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Thieving Gits

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well, i'm missing all our guild supplies, and a guild member (you know who you are) and am now alerting everyone i can think of, since the theft took place overnight. if i can name a name, and icq number and email,(yeah, you left that on my forum) on what i think was a throwaway account, please let me know, as i'd spare others the trouble i've had.
    we are missing

    2x black dye tubs
    2x furniture dye tubs
    1x special dye tub

    various rune books, about 20 in total, and including all the ones with my shop runes in, some made by lady cailleach bheaur, some by the hispania shop, tokuno places, quests, that sort of thing.

    11k barbed leather, 9k horned leather and sundry spined and plain (5k there)
    BOD books, with a variety of spined and plain and cloth bods, marked on the books(left the bones?) as well as sundry other tailoring supplies

    3k blank scrolls, recalls, gates, and empty rune books, made by cail again. necro regs (but left the 100k magery regs, and all the alchemy stuff?)

    a whole stack of leather armour, horned, barbed and spined, a lot made by sorcha and danoni porto, some by randolf bergen and paidric. if you see anyone wearing armour crafted by sorcha or danoni porto (specifically spined for danoni) and they're not in saor guild, please let me know as they are issued to guild members only.

    smith supplies, including 1000 shadow iron ingots and almost 10k of plain iron and dull copper, as well as shovels and picks. pile of masonry tools and gold and silver wire.

    bag of tailoring rewards - sandals, power scrolls, all put by for the trainees when they need them.

    all of my archers bows, some made by sorcha, a pile of slayers and some training.

    all of the guild weapons - bokutos made by sorcha, and bows made by sorcha too. again, should you see anyone with one of these, please let me know as they're issued to guild members only.

    and that's what we've tallied up so far. they even took all the enhanced bandies out of the fountains. there are words for people like this, but none that would get past the swearware here. just so you know, you thieving barsteward, i'm not upset, i'm absolutely furious. i KNOW who you are, and one way or another, the debt will be repaid, be it in goods, gold or kind. everything you took was for the use of the guild, which is there for new and returning players, to try and give them a decent start. you are scum, lower than low.

    if anyone should see armour crafted by sorcha or danoni porto, or bows or bokutos crafted by sorcha on someone that isn't in saor guild, please let me know. i've shouted round to all the traders i know, and posted this, it's all i can do i suppose.
  2. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Some gold and some resources...

    Just next time put less out and keep the rest safe only to be distributed in need.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is his ingame character a thief?

    He might have been Role Playing it, and very well at that if I may say [​IMG]
  4. Babble

    Babble Guest

    A bit greedy for a thief.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    basically i set up chests for guild members to use to train tailoring, carpentry, tinkering, bowcraft/fletching and smithing. everyone contributed to the resources, everyone had access to them. ditto the armour, weapons, jewels, repair deeds and rune books. my guild is specifically aimed at helping returnee players and new players with armour, templates, rune books, crafting, and hunting advice. so the person that took all of this hasn't deprived me, he's deprived anyone that we might have given it to that's coming into the game.

    when i first started playing uo, i had a huge amount of help from paidric, and others like him. the reason i created saor was to try and give some of that help to others coming into or back to the game. not so some lazy thieving little git could help himself.
  6. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Then just put a few thousand of each you can lose in the 'guild access' box and keep the rest safe for use.

    It was just 'gold' and that is quite easily replaceable.
  7. Maybe you should start evaluating who has access to these chests right off the bat then because, if you have it set up how I envisage, i.e chests with guild access, anyone immediately being invited into your guild would have access to these resources. This isn't always a good idea as people's intentions are not always immediately clear as you've discovered.

    Suggest taking more care about who you give access to the house with resources in the future. Even then, when you have something like this set up, there's always the chance of this being repeated. It is unfortunately the nature of your activities.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What shard would Ye be on? I understand your pain..... It's a shame you can't do something nice without some ungreatful lout ruining things for the decent folk... Whoever it was rest assured that the good lord knows... even just a game being a liar and a thief does not go unnoticed. Not that I'm a terribly religeous person but I do believe that those who treat others in such manner will pay in the end when it counts... When it comes time to pay the ferry man they will know... In the end those that resort to such ways are no ones friend. Eventually the selfish little wyrm will be reaching out for friends and see they have none. Such is life. Obviously material gain is more important to this individual than friendship or community... I pity them.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is why some people only play solo, and never join a guild. I remember in the old days, the Prima Book, even stated how to get a Spy from your Guild, into an Enemy Guild, to do what just happened to you. This is why i am against things that force you to trust other players to get certain items in the game.