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Thrown Any Good Books Lately?

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    "I cannot believe she threw a book at me and in my own house no less- and it was a collector’s edition!"

    Aedon paced back and forth in front of the fireplace on the ground floor of his home. Just a short while before Thom and Gillian had dropped by to pick up a bunny for the young girl staying with them. She had asked for a white one, but all James could find was a lovely charcoal bunny. He assured Thom that the gray ones are the best rabbits. After looking the bunny over, Thom suggested they should sit so they could talk.

    The talk started out rather tense. Thom seemed to feel that Aedon was actually suggesting that he expose the young girl to question in public by the D’Amavirs. He tried to explain to Thom that there was a right and a wrong way to speak to this family, and he did not see much of the right way taking place in the meeting. Some tact and diplomacy were called to and a bit less resorting to shouting or accusations. We were after asking them for their aid. And though Mikael was sort of the black sheep if the family, he was family nonetheless.

    The talk then switched to the alliance. Aedon doubted that few who have been present at the meetings would believe that the Alliance was being very effective, with so many leaders talking all the time, no one was being heard. And then he had to contend with Dramora breaking a confidence and running to them with a plan he had been working on. Was the plan ill conceived? Of bloody course it was. But at least it was some sort of plan.

    Stopping his pacing, Aedon went to the hearth and took the kettle that swung above the flame, and walking to his desk, poured him a cup of tea. He then hung the kettle back in its place and sat down at his desk to enjoy the brew. As he drank he thought about what happened next.

    After mention to Thom that he had a plan, but that it might include losing Aegis for a time Thom and Gillian pretty much irrupted. Gillian shouted that she could have made that deal, and Thom wondered how it was okay for Aedon to make such a deal and not for Gillian. He tried to point out that Gillian making the deal would certainly have led to her being harmed. And that part of any deal he might make would certainly include the safety of Thom and his family.

    Gillian began to wildly pace the floor muttering and growling to herself. As she neared the desk, she picked up the book lying open on the desk and turned launching it straight at Aedon’s head. Had he not ducked it would surely have hit him squarely in the face instead of grazing his head and landing with a splat in the corner behind him. After this, everything that passed seemed to happen quickly. Thom moved in close to Aedon and went to poke him in the chest; Aedon brushed his hand away, and asked him to calm down. When it became clear that the entire thing was escalation beyond control he told Thom it was time that he should head home. He looked as though he were about to lunge for his throat but instead told Gillian he would meet her at home, and recalled out.

    Aedon stood for a moment holding the book and watching as Gillian brushed tears from her face. He walked up closer, and handing her the book said;

    “It will all get better, I promise it will.”

    Gillian clutched the book, nodded and followed her husband to their home.

    After James left for his home, Aedon stood for a while looking around the room now empty of all except him. He was angry at Thom, angry at Dramora and the Alliance. He wanted to find some way to spur his friends to action, if he still had any friends left when the dawn came. The empty room gave way to a fit of anger which led in time to a fine cup of tea. And as he sat there he knew that he would have to do something to put an end to all the fighting, killing and fear which gripped Yew. He thought of Ashley still being held, perhaps still alive. Was he wondering if anyone still planned to come for him, or had he already met a violent end and an unthinkable fate?

    Aedon had always put his faith in working with others. He believed in committees and alliances. But as too often happened in the past, most alliances he had made failed him, and more than a few friends thought his way of doing things to be the acts of a mad man.
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