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Things to remember ...

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Amberle : ], May 24, 2001.

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  1. Amberle : ]

    Amberle : ] Guest

    I will just remind people of things we have signed up for and a few thingss of my own :)

    <font color=blue> The RoC ... </font color=blue>

    Show respect at all times. If someone asks a question then help em out!!
    Personal attacks are prohibited. If you disagree with something, explain why - None of this 'U sux N00B' business, be articulate :)

    Advertisements offering goods or services for real life cash are prohibited. That includes any personal services - yeah you know who I am talking to !!

    Private Messages received on these Forums are to be considered private and are not to be posted publicly unless the sender of the private message agrees.

    Posting of porn, racism etc you know what I mean - This is not the place for it, it will lead to reprimands / bans

    Deliberately circumventing the censor filter is prohibited.

    Not responding to or ignoring moderator warnings can lead to suspension.

    Off Topic (OT) are not prohibited, but should be posted within reason.

    <font color=blue> Buying & Selling Stuff </font color=blue>

    There are forums now for buying and selling 'stuff' ... Make good use of them. I know some of you do already ... Oh yes I watch you all /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif

    Now <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=uotradeeast> this is the link for it </a> !!

    So now you have no excuses ...

    In regard to housing, Yes Atlantic is very full !! You can not place a house, unless it is on an IDOC !!
    If you are looking to buy or sell, by all means ask here, or try <a target="_blank" href=http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=uohomes> Homes & Castles </a> forum. You will get good advice there.

    <font color=blue> Posting of News </font color=blue>

    Lich Lord, an ex moderator of this board, is now a reporter of sorts. He provides news articles, not written by him, please note. These pertain to Role Play events tha are happening on our shard.

    They are not spam and should not be considered as such. For those of you that do RP, please do NOT berate him for spamming this forum. It is an automatic feed.

    For those of you that do RP, or have thought about it but never knew where to go, these threads will enable you to know what is happening in the RP community.

    If you require more info on RPing on Atlantic, I can point you in the right direction.

    I think thats all ... Just remember ... Play nicely /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/spin3.gif Amb /php-bin/shared/images/icons/spin3.gif

    'Dream as if your going to dream forever,
    Live as if you are going to die today' JD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.