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THunter / Bard Template and Fisher/Necro-Mage Template

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Gunn4r, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Gunn4r

    Gunn4r Guest

    Looking to do a couple chars I've never really done before. A Treasure Hunter and Fisher. Heres what I was thinking

    Is Bard / THunter a good route to go? I'd like to make a thunter (carto/LP) and could add it onto any of my existing chars (by soul stoning around skills). I'm thinking the Bard would be the best/easiest route to go and was thinking of this template...

    120 music
    120 peace
    120 provo
    120 magery
    100 carto
    100 Lockpicking
    40 Mining? 40 med? dunno

    Would I even need peace? I was thinking of throwing hiding in there instead of peace. Dunno...

    For the Fisher I was thinking of doing a necro-mage-scribe fisher.
    Template of
    110 Magery
    110 Med
    110 Eval
    110 Necro
    100 Fishing
    100 Inscription
    80 Spirit Speak

    Would 80 SS not be enough? would I be better doing a 7x GM with GM SS? drop SS entirely? Not to sure... just looking for a little direction! Not gonna worry about LP on the fisher since I'll have it on the Thunter. Another thought I had was maybe a instead of having Necro/SS go with poisoning (since ive got that leveled already on a soulstone). Havnt used poisoning in any template for a long time though, not sure if it would even be effective.

    Any input or suggestions would be great! never done a Thunter OR a fisher before so not sure what kind of template works best vs the monsters that spawn and what not!

    Thanks a million in advance!
  2. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    Wow, you fisher will do some kind of overkill ;) I like having Resist on my Mage Fisher because multiple Water Eles at the same time can be annoying. If you want to use Necromancy as a Mage, I recommend having SS as high as Necro itself. IMO, Poisoning is not very useful in that template. The monsters you will encounter are weaker to energy damage than to poison. Instead of Inscription you could also go for Spellweaving. Gift of Life on sea is a bliss because dying on sea is a mess.

    The T-Hunter template is great! I would perhaps replace Peace for Spellweaving because Etheral Voyage is perfect for taking the initial heat off. Mining is nice but at 40 not that helpful, if anything then Medi me thinks.
  3. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

    My fisherman has this template:

    99.3 Begging
    GM fishing
    GM magery
    GM eval
    GM med
    GM hiding
    80 stealth
    30 focus - I think this will be something else eventually.

    With crap armour and halfassing combat this character is a Lord, has been soloing serps and sea creatures for years. You honestly don't need much more than GM magery and eval for fishing.
  4. archiv

    archiv Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My T-hunter does quite well with
    120 mage
    100 lockpick
    100 cart
    100 disco
    100 eval
    100 med
    100 music
    then I jewel up to 120 disco. Combined with a slayer spellbook collection (made by my fisher/mage below) he can solo every level tmap. The 120 disco helps quite a bit though there's still a decent failure rate against the larger beasts without the natural 120 bonus and without the higher music, though I'm very happy with this template!

    Where as my fisher/mage...
    mage 120
    eval 120
    med 120
    inscript 100
    focus 110
    fishing 100
    resist 50

    He's more of a mage (obviously) but I kept fishing on and have no problems with fishing spawn or nets.