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Time for another Ingame Auction in Luna

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Law of Hell, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Law of Hell

    Law of Hell Guest

    Once Againg its Auction Time!!! Monday April 20th 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT) - on Europa Inside the Walls of Luna.

    Once Again several traders went together to make another auction happen.

    Auctions will be held once a week, every monday at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT), if you want to put up items for the auction its totally free to enter an item tho we have to warn you that we dont have any reserved or starting prices except starting price on highend items entered will be 10% from the Market price.
    There will be a few giveaways could be side gift (players one tile on left and right side of the player get one gift), area gifts (all players within 1 tile of the player get a gift) And other things we can find out during our Auction.

    Mystery Box: A box filled with items that was donated by Traders and common players who supports out Auction. Thank you for during so.

    Want to enter Items contact Free on ICQ (433752343) or at bank. Only hand the items in to confirmed trusted players akknowlegde by Free or Darsus.

    List over some of the Items you get to bid on:

    Barbed Leather Sleeves - HPI 3 MR 2 Luck 64 LRC 20 4/10/7/22/10
    Horned Leather Sleeves - SI 5 MR 2 LMC 7 4/11/20/6/8
    Horned Leather Sleeves - SI 7 MI 6 MR 2 LMC 5 5/9/8/22/7
    Barbed Bone Gloves (mage armour) - MR 2 LMC 7 LRC 19 5/4/21/5/8
    Horned Leather Gloves - HPI 5 MR 2 8/9/20/19/6
    Spined Leaf Tonlet (Elves only) - SI 6 MR 2 Luck 119 LRC 17 19/3/2/4/4
    Ring - Animal Taming +12 Animal Lore +12 Int 5 FCR 1 Fire resist 8
    Ring - Animal Lore +14 Taming +13 Str 2 int 3 LRC 8
    Ring - Dex 8 EP 25 DCI 13 FC 1 DI 18
    Ring - Archery +13 HCI 15 DCI 11 FCR 2 LMC 8
    Ring - Int 5 EP 15 HCI 10 DCI 12 LMC 5
    Bracelet - Tactics +11 Dex 5 EP 15 HCI 14 DCI 11
    Bow - Mage Wep -21 HMA 44 HLD 50 SSI 40 DI 41
    Comp Bow - Hit Lightning 38 HLD 44 Velocity 37 SSI 10 DI 40
    Comp Bow - Hit Lightning 42 HML 26 HLD 40 HCI 11 SSI 35
    Comp Bow - Hit Lightning 40 HML 40 SSI 40 DI 44
    Hat of The Magi
    Umbra Shroud
    Midnight Bracers
    Trinket owned by No one
    Titan's Hammer
    Mark of Travesty w/ Ninjitsu/stealth
    Elder Detective of the Royal Guard (replica) boots - Int +3
    Captain John's Hat (Replica)
    Ring of the Elements
    Ring of The Vile
    The Berserker's Maul
    Different Tokuno Pigments used and unused
    Dryad Bow +5 Healing
    Talisman - 24/27 Tinkering
    Talisman - 22/24 Blacksmithing
    Talisman - 23/28 Tailoring
    Talisman - 24/26 Inscription
    120 Parrying PS
    Justice Virtue Tile Deed
    Blackthorn's Kryss (Museum Reward) - Repond Slayer
    Tomb of Lost Knowledge
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Sword of The Stampede
    Kasa of The Raj-in
    Gloves of the Sun
    5x Soulstone Fragment Tokens
    3x Barbed Runic Sewing Kits
    Yew Runic Fletching Kit
    Cursed Armor of Fortune
    Nest with Eggs
    Orc Chieftain Helm (Replica) - HCI 30 Version
    Orc Chieftain Helm (Replica) - HPI 30 Version
    Candelabra of Souls
    Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak (Replica) +5 Stealth Dur 255/255 Dyed
    120 Animal Lore PS
    Calm (Replica)
    Ornament of The Magician
    Imprisoned Ferret Crystal
    Bow - Velocity 50 HSL 34 HCI 23 SSI 25 DI 40
    Horned Leather Gloves - SI 4 MR 2 15/19/8/6/18
    Barbed Leather Gloves - MR 2 Luck 75 LMC 8 4/16/5/6/22
    Bracelet - SS+12 Dex 5 DCI 15 FCR 3 LMC 5
    1000 Orange Petals (pick up after mystery box bidding)

    More items might be added before the auction but these will be up for bidding at our Auction, there will also be great Giveaway prizes worth over 20.000.000gp and not to forget our Mystery Box at the end of the Auction filled with items that was donated by different traders over the week.

    Bid Increament Rules:
    1K-100K = 1K minimum
    100K-500K = 5K minimum
    500K-1m = 10K minimum
    1m-15m = 100K minimum
    15m-???m = 200K minium

    Special Thanks to TGF and Darsus for the Auction House.

    Hope to see all or some of you at our Auction.

    Free ICQ 433752343

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  2. SevenFaith

    SevenFaith Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Fix the auction house :( It's so ugly to sit on a huge row of stairs like that.