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Three Kingdoms Web Game review

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by huyen, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. huyen

    huyen Guest

    Game review:

    Publisher:Products of TJF Company
    Playerbase: Medium
    Graphics: High Quality
    Type: MMOSLG
    EXP Rate: Medium
    PvP: Multi-players, Arenas and Battlegrounds
    Filesize: No Installation required

    +Incredible amount of variety
    +Great character customization.
    +Huge variety of skills and advancements.
    +Large game world.
    +Lots of Quests.
    +Solid interface.

    -System requirements a bit demanding.
    -Some annoying free to play restrictions.


    Three Kingdoms Web is a web browser game takes place in the Three Kingdoms period of popular hero-war. Users can play directly through the Internet to engage in this strategic game and there’s no downloading or installation required!

    Based on the advancement of internet and technology, Three Kingdoms Web has reached a high-class level that other games can not be compared.



    Friendly and flexible interface

    When users log into the Three Kingdoms Web, game interface is a harmony view with all the displayed features.
Using conventional methods, you can access and perform all functions and activities quickly.

    In user’s interface, all the operation you are performing will be provided in detail such as construction, research, attack...
Chat window helps players to communicate with the rest of the game world quickly and conveniently.


    Large and perfect map

    Players can use computer’s mouse to move the map, enter the coordinates directly, observe the situation surrounding the castle or attack others.

    Players can also make strategic planning of economic development or military based on the advantage of the topography of the lands they currently own.

    A huge map with 1300 * 1300 resolution expand the world of the game 4-10 times lager than other same kind of strategic games, so that thousands of people can simultaneously participate. It makes players feel that they are living in a real battle.*


    Easy to orientate

    Territory of Three Kingdoms includes 16 cities and administrative areas, 169 districts and 676 wards are displayed on the map.

    On the top - right corner of the map is a guider that can help players to travel in Three Kingdoms easily. Players can go to the place they want in a flash.

    This guider also shows the distribution of castles level 1-2-3, oasis level 1 -5 and all regions in Three Kingdoms.


    Construction and upgrading of castle
    Upgrading construction: When you have completed your building and constructions and you want to extend the effectiveness of its features, you should upgrade to the higher level. It may consume a lot of resources and gold.

    Upgrading the castle: New players join the game will own a level 1 castle, when the regional leader increase to level 11 - level 21, players can upgrade and expand their castles to avoid monotonous.

    Expansion of territory: After upgrading the castle, players can expand their land and build more projects.

    Change the appearance of the castle: Players can also change the appearance of their castle to suit their personal preferences, and make it different from other castle.*


    Architectural changes
    Background of the castle: Through the function of changing background, there are 6 different backgrounds that players may choose, along with the development of their castle. Players will have their own unique and splendid background that they expected.

    Architectural changes: Architecture of the castle will turn into a new and beautiful style when the castle upgrade to level 10. This will make the castle much more beautiful and bring successful feeling to the players.

    When players reach to level 30, they can change their castle’s architecture into a style of architecture in Wei, Shu or Wu of the Three Kingdoms.*


    Exploitation of resources and production

    Model of exploiting resources will avoid boredom for players in the process of upgrading resources.

    There are different oases on the map such as oasis of food production, wood, stone, iron ore. Players only need to appoint their farmers to exploit.

    An oasis is divided into level 1-5, productivity of exploitation will depend on the level of oasis, but the high level oases are very rare.
Resident camps near the oasis can be developed, but they will make the other barracks reduced, therefore, the exploitation of natural resources will increase competition and difficulty.


    Markets, trading and auction

    Average price in the market will depend on players’ decisions, and all transactions are executed in the virtual world. It makes the value system of game become self-regulatory balance and avoid inflation.

    Trading market is not only where players purchase resources but also provides functional assessment of price. Smart traders can become rich men by buying cheap items and sell them at a higher price to earn money.

    Trading market and auction: Where you can purchase items and buy (or sell) famous historical heroes.*


    Missionsystem - Competition between alliances

    Mission system includes: new-soldier task, warrior task, suppressor mission … This system guide players from a new beginner to become a senior player and can join the battle like a real hero.

    Warrior task is an unlimited explorative mission with unlimited difficulty level. Suppressor mission is a random task which can be completed multiple times. With this mission system, players never feel tired of completing so many tasks.


    Scientific research and military strategy

    It’s the research to help your country acknowledge more advantages of mining production facilities, manufacturing, or construction.
Army: The study provides knowledge to increase power of the military. You can choose a particular direction for your army such as infantry, cavalry, and archery or may be mixed - types of forces.



    Barracks can be moved to any location on the map. The army inside barracks can quickly produce soldiers participating in battle, while robbed resources can also be transferred to the camp rapidly.


    In Three Kingdoms Web, garrison can only recruit new soldiers; the military strength is determined by what types of ammunition you equip for your army.

    More than thirty kinds of ammunition will be created by science and technology that suite different task of each player in every phase.*


    The Mastermind and General warrior

    Special characteristic of The Mastermind: The Mastermind can be in charge of rear, mastermind, or who join the combat to cabal for General warrior.

    Special characteristic of the General warrior: General warrior dominated army forces, who can single-handedly fight with enemy in the combat.
Other forms of missions such as: cultivation, training, internal affairs, tasks, suppressors, combat for the masterminds and general warriors are abundant and exciting.

    Ammunition and equipment system of the masterminds and general warriors can be refined to enhance character attributes.*


    System of famous historical Generals

    System of famous historical Generals and heroes is very attractive and exciting to the players. They will be excited and try to express the profound characteristic of Three Kingdoms’ heroes.

    Famous generals recruiting system and auction system make the famous generals become most valuable objects of potential price-gainers in the virtual world.

    Legendary masterminds such as: Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Pang Tong, Guo Jia ... and famous general warriors such as Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong... always bring excitement for players.


    Turn-based combat system

    When war happens, players can manipulate online immediately. With turn-based combat system, combining strategies of the mastermind and martial reputation of brave general warriors with military offense, players can extremely promote their combat techniques.

    Three Kingdoms Web battle model manipulate with the majority of online players, two sides of players can work with up to 10 troops simultaneously involved. 20 people playing together can fight in the same battle.

    Battle in Three Kingdoms Web can support reinforcements. When the battle already had 10 participants, the army force that came late can queue up outside.

    In a battle, leadership ability and the ability to coordinate and tactical thinking of players are maximizing. In larger battle with many combatants, players not only depend on their strength but they must also know how to combine strength and promote teamwork, utilizing solidarity to take advantage on the battlefield.

    Elements of war

    There are many factors affecting the win and lose in Three Kingdoms Web , they have connection with each other, therefore, players have to develop strategies.

    Abundant elements of war in Three Kingdoms Web also give users a chance to promote their ability to make more victories like the classical Battle of Chibi in the period of the Three Kingdoms.


    Occupying the stronghold of city, district and ward

    Methods of domination: the alliance needs to collect public accounting qualification, when the time comes, they will be able to launch attacks and domination.

    Construction and development: After dominating, the union or alliance must build and upgrade projects in the city and district. With special forces of production and upgrading in equipment, manufacturing of ammunition and weapons will give the Union and members new extensive power.

    Occupying and protection: Resources always go hand in hand with competition, so the invasion of other Union’s works or protections of their projects are always an arduous task with a promised result.

    OPEN BETA ON 13 OCT, 2010

    WEB: Three Kingdoms
    Fansite on Facebook
Products of TJF Company

    Released by VTC Online Of America Inc
  2. CaptRex

    CaptRex Guest

    I had a game before which is 7 Kingdoms so what game comes first? This one? I guess yes because it's only 3 Kingdoms and my game is 7 :)
  3. hodkhoa

    hodkhoa Guest

    Not really, 7 Kingdoms is the game before this. And historically, 7 kingdoms happens like 500 years before this period of Three Kingdoms. 7 Kingdoms is before the Qin Dynasty, and Han Dynasty comes after that, which lasts for 400 years, so this is the end of Han Dynasty
  4. CaptRex

    CaptRex Guest

    wow.. You are so brilliant :thumbsup:

    Anyway.. The thread is pretty long.. You'd better posted some tips rather than basic info because we can find it in their main site.. Am I right? ;)