! This is handy information for anyone trying to wack you around town and is waiting for you to turn Perma!
    5.) That item is too heavy to steal – You tried to target something over 10 stone weight. You stay blue.
    6.) That item has no value to you – You targeted a newbie item or your stealing from a Young player. You stay blue.
    Keep in mind that if you die after a minute you steal, the stolen item returns to the owner. Now if you had a partner to hold that item for you….
    Keep in mind you do NOT turn gray stealing from other Grays or Reds.
  16. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Why would you want to avoid them? They spice up the game! If you must…
    Beware stealing when you think someone is using Forensics Evaluation on you, you can be noticed a lot easier 2 minutes after it’s used on you. Any aspiring Detective can just use FE on all the Thieves around the bank and be a great assistance to all the players. If anyone is chasing you using the Tracking skill, you pretty much are in trouble unless you can use Stealth. If the tracker is beside you and they move through you, stealth away in the opposite direction. When the tracker starts to move again in your direction, move off to one side. They will think you have moved off their tracking compass at that location. Maintain that direction until they start moving towards you again.
    If the pursuant is looking for you while your are hidden, and they already initiated combat, hit Tab twice to get yourself out of combat mode and turn off Auto-Defend.
    If you know there is a detective around, you can always ask a Guard where the person is by their name, ie: “Guard, where is Colomba?” If the infamous Detective Colomba walked by the guard, you will be told. This works the other way though – a Detective can ask the guard where you are!
  17. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Many would say that there is no such thing as protection from a thief. However, there are a few things you can do. First carry large newbie items in your backpack to cover any important items. A death robe works great for all occasions. One trick is to dye a death robe black, and your Bag black. Memorize where on the death robe you placed it, and you can always open it, but a thief can’t see it. Some thieves are good enough to move the robe and see what’s underneath. Fewer Thieves are great enough to target the bags under the robes before it moved back, and they can use Last Object Macro!
    FYI - A mace & halbred weighs more than 10 stones - it can't be stolen ever! Good weapons for the Thief-Haters out there.
    Do not place newbie items into bags or pouches, they will stay on you if you die, but the bag/container can be stolen (One glorious theft included 4.5 million gold worth of Housing Deeds all contained in ONE bag!)
    CrazyJoe’s personal method is probably the best (And yes, I am boasting!). Have 2 spare Spellbooks and a pouch on you at all times. Drop the pouch (not a bag, it’s too big) in the top left of your bag, but in the lighter area where the bags’ graphics end. The pouch will drop down to the utmost left corner of the interior of the bag. Open your pouch and MINIMIZE it, never close it. Now drop a dummy spellbook (which is newbied and can not be stolen) in the same spot – it will slid down on top of the pouch, but will not actually go inside the pouch! Do this again with your other dummy spellbook, and viola! Nobody can see your pouch. If anyone moves your first book, they only see the second. Now if you kept your pouch minimized, you can always access it and move things in or out. Make sure you minimize your main bag as well. I personally invited Thieves on Lake Superior to try and get a free boat by stealing the key from the pouch underneath my spellbook. Five thieves and 10 minutes later, I still owned a boat!
    If you wish to chase thieves, carry useless or cursed weapons on you, and go around trying to sell a Silver Vaquishing weapon. Thieves will quickly flock to you and steal the item without ID'ing it, allowing you to chase them down and kill them. After enough times, maybe they will learn to leave you alone.
  18. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Very few thieves ever mess with this skill, quite useless it seems. However if you are a thief that goes for Healing and Anatomy, this becomes an available perk. 80 anatomy and 80 Wrestle are requiered. Basically, it makes a check when you attack someone barehanded, and there is a chance you can 'stun' your opponent for 5 seconds, and the cost of 15 stamina points. What may you ask, is this good for? My thief rides a horse and has GM hiding, and when someone with a faster connection on a horse becomes a serious problem in getting away from, a good stun gives me just the amount of time I need to get off screen and hide. He will come running after me a few seconds later, and I am hidden giving me a chace to elude him. Other than that - it has no other uses.
  19. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Power Hour/Burst Hour is EXTINCT as of July 2002. [/b]

    With that said, it was replaced by the GGS, Guaranteed Gain System.

    I'll just "Steal" the information from the OSI Website located HERE

    Guaranteed Gain System (GGS)

    The core of this system is the guarantee that if you play "normally", you will gain skill. Under the GGS system, if you have not gained skill under the current use-based system after a certain time period, the system would recognize this and force a point of skill gain (point meaning a tenth of a point, as in moving from 70.1 to 70.2). The length of the time period, or timer, is based on the level of skill. The current time periods are listed below, but note that they are subject to change. In addition to the time intervals listed below, there would also be a limit on how many GGS points total per day a player can earn once their skill reaches 70.

    Skill Value Ranges Time Between Gains
    10.0 – 14.9 160 secs
    15.0 – 19.9 200 secs
    20.0 - 24.9 250 secs
    25.0 - 34.9 300 secs
    35.0 - 44.9 400 secs
    45.0 - 49.9 500 secs
    50.0 - 54.9 10 mins
    55.0 - 59.9 15 mins
    60.0 - 69.9 20 mins
    70.0 - 79.9 40 mins
    80.0 - 89.9 80 mins
    90.0 - 94.9 120 mins
    95.0 - 98.9 150 mins
    99.0 - 100.0 240 mins

    As always, you can only gain skill when you successfully perform an action. So an example of this is as follows: Let's say you cast a spell of moderate difficulty, and succeed, but you do not gain skill. If the relevant time period passes, and you have still not gained a point in that skill, then the next time you successfully use that skill again, you will gain a point. These time periods are based on the server system clock, meaning that you don't have to be logged in for your timers to refresh.

    This does not mean that players would be unable to gain skill until the timer refreshes, because the GGS would not be replacing the current use-based system, but it would be implemented in addition to it. You would still be able to gain skill under the current use-based system, but the GGS would now keep track of how long it has been since you had gained a point of skill. If the time period had passed and you had not gained skill through the regular method, you would gain a point through the GGS. The use-based system, though, would not be restricted by time. Even if you had just gained a point through the GGS, the game would still check for skill gain under the use-based system, although admittedly it would still be incredibly difficult to gain skill in this way at the high end range.

    To ensure that characters could not become Grandmasters overnight, there would be a limit on how many points of skill a player could earn through the GGS during each day. This limit would be high for players of low skill, but as players' skill levels grow higher, the limit on how many they points they can earn through the GGS grows smaller. This means it would still take longer to gain skill in the 90's then it did in the 10's or 50's (this is nothing new). Note, however, that this limit does not affect the current use-based system, so players who reach that limit can still gain more skill through the old skill system, by using the skills themselves.

    The most noticeable difference from the current system (not including power hour) is that skill gains in the 90's while playing normally would not only be possible, they would be guaranteed (provided you are performing your skill in or around your current skill level). For example, casting Magic Arrow with a magery skill of 90 would provide no chance whatsoever to gain skill in magery, even with GGS. You would need to cast higher level spells to see guaranteed skill gain. Similarly, crafting daggers with a blacksmithy of 80 would provide no chance to gain skill in blacksmithy. Skills that are not difficulty based, however, would always have a chance to gain.
  20. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

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  21. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

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    chaoticjelly Guest

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    Contrary to rumors, 8x8 still works even with Power Hour gone.

    The entire world of UO is layed out on a grid. Every step you take, you are standing on one tile of the entire grid. Now when you gain in a skill, hide for example, you want to 'mark' the tile you are standing on as a 'gain tile'. (mark it mentally, for UOAM is not going to be very usefull soon). Now, you need to imagine that you are now on a grid, and there are 'intersections' 8 tiles in any direction. Every Eighth tile is a possible new gain tile, with going north being the most probable. In other words, once you gain, go north 8 more tiles and try the skill again - there is a high chance you will gain again. That's the simple rule to 8x8 - gain, go north 8, gain again. Since gains are easily duplicated with this method, many skills can easily be Grandmastered simply by finding ONE gain to start the entire 8x8 process.

    In reality, it isn't that simple. You can be blocked by trees, buildings, etc etc if you do this on land, which is why many people try to gains skills on boats at sea - where only other boats can block you. It is in your best interest if you are a power gamer trying to simply gain skills to buy a boat, and go to sea (Feluca is less populated than Trammel, so I would also suggest you go there).

    As you go forward 8 tiles, you won't always gain - there's just a higher probability that you will gain. There are times that you simply won't gain on the tile. This is where most people gave up and went back to sailing aimlessly looking for another gain to start the 8x8 process all over, however don't do that.

    If you are POSITIVE you are standing on the correct tile, it's quite possible you simply are standing on a 'dud'. Now imagine you are on a large gridmap, and you will just have to find which 'intersection' on this grid has the gain again. Go forward eight more and see if you can find it, go backward 8 a few times to see if you can 'recapture' the gain from a previous tile. If no luck, go left or right eight tiles and try again. I almost always could rediscover my gain going in a spiral direction (8 forward, 8 right, 8 backward, 8 backward, 8 left, 8 left, 8 forward, 8 forward, 8 forward, etc etc). If I went up to 40 tiles outside of my grid, then I did count it as a loss, then went sailing aimlessly once again looking for a new gain.
  24. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    No matter what type of thief you wish to play, you will need Stealing. The higher your stealing, the heavier items become easier to steal. You get noticed less stealing as well – so it’s wise to plan on getting 100 Stealing for whatever your play style.

    There are two methods of stealing: Random and Target stealing. Target stealing is the activity of opening a person’s paper doll, opening their backpacks, and place the stealing cursor on the item you want. Random stealing is simply placing the stealing cursor on the person’s body, and the computer does a ‘blind’ grab into the pack and goes after ANY item it chooses. There is a chance it will target items too heavy or those that are not stealable.

    The general rule of thumb is that you can steal items that are one-tenth in stone weight your stealing skill (ie, with 50 skill, you can only steal up to 5 stone items). At levels of 70 though, you will notice that sometimes you can steal 10 stone items, random or targeted. To gain skill in stealing, always try and steal a little more than one-tenth your skill.

    It's harder to target steal than random. Steal items with 1/10th your skill level and a little less so you can gain on your successful thefts. At medium to higher levels, you may notice that you can successfully steal items over 75% of the time. I suggest you raise that item one stone in weight to make it 50% success.

    You need to cycle your items at all times, and have a large number of items. OSI instituted a anti-macro code, which means you can only gain so much off a single item, then you must move onto another. I find that 100 Items is best for this, whether it be 100 dye tubs, 100 kindling, whatever. Just steal each item in a row then start over. At 85+ skill, 100 items seems to be too little, so every day start with entirely new items.

    So what is a young thief to do?

    If you just started, you should have 0-50 skill. Easy thing to do is escorting nobles and seekers of adventure outside of guard zones and robbing them. Good towns for this are Skara Brae, Moonglow, Magencia, and Jhelom. Snoop them first and pick one with enough gold to cover your stealing skill. If you are in Power Hour, target steal their gold. If you are not in Power hour, simply random steal from the noble. You’ll go gray from this easily and will be freely attackable. This method only works in Feluca.

    A safer but more expensive method to gain is to buy a packhorse and fill his pack with Crystall balls, Dye Tubs (10 stone items) and large amounts of stacked items like bandages (get them from wandering healers in the woods), kindling and empty bottles. Take your horse to a very busy area (banks in major towns are best). Now it is important to say, ‘All Guard Me’ to your horse, this way you can steal from him and NOT turn gray (turning gray in town will quickly get the guards after you). Once the packhorse is guarding you, steal away. use items you can successfully steal. The packhorse method only works in Feluca.

    For those that do not wish to Travel Feluca for gaining stealing, you are cheating yourself out of the easiest ways to gain. However, it’s possible to gain stealing in Trammel. My personal favorite method was the Bone Knight Room in Deceit. But pick anywhere that is crowded where folks like to practice, Jhelom Pits for example. While here, you can gain in a variety of skills : Fighting, Anatomy, Healing, Parry, Arms Lore, Item ID, and even stealing. Simply place a bag on the ground, and put items into the bag, then steal from it. There are normally enough people here to observe you robbing the bag on the ground and you can gain. You do turn gray here as well – if you die down here, you become freely lootable even before your body turns to bones. This works great till you hit the 70-80’s, then it just isn’t as good as the packhorse method. This works great though for young thieves that need to hone other skills while down here, Wooden Shields weigh 5 stones, put a bag in a bag for 6 stones. Add a gem, bottle of ale, bandage, or any 1 stone item you find on the Bone knight Corpses to add 1 stone to the bags as you go.

    Some further advice is to use UO Assist while training. Put 66 dye tubs/crystall balls on your packhorse. Then record a macro for stealing each and every tub. A delay of 10,000 or more between steals must be inserted in the UO Assist Macro menu. After the last tub, insert a action or event to notify you that the macro is finished and you can start it again (Play an instrument, Speak, open your backpack, cast a simple spell, etc etc). I say 66 tubs because UOAssist has a limit on how large a macro can be – and that’s the limit.
  25. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    This skill is very easy but tedious to raise. You just need to select a macro key for hide, and use it often. Most people like to use the spacebar, because you will be using it more often than you would realize. It’s not advisable to use the spacebar when you are in a party system and running around actively stealing.
    Your success in hiding is not dependant on what armor you are wearing. It is based on what is near to the thief and how many people have line of sight. You can NOT hide if you are being attacked and your attacker is on your screen. (At Grandmaster Hide, you can hide from attackers 7 Tiles away! Very nice!) Remember this when being chased and when training . Furthermore, you have a better chance in hiding against a wall. If in the wilderness, you will almost always be able to hide along the wall of a house rather than in the open.
    One of the myths to gaining hide is that you need to wear armor, this is far from the truth. To gain hide skill, all you need to do is simply hide A LOT. At any level, you will gain on failures and successes. I know from experience that you can Grandmaster the Hide skill wearing the clothes that you started with (3 AR).
    To Grandmaster this skill in a fraction of the time, go to sea with a boat, and tell the Tillerman 'Slow Forward' and sail north along one of the continuous Server Lines (Get UO Auto-Map from Stratics to find these lines). The two main lines are west of Ice Isle, and east of Moonglow. When you gain, stop the boat, and go forward exactly 8 spaces, and hide again. (This is the 8x8 method, for more detail goto the bottom of the FAQ for Section 3).
  26. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Thanks to removal of PH, you will NOT be able to gain Stealth beyond 10 on Siege Perilous since they don't let you buy skills, they claim they are working on it

    To even begin using Stealth, you need 80 skill points in Hide. As soon as you get 80 hide, its highly advisable to buy as much stealth skill as you can from NPC Thieves or Gypsies - or you can spend quite a bit of time trying to get it to around 30, or spend a few hundred gold instead - your choice. (It took me almost an hour to get to 35 from 0, which shows how well that gold is spent initially)
    To use it, you first must hide, wait 10 seconds, and then use Stealth. If successful, you can walk 1 step for every 10 skill points you have. The chances of you being able to stealth rely on two factors : the current stealth skill level, and the TYPE of armor you have on (not the amount of armor). Get this clear in your mind - the amount of AR has nothing to do with the gaining or success of useing stealth, it's the TYPE of armor you are wearing.
    To raise stealth, I suggest you open your journal to the side of the screen and stretch it to where you can read it from the very top to bottom of the screen. I found the best gains where I failed to stealth 25-50% of the time, which you can easily figure out just by looking at your journal.
    At low levels, your newbie clothes are enough to start raising stealth, and it doesn't hurt to wear a deathrobe. Once you are at around 30-40 stealth, start wearing leather armor or nothing but a plate helm, and watch how often you fail . Once you don't seem to fail anymore (which I believe was around 50-60), it's time to put on plate arms and gorget. There is no real set system, but just juggle around chainmail, ringmail, and plate armor pieces and make sure you only fail 25-50% of the time. I used chainmail leggings from 60-70, added plate gloves to 80, chain coif and plate gorget at 90, then other various pieces to GM.

    &lt;P ID="edit"&gt;&lt;FONT class="small"&gt;&lt;EM&gt;Edited by CrazyJoe on 09/22/01 11:22 AM.&lt;/EM&gt;</font>&lt;/P&gt;
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    chaoticjelly Guest

    Gone are the days of macroing yourself to GM snooper. You will just have to run around and open everyone’s’ backpacks manually. This includes packhorses, NPCs, and PC’s. There is no other way around it. After you snoop someone so many times, you will notice that your skill gains stop – which means its time to find a new target. Do your Mouse a favor and macro a key for “Last Object”. This way you only have to double click the bag once, and then use the key for a few more tries. (Note in Trammel you can't snoop PC's and you can only snoop NPC's outside of the Guard Zone)
    A sure fire way to save time is to do place a bag in a bag in a bag in bag etc etc etc. Have a friend hold the bags for you. When you have snooped them all, close all but the top bag, then snoop again. He found that he kept gaining skill off of the same bags over and over. No need to change targets. With UOAssist, get yourself 1 bag, and 99 pouches. Snoop all 99 pouches off a buddy - and be nice and hold 99 pouches for him as well. I say 99, because the opening of pouches can be recorded with UOasssit to save your poor fingers from falling off for quite some time. Once you hit 85 skill, you need to actually get about 396 pouches and divide those into 4 bags and change bags often.
  28. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Enables you to reveal hidden objects, or thieves /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif. You basically need to train this like arms lore - go use the skill on chest inside provisioner shops works for those without a high-level Tinker, just use the skill and target the chest, and wait 10 seconds to try again. A faster way without a delay is go where people like to hide and use the skill where you think they are standing (Moongates in Felucca are best for this!) If you have a Tinker, make dozens of Trapped chest, and throw them in the bank or your house and cycle through all those chest.
  29. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    The most expensive skill to raise, unless you got your own Tinker. It’s suggested you either start with 50 LP skill or buy the skill as high as you can. At levels below 70, you can get good gains from the locked boxes in Provisioner shops around any town and the gold chest in most shops. Don't overlook the large chest in Inn's either! At LOW levels (below 60), you can find a GM TINKER to make you make you about 20 lockable chest – make sure he makes you a key ring to store all those keys easily. Simply lock them and try picking the locks for a LONG time. You'll break many picks, but you should gain. Once you hit 60, Buy about 200 (for the anti-macro code) and start breaking picks on all of those.
    It used to possible to GM Lockpicking with GM chest, not any more. GM chest will get you to real skill of just around 90. After that, you need to hit the Hard chest scattered throughout the land. Ice Island's Orc Spawns are my personal favorite, with 1 level 2 and 1 level 3 chest. Brigand chest outside Wrong are the same, and Gypsy/Brigand chest that spawn around the Crossroads. When you can open Level 4's, venture deep into dungeons and start breaking picks on those chest. (Easy Level 4's are in Trinsic Bank and in the Yew Crypts)

    Once you GM this skill, you never break any picks; FYI – Newbie Lockpicks never leave you, even if you die. A GM lockpicker only needs 1 Newbie Pick for the rest of his career. Don't get your hopes up, Lockpicking is one the hardest skills ever to GM. Very few GM Lockpickers exist that did this without cheating. (On Siege, newbie lockpicks are very rare and break, so if you have em, do NOT mix with normal picks!)

    Now then, there are 5 level of boxes you can pick. Level 1 is the easiest, you can pop these with minimal LP. Level 2 boxes require 70 skill (What a jump!), Level 3 81 skill, Level 4 90 skill (Real, Not Adjusted, Sherrod tested it for us May 2001!), and then level 5 100 skill (only level 5's I know of are those from Treasure Maps and Static Chest in dungeons). For Dungeons, Level 1 chest are normally empty or have 30-50 gold and are a weak trap. Level 2 Chest have 100 gold, and sometimes a gem - explosion trap. Level 3 Chest have an average of 350 gold, gem, and sometimes a magic item, poison trap. Level 4 Chest have an average of 750 gold, gems, and better magic items, and will have all 3 trap types on them, very nasty!
  30. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    This skill is left to the hard-core role-playing thieves. You can cast Telekinesis on a chest from a distance and disarm the trap easily. (On Siege Perilous shard, Telekinesis doesn't work, so you will need this skill). But if you have plenty of spare time (because you will die a lot raising this skill) then by all means try it out. First you need 50 Lockpicking and 50 Detect Hidden. Then, it’s highly suggested you buy the skill as high as you can. Again, you can practice on trapped boxes inside provisioner shops. It helps to bring Orange &amp; Healing Potions with you, seeing how a failed disarm at low levels means instant damage/poison. If you practice this in Trammel, you never have to worry about your corpse being looted.
    Hector told me a a sure-fire fast way to raise this skill. Again, create a mule to make your own trapped boxes. This time take your Rogue inside the Healer's house. Every time you die, you get a instant ress instead of running around. And if you set the trap off while disarming it, the trap stays on the chest, allowing you to try again! However, you sometimes will disarm your own trap, thus making it useless.
  31. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    The fast way was to hire an NPC with a broadsword and wrestle him.

    Method 2 is go find a bone knight or skeletal knight at the City of the Dead in T2A, lure him to safety somewhere and wrestle him.

    The BEST way however is to wrestle a Rotting Corpse. However, they can deadly poison you, so either take a buddy, or perhaps have a hireling/pet attack them and keep them healed while you wrestle. Little known secret is to take a bard to the Humility Shrine in the new lands, and lure two rotting corpses from the undead building to the south, bard them onto one another. It takes almost two hours for them to kill each other, so wrestle them! I GM'd Wrestle from 0 to GM out of power hour in ONE day (6 hours straight though) out of Power Hour!
  32. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Expensive to raise, unless you are a thief who steals reagents. Since it’s expensive, buy the skills necessary to their highest level. Magery just determines what level spells you can cast, I suggest you visit the Magery Forum and see how they gain after the removal of Power Hour.
  33. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Not as hard to raise as many people think if you have decent magery skills yourself. It’s suggested you buy it of course, but then just sit than and cast offensive spells on yourself. Fire Field is a common spell used by many. If you have good armor, high health, and some guts, you can always play with Gazers. Other options include escorting a NPC mage into the woods and attacking them, but you might get more than you ask for!
  34. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Easy but cumbersome to raise for the aspiring thief that wishes to Disarm Opponents. The simplest thing we can say about GMing this skill is to Arms Lore everything!!!

    I was able to GM Arms Lore pretty quickly (I think quickly) about 14 hours, only 3 or 4 of which were Power Hours.

    This is how I did it.

    We had two completely different houses that were stocked with a ton of various items. Approximately 500 items per house in lockdowns. I drudginly setup a UOA macro for every item in both houses. This ended up being 8 UOA macros for one house and 8 for the other. It was a major pain to setup and add the pauses, but it was well worth it for speedy gains. Once I completed this, I ran the macros, one at a time, when macro one finished, I ran macro 2.

    In the lower skill range, I just ran one house over and over. Once gains stopped, I started jumping from house to house every time I finished the series of macros. The gains almost never stopped! I would get at least .1 per house and that was enough to reset all items for gain!

    Look for the thread on arms lore houses and you will be set!<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by ChaoticJelly on 09/21/01 10:39 AM.</FONT></P>
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    For those seeking to be able to heal themselves, Anantomy is an important skill to raise. It goes up well if you attack monsters or heal, the bone knight room is great for simply attacking critters AND healing.
  36. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Quite a frustrating skill to raise. I found the best way is to hire two NPC's to attack each other, and keep them healed. When that slows down, cast poison on yourself and try to cure that. Fastest way I found in and out of Power Hour - get a trapped
    chest, a boat, and sail north healing yourself until you get a gain - then 8x8.
  37. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    If you don't use this, you're a baboon. It has alot of nifty functions that I no longer can live without. Get it <a target="_blank" href=http://www.tugsoft.com>here</a>. Well worth the money.

    Later I will post all my tricks with it...
  38. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    If you don’t set macro keys, you are wasting a lot of precious time. Macro’s are made by hitting ALT-O and clicking on the bottom left icon. Here, you can select which key combinations to do certain in-game tasks. Anything from saying “Vendor Sell” to using your Stealing Skill can be programmed here. The Function keys at the top of the Keyboard are perfect since you don’t need to reach for a ALT, SHIFT, or CTRL key in conjunction with another key. Recommended macros include: Hide, Stealth, Unequip items in hands (since you can’t steal with anything in your hands), Steal, Last Object, Last Target, & Item ID.
  39. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    You should make a Macro for Last Object & Last Target near your Steal Macro.
    From a distance, bring up a victims paper doll and double click on their bag. From a distance, you can’t open it. But now simply walk by and hit your ‘Last Object’ Macro. If successful, their bag opens! You can walk 3 tiles away without the bag closing. This way, you don’t look like a Snooping Thief. Now use you Newbie-Dagger on any item you wish to steal. Now walk by the victim again, hit Steal, then Last Target. If successful, you just stole a item without even stopping, a very smooth way to avoid being noticed. FYI, you can Target the Item, run around, and come back later and still Steal-Last Target if you haven’t targeted anything else – great in case you want to bank something or they ran from you halfway through your ‘evaluation’ time.
  40. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Teleport is a third level spell that has its advantages. Most thieves at least get enough skill to cast Recall, so Teleport should be no big deal. Basically, you can teleport out of the Line of Sight of anyone, and quickly use your Hide Macro. For some odd reason, this can be done while your attacker is on-screen! A truly easy way to escaping the wrath of your victim!
    Invisibility is a spell only reserved for those that concentrate on Magery at higher levels. If you fail a hide, and Teleporting isn’t working for you, this is a sure fire way to buy you some time. Even better, you can try to hide again after casting invisibility.
    Wall of Stone is a third level spell that can be used to slow down anyone after you in tight places (dungeons) That 5-10 seconds is all you may need to run around the corner and hide, or run far enough away to elude them totally. If you run into an intersection, cast wall of stone in the passage way you do NOT run down, that way when they catch up they think you ran that way (or hide right there and see what they do!)
    Magic Trap – I would consider this a necessity. Carry a magic trapped pouch when you are outside of guard zones. If anyone cast paralyze on you, this is a quick way to unparalyze yourself.
  41. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Cast invisibility on yourself, then hit your Stealth Macro. Surprise, you can start walking away without hitting your Hide Macro!
  42. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Yes, you read that right. You can hide while being attacked. Fine print : You need some hide skill, you need to cast 3rd level spells well. What you do is cast Wall of Stone right in front of your face, this breaks the Line of Sight, and then you can hide!
  43. chaoticjelly

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    Stratics already posted alot of information on Karma/Fame, so I'll just post the links here.

    Here's a table of what titles exist:
    <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/reputation/famekarma.shtml>Karma/Fame Chart</a>
    Here's what to do to Lower your Karma:
    <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/reputation/karmaloss.shtml>Loss</a>
    Here's what to kill to raise Karma/Fame:
    <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/reputation/famekarmagain.shtml>Gain</a>

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by ChaoticJelly on 08/27/01 12:50 PM.</FONT></P>
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    An IDOC is a house or boat that is In Danger Of Collapsing. It's a house that hasn't been refreshed by a friend/co/owner in about 10 days. If a friend/co/owner doesn't refresh it soon, it will fall spilling everything inside for anyone to take.
  45. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Your best bet is to go around single clicking all the house signs. Clicking a house sign will show you it's name and decay stage.
    IE: Bob's Tavern
    This house is in danger of collapsing.
  46. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    First you should try to go inside and see if the loot is worth it. If the house is empty, forget it unless you are planning to place another house (A little more on that later). If it's stacked with rares and chests full of items, you should go for it. It all depends if you feel it's worth it.
    - If the door is locked turn on your circle of transparency(COT) to high. Walk around the house seeing if there is something good in there.

    Look around. Are there many people or monsters?
    - If there are alot of people and you're in Felucca, you should hide. You don't want to be killed or stolen from while camping an IDOC.
    - If there are alot of people and you're in Trammel, you don't have to hide. The only reason to hide at an IDOC camp in Trammel would be so people don't lure monsters over to kill you (Which is illegal in Trammel).
    - If there are alot of monsters and you're in Felucca OR Trammel, you should hide. You could get killed or the house could fall while you are fighting monsters.

    If you're going to hide, find a hiding spot.
    - If the front door is unlocked, you should hide inside by a chest or something you want. Right when the house falls you can snatch it.
    - If the door is locked, you can hide right ouside the door or on a part of the wall you saw something you liked with COT.
  47. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    You have five choices if you're in Felucca.
    - If you have counts to spare you can kill him and hope he doesn't come back with friends.
    - You can annoy him and hope he goes away instead of killing you.
    - You can get a friend to steal or attack from him and lead him away.
    - You can keep hiding so he doesn't know you're there. He will go for the loot alot faster if he knows there's competition.
    - You can leave.

    You have three choices if you're in Trammel.
    - You can annoy him and hope he goes away.
    - You can keep hiding so he doesn't know you're there. He will go for the loot alot faster if he knows there's competition.
    - You can leave.
  48. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Kill Yourself. Ghost can simply walk through the locked doors and see everything. This allows you to scope out the best chest/rares, or find any trees that will block placement inside keeps and castles. You can also turn on your transparency to the fullest and walk around a small house to see what's inside. If you click on the doors and you get a message you can not use that, the house belongs to a banned account. There is a very little chance this house will be refreshed, so camp it for sure.
  49. chaoticjelly

    chaoticjelly Guest

    Great! Run through the house and take the loot you wanted or place a house over it. If you place over loot it will either shoot under the sign or it will get stuck under the house. If it gets stuck under the house you can wait till everyone leaves, redeed the house, take all the loot, and place again. To actually pick up loot, you first must click on it and receive the message 'No Longer Locked Down', then pick it up. If you try to take it right away, it will act as if locked down and return to the ground.
    If you plan on placing a house, throw down a model that is smaller than what fell to increase your chances of placeing succesfully on the first try. Keep in mind you want it in such an area to make sure other houses don't appear around you. For smalls, Small Towers, Workshops, log cabins, and sandstones, you might as well throw down the same type. But for anything larger, use log or sandstone deeds to reserve the spot.
    Keep in mind for a house to be valid, you need 1 tile on the west and east sides, and 5 tiles empty on the north and south side. This makes Sandstones an ideal 'spot holder' since they are wide.
    VERY IMPORTANT! If someone's house appears and you missed out, quickly double click on the house sign. If it says 'Properly Placed" then it's over. BUT if it says 'Improperly placed' double click your deed and be ready, they are being asked if they are sure to place but it won't stick!

    If you know those nasty tricks that BLOCK house placement -- don't use them. They are HIGHLY bannable.
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