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Thoughts on the New Content Announcement?

Discussion in 'LotRO General Discussion' started by Docholiday, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    In case you missed it, check out Kate Paiz's letter.

    I'm pretty excited by the timing and the methodology she walks though. Sure I want more land-mass and end-game raiding but if they can get updates out more often those items will certainly come.
  2. Seleene

    Seleene Guest

    I just asked on the official forums about the changes coming to MoM and Mirkwood.

    Just wondering if they will now be handled the same way that SOA is currently in that you'll now have to purchase quest packs in order to have the regular content in those zones. Even if the expansion has been purchased before F2P went live.
  3. Docholiday

    Docholiday Guest

    My understanding is that if you had the XPack you'll always have it, even if you downgrade. But I can honestly say that since I have a lifetime account it isn't something that I've paid a whole lot of attention too.