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Time flies

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Dramora, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Dramora

    Dramora Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
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    Time…something one could never have enough of, and that which always seemed elusive.

    Dramora felt her time was rapidly running out, and there was still so much to do. So many more questions than answers.

    Aedon had joined her at the Rest this evening. No matter what she said to him, he simply refused to change his habits. The old fool would get himself killed!

    However, one had to admire the fact that no matter what, he will always stay true to himself. She, and others had often called him insane, but the better she knew him, the more she realized he is not so much insane, as marching to his own drummer. But isn’t that what everyone did to some extent? Which meant, we are all insane to some degree or another.

    Luckily, they were the only two at the Rest this evening. Since the warrant was issued for his arrest, the Hand seemed to have forgotten all about him. Since she had taken over maintaining the Rest while Aedon was being hunted, no Hand had been there. In fact, very few had been there. Which was fine with her, she was no serving girl, and would most likely just dump something over the patron’s heads rather than serving them.

    It gave the two a rare opportunity to talk, which was not necessarily a good thing. She had said some things she wished she could take back; however, she could only hope Aedon would keep them to himself.

    All was quiet, until Penrose walked in. Well, not necessarily walked, more like, lurched. The air within the Rest immediately changed from light and airy to ominous. This was the second time she had spoken to him, and she got the impression he was watching everyone and everything around himself, and passing judgement. And most were found wanting in his eyes.

    He had come to the Rest the previous evening searching for Aedon. Dramora had promised to give Aedon his message, which she did. The minute he said his name, Dramora knew who he was. She and Aedon had spoken about him a while ago. He sought an item Aedon possessed, as payment for something Aedon wished done.

    However, this evening, Aedon informed Penrose he could not find this item. Penrose was less than pleased. He refused any other offers, and when he left, he had turned back to Aedon, and the words he spoke, although not shouted or said in anger, were menacing. It left no doubt in Dramora’s mind this was a threat.

    Since Aedon refused to protect himself, Dramora would have to make sure she was around as much as possible. Although she was not entirely sure she would be able to protect him, she at least carried a weapon and could use it.

    The only good thing that came from the day was that Tobias had given her the name of someone who might be able to give her the information she sought. If this person didn’t have the information, he might know someone who could find it for her. And although she and Tobias had shared very heated words regarding the contract between Yew and the Hand, he still made sure to let her know he was available whenever she needed him. She might be calling on him sooner than either of them imagined.

    Time was definitely not on her side, and it seemed the faster she tried to do what was necessary, the faster time departed.

    Mistress of Virtue
    Guardians of Virtue (GV)
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  2. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

    Sitting on the steps of Starsong Aedon delighted for a while in the sounds of the water rushing to the shore. It was not the same surge of energy he derived from the call of wolves in the Glade, but there was a calmness to be found within the gentle lapping sounds. With the trial in Skara now over, he was able to look back and give a bit more thought to the conversations at the Rest.

    Dramora was less than pleased when he walked into the Rest, but with assurances that he was being watchful, and the lack of any Hand activity of late she relented and her agitation gave way to casual chat. It was interesting to see Dramora open up and discuss things of a more personal nature. He had never in the years he had known her been able to get her to speak as freely as she did. This of course let to a bit of surprise on her end as she realized the things she was revealing, and she immediately made Aedon promise that he would speak of this to no one. He assured her that on this, she need not worry, and that what they had spoken of would forever stay between them.

    As they sat there their talk turned again to the warrant the Hand had issued on him, and the possible ramifications of his seeming lack of concern for his personal safety. Aedon had heard this sort of thing time and again from Janissan, Kanath, Beleg and Ahmaya. And though many times they had thought their words fell on deaf ears, in fact, he took each cautionary word to heart. It was not that he lacked the sense to take seriously the threats on him; it was just that he had long ago come to be at peace with his purpose and path in life. It was at this time that the door was flung open, and Penrose walked in.

    Aedon was fascinated by this individual. He seemed at first a quiet, sickly man. But behind the veil of fragility, a quiet menace lurked. And though he walked solo, and though he walked alone, one got the feeling that they were being confronted by the tormented agony of countless souls. After a terse greeting, Aedon asked Penrose to join them at the table to talk.

    “So, how can I help you today?” Aedon asked knowing full well the answer. His question was met with an unseen sneer, and a hearty twitch.

    A couple of weeks before Aedon had met Penrose, which being the only name he gives anyone. He encountered him at the Yew moongate near a vendor’s house and casually asked if he could help him. He watches as the man twisted towards him, his body twitching violently. After a few uncomfortable words, Aedon wished him good day and turned towards the Rest. He had only taken a few steps when Penrose said.

    “I’m looking for the Hand, they have something I want.”

    Following this Aedon asked him back to the Rest for a drink. He learned that Penrose was a seeker of knowledge and claimed that the Hand had knowledge he needed. It seems that he believed that one of the Hand could make “something from nothing.” As he listened he began to believe that there was something sinister within this man that the Hand would subvert to their will, and possible the detriment of others. It was at that moment of rash judgment that Aedon told Penrose of the Book of Charnadis. And now, Penrose was back demanding a look at the price before doing a favor of sorts for Aedon.

    He did not know what to say at first. Both James and Clive had cautioned him about placing the book into other hands, and in fact seemed a bit angry that he had not disposed of the tome when all the others had been some years back. With their warnings fresh in his mind Aedon looked to Penrose and said the first thing that sprang into his mind. “I cannot find the book.”

    It was clear that Penrose did not believe this and instead accused Aedon of lying to him. He refused any offer of other payment, and told Aedon of offers he had been made to bring Aedon to those who had promised and verified with him some sort of payment. A part of Aedon wavered for a moment under this man’s menacing gaze, but he stuck to his resolve not to pass this book into what he was beginning to see were very dangerous hands. Penrose left them sitting there, but not before issuing one last threat.

    “I’m coming for you, and you won’t see me.”

    They sat there for a time after he left and tried to figure out what they could offer, or at the very least what could be done to prevent this man from carrying out his threat.

    Aedon’s thoughts were disturbed by the flutter of wings. Looking up, he watched as Nemira came swooping in and landed on the railing of the porch. He watched the bird as she shifted and turned till she was comfortable.

    "Well Nemira, I have certainly stuck my foot in it now. Do you suppose himself would have any ideas that might help me?”

    The large swallow-tailed kite regarded the man a moment, and then turned her back on him and began preening her feathers.

    “I will take that for a no,” Aedon said laughingly.

    Rising, he picked up the tea cup sitting close at hand and went back inside the house.

    Spreading her wings Nemira took to flight. Her destination was well known to her, and with speed surpassing that of the fastest birds of flight she covered the distance between Starsong and the Knights Rest. Hovering above it a few moments she watched all movement within the glade committing to memory any item, person or thing which seemed out of place. Then turning her gaze northward, she soared into the night sky
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