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[Selling] thinking of selling out for the 100th time

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Dixie of Chesapeake, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Dixie of Chesapeake

    Dixie of Chesapeake Journeyman

    Sep 19, 2012
    Likes Received:
    ok its to much just to list . but im about bored with the horde ive accumulated and feel i need to start from scratch again . its all on chessy. straight out back behind the abby in yew "the yewdrop inn" dixie is owner on sign. drop by have a look see. lots of stuff is setting out on display. id like to sell everything to one person, as a whole lot. if you drop by and check it out and still wanna buy it all together then just toss me a Q and i can list the stuff for ya that ive got stuffed away in the chests and then we can haggle over a price. my Q is 105811531 and im usually around by 9 or 10pmish......hopefully someone needs a bunch of junk more than i need to toss it into the abyss lol
  2. Dixie of Chesapeake

    Dixie of Chesapeake Journeyman

    Sep 19, 2012
    Likes Received:
    thats tram yew, forgot to add that =)
    and i did make a short list of some of the junk in the house, and just this much gave me a headache lol
    tall rubble palm X2
    small rubble palm
    tall nanner tree
    braizer "6th year vet"
    medusa statue
    blaze parrot
    new singing ball set "5 different balls"
    fresh green lady bug
    crystalball "old one off liches"
    Me trik er treet wif urks, 2011 x4
    cloak braring the crest of queen dawn
    a sparkling staff "100 uses"
    simulacrum of serendipity x2
    neon gift box x4
    grizzled bones of the feral gurdian
    mesanna's jack o lantern "black n green" x2
    agnon the scapegoat- pacific 2011
    thank you catskills "cat" x2
    black rock infected box "rotting corpse"
    web "the kind a cocoon fits in"
    tiny water bucket x2
    wind spitit replica
    Spider tree "legends, mesanna dyed" x4
    a vicious cuddly drop bear in celebration of australia day
    pedestal x3
    deed for a potted plant
    wooden bookcase "shows books inside"
    freedom is never given,it is won "100 charges"
    dudley jester hat "thanks chessy"
    candle blessed by love. konna,lord martin,Xangus,snakefinger,pookie
    valentines roses 2013
    maple tree
    snow tree
    sashes- royal guard, greetings em drosselmeyer
    short stool
    a corroded box
    melissa's cloak
    archdemon statue
    draconic orb [lesser] no timer
    replica of an empty mysterious crystal display
    jukan bones
    partially reconstructed antiquity
    ish map , adeptly...dyed with pigments
    red jointing plane
    jukan tapestry
    quill of justice
    Happy Halloween, its full. pumpkin
    singing ball
    skull mug
    shattered crystal wisp fragment
    a ship claim ticket
    a chessboard "gold"
    colorful tapestry
    mesanna plague mask "atl color i think"
    davie's locker 95 maps
    spring cleaning ticket 50pts
    Armageddon's flame- awaiting the return of the zog
    dragons blood
    wyrms heart
    eye of newt
    juggernaut set shield &sword. x2
    europa gold robe
    secret chest
    kings collection
    origin jump rope
    hina-doll bed for girls day 2013
    hair dye "old square green bottle" x3
    hand of the defiler x2
    a reindeer maskx2
    lucky necklace
    spell channeling frostwood board x6
    eye of newt "looks like a gold coin"
    a sifting tray x3
    cure for the garish blight prepared by richie
    garish document x2
    potted plants- tree , bush1, flower1, small 1
    sleeping hampster x2
    ruined meer tomes
    thread of life x5
    thread of thoughtx48
    thread of fate x3
    a writ of lease lot c-2 tram chessy
    #2 Dixie of Chesapeake, Jul 11, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2013
  3. lord dorf

    lord dorf Journeyman

    Jun 18, 2012
    Likes Received:
    whats the price for all of it what were you thinking of ?? ive got a toon there was looking through it