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THIEF gear

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Static, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Static

    Static Guest

    Okay haha everyone laugh at me,

    Im making a thief.

    So heres the deal I know about Shadow dancer leggings and the Burglars bandanna but is there anything else im missing.... Maybe some thief help?

    Thanks guys

    Or just any suggestions on gear would be much apperciated
  2. Anvilinous

    Anvilinous Guest

    only other thing i use on my thief is a +stealing/ninjitsu ring

    but i think the BB and shadow legs are the main "standard" items youll need for your thief, anything else will be to boost their playstyle, as i said, i need ninjitsu on mine (for quick getaways) so i looked for stealing/ninjitsu jewles, other than taht, he runs around almost naked cept for his bandana and pants, cause unless i can get away in the first few moments with animal form, im probably not getting away anywy