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This Week In MOA PT1 (3 Part Post)

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Wulf of Britain, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. From the Desk of Lady Melian:

    Long, long ago in a land far, far away (no wait that’s Shrek)

    Any way for nearly a decade now, Majestic Oaks Auction house has been serving Great Lakes. We are the longest running player established and managed auction house on Great Lakes. We have two locations; outside Vesper, right beside the portal gate to Buccaneer’s Den, is the Majestic Oaks Auction House itself, and Majestic Oaks Madness, which operates from a Castle on Artic Isle. (Also known as Ice Island and Dagger Island it is the home of Deceit dungeon, the shrine of Honesty and a nifty little ice cave.) The fact that our family has many legacy members who have been with us since inception says a lot for the caliber of people and management our family has.

    I am Melian of Majestic Oaks Auction house, the newly promoted Wednesday night Manager. The lovely and enchanting Emerald Ice has taken on that position on Thursday evenings. Demitria and Great William manage the Monday night events. Now, I know many are going to say, Oh NO! Where are Pratt and DJ? Pratt is still General Manager, and DJ Scorp his right hand man the new changes mean that some of the OLD TIMERS finally get to take a bit of time off, come play or take it easy and have some fun too. We are striving to rotate staff and allow each staff member to get to know all of YOU, the devoted wonderful Majestic Oaks patrons who have kept us here these many years.

    Now that you know where we are and some of who we are, let talk about when. We run events three days a week Monday (at the castle) and Wed and Thursday at the auction house. All events begin at 8 p.m. Central Standard time. We have our MOA travel agents (aka Gaters) dressed in their MOA colors in Luna prior to and during the events. In addition to uniform color and guild tags you’ll see them doing the town crier bit, announcing to all what is going on and where they have opened a gate to for your traveling convenience. Please be kind to them, for they are the backbone of the Majestic Oaks family and they’re to assist you.

    You can find contact information, event information or a list of goods being sold on our website. www.uo-moa.net Yes we know the front page is very historical and some may say ancient history, the left menu gives you access to Great Lakes auction information, staff contact information and the Majestic Oaks Forum. The Forum is much more up to date.
  2. Dear Majestic Oaks Customer,

    Just an informal letter to let you know a few tidbits about Majestic Oaks Auction you may not know. First off, we're all volunteers! Secondly, it is your submissions, attendance and bidding which keep us going! Majestic Oaks Auction has always been focused on bring Great Lakes a reason to get together. Activities and events which hopefully give you another reason to log in and play this game your paying
    every month for.

    You see each of you that bring in an item for sale, pay us a 5% commission for selling that item to the customers who come into bid. Many of you use both ends, selling and buying items from us. The money we collect in commission goes back to Great Lakes in the form of Trivia prizes and checks, the Mystery Chest and other games we play at auction. It helps fund Monday night in part also. It also helps fund the Easter, Halloween, Christmas events we host. As well as supplementing other deserving Great Lakes Groups that host events as we can. So you see, you are part of a much larger network than maybe you knew.

    When you bring an item to sell, the MOA co-owner who takes it, places the date and their name in the book with your information. It gets stored until after the next scheduled auction, which is when the items sold are removed and new items are placed into the auction rotation. Now, the "pit crew" have many obligations from that point, they have to keep the items varied (try not to put you all to sleep), move the oldest items as quickly as we can and keep in mind any seasonal, quest or time issue that might affect the value of an item. We do try to fit in a couple last minute items for you all that are NOT on the website.
    After all variety and surprise add spice to life. Each time we do that however, it means 1 more item that has been in house sits another auction. We ask for your patience and understanding, we try to do our best to move things through the house as fairly as possible. We hope each time something hits the auction table we can fetch the highest price possible for our sellers.

    Not every item can be an Ultra rare or super valueable item, but we all know its the multi million gold bids and bidding wars people come to see. So balance is key. If you see anything on the website you would like to have sold please let a staffer know. Watch the website, read the forums... post or PM staff with feedback, requests etc. Majestic Oaks exists to serve you.

    Thanks to all of you!
  3. Ever heard of the show "Meet the Press"?
    Here is the Majestic Oaks Auction version:

    Our guild elders: Pratt, DJ Scorp, Ethereal and Emerald Ice
    Next you'll find us middle aged folks: Princess Melody, Logan, Sid and Melian
    Newest converts: Wulf of Britain, Illyana Strange and Nightly Spirit

    Of course your always welcome to ICQ Pratt, he's been managing MOA
    for a very long time. Same goes with DJ. If however, you need more immediate response or have an issue with a specific auction night let me try to give you a little help expediting your needs. Because our website is a tiny bit out of date, here is an update.

    Emerald Ice is the Thursday Night Manager, also a co-owner and able to accept submissions and do payouts. (ICQ: 172 331 547)

    Melian is the Wednesday night manager, co-owner able to accept submissions and payouts. (ICQ: 294-317-507)

    Each of the managers is responsible for the staff chosen, and the day in and day out functioning of their respective night.

    Princess Melody(130 364 9), Logan (189 876 27) and Wulf (306 058 300) can also accept submissions and arrange payout of gold already collected.

    Of course if you happen to be friends with any staffer you can try to reach us through them. Or if you catch Pratt (ICQ: 748 945 9), DJ Scorp (ICQ: 161 841 6) or Ethereal (ICQ: 170 361 86) with time available they can also provide those services. If you wish to arrange something special (close multiple accounts, sell off a house etc) You can contact Pratt and/or a manager and we'll work together with you to see how we can meet your needs.