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Time to Buff and Unbuff monsters

Discussion in 'UHall' started by RavenWinterHawk, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Well in my continued pursuit for random adventure and last weeks Friday's Five....

    Can we please get some randomization on monster strengths and abilities. Lots of nerfs occur because the monster dejour is camped. Nothing changes. Raise hitpoints on this or that and now we are done. Where is the creativity?

    Its time to make monsters more comparable to player templates. VARIETY.

    Orcs orcs orcs never change. Why not have a buffed one come up with some blazing weapon or cool armour. No we do not get their stuff but get a loot bump and chance for some nice things.

    Why not have a century old reaper that is wicked. Maybe reapers are stronger with age.


    Dragons too.

    If you expand the way monsters are given abilities then you DONT have to worry about nerfing this and that.

    I should walk into a hill covered land of ogres and find more the two types. Ogre or Ogre Lord. No dont add in Ogre Lady or Ogre Mage. Just give the two types a degree of different skills.

    This randomization of strength and abilities also help beat scripters and campers. Nothing should be predictable in UO. Not even where a gate takes you.
  2. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Hmm another thread about this? But I agree with you, there are a lot of ideas presented in the other thread.

    Edit: the question was not really against you making a new thread just the other thread was not going so well heh, and I went and got the link case you were interested http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=146053
  3. Ah thats what I get for going away a week. I dont read all the posts.

    Ah well.

    Its a simple change with respect to a major overhaul.
  4. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    No fret like I said the thread comment was just cuase these seem to go badly lately haha. But I do like the idea :)
  5. I disagree, and I feel this should be the least of the devs concerns currently. I have a long post in the thread already quoted.

    I didn't sign up for fighting things 5 minutes each when I don't play much, I didn't come back to get whacked by things that are suddenly buffed. And if they do "rebalance" things, I will have to cancel again permanently because after playing on and off since 1997, I don't want to re-learn a game all over again. If I did, I would be somewhere else playing.
  6. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Not much relearning to be done....if you played since 97 then you would know rebalancing things would only bring things closer to how the game was originally, and how it was meant to be. Not really much of a "learning curve" either if they randomize things...you would only have to learn one thing "crap is random" and since everything in game already runs off of the RNG, well you know this. I do see your concern but heh, I also think this is the biggest concern of the devs, Nothing really comes ahead of the cheating crisis and this would be the biggest deterrent to cheating, sure it might not all out stop all cheating but it would put a major dent in it.
  7. Actually, I don't think it would do anything to scripters/afkers, all it would do is make them either migrate to the uber templates if they haven't already, or get the best gear there is to farm it to go afk and script.

    Honestly, I think you folks that want this don't have a mule, because if you did you would see issues with this strategy. It can be hard enough to run around the woods with a character with no fighting skills, I should have to buy soulstones or fragments to move fighting skills to a jammed template?

    I think if this is the biggest concern of the devs, then the game is in serious peril.
  8. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    This does not effect mule chars...the increase of overland spawn might, but none of the buffing or randomization effects them. And the randomization would completely negate their templates/suits since they would end up fighting things they can not handle if they are unattended, where an attended player could handle it.
  9. This is the problem with your arguments, your assumptions.

    But to each their own, perspectives rarely change when someone is convinced of something. The devs change the mobs too radically and I simply won't play anymore, then the rest of the uber templated/geared folks can have a party with their new dynamic spawn.
  10. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    Assumptions? I did not assume anything, I have 3 Mules and still have no problem with this change. I also know for a fact that MY SUPER template/suited chars can not handle some things in game unattended, well I guess that is an assumption but since I have a bit of trouble with them while attended I can assume unattended I would die. Point to my assumptions? Is my assumption that the devs will implement things properly? Can not say I assume that, I simply state this is a step forward.
  11. Your assumptions are:
    a. this will do anything to hinder scripters/afkers.
    b. that making these changes will not affect the playing ability of new or returning players
    c. that the majority wants everything dynamic, rebalanced and increased in difficulty multiple fold
    d. that all players have the gear/templates/power scrolls to compete with those of you who are bored with the game
  12. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    You are typing things between my sentences? I already pointed out how A and B are not assumed, Since for one A is logical, and B I stated how it would not.

    I never said the majority want it, Never assumed that. I agreed with the poster in this thread that I like the idea. I also only provided a voice for the idea if enough people do not want it, it will not happen. If enough do want it, it will happen.

    and d. I can play this game naked, kill a few skeletons get full set of armor, go to shame. kill some eles get new armor, go to destard kill some dragons (while avoiding the, at this point, dangerous greater dragons) and get new armor. See the pattern here? Has nothing to do with my template or my gear or my power scrolls. I have 0 power scrolls. That means all my skills have a max of 100, wait I have one Spirit speak is able to go to 110. And still easy. Hell I do not even have 100 magery yet. (we wont even get into the warrior chars as they are the easier of the templates to train quickly, my next statement is reliant on warriors ability to train fast)

    Aside from the painful fact that I just pointed out that I could start this game naked and with in 2 days be able to kill all of the legacy monsters (yes it takes 2 days to start from scratch) what I had proposed would not even stop that from currently being the case, it would just make certain monsters harder, certain spawns more randomized (such as alternating ratmen and lizardmen) some spawn more difficult (switching out camped monsters for something else), and other monsters completely unsoloable (balrons ancient wyrms and champ spawns were what I pointed out, Tho I am sure some other monsters could be added to that list). This in no way affect the flow of the game, it only changes what you are fighting.

    You assuming I made assumption is worse than if I had even assumed something.
  13. I actually laughed at your example of the new player scenario (once again biased towards someone who knows the game). This is my last post because you don't see my point...and I am tired of wasting my breath on someone who cannot see the impact their great ideas have, and undoubtedly the devs will cater to people just like you.

    I see your game plan, and I personally have had to do that back in the day...

    How long would it take you to do this? 2 days? Really? As yourself? Or as a new player?

    You honestly can sit there and say, with no weapon but a dagger, and no clue what to do, you could find skeletons without wraiths(because your stats would suck at this point and wraiths and shades can hurt without resists or resisting spells) in enough spawn to kill and evolve to get a bone armor set(which you assume someone isn't a caster and wouldn't have to gather reagents because they run out of stuff and have no money) and wouldn't be able to meditate through said bone armor, making life even more frustrating.

    Then go kill earth elementals that they have to find (because they haven't gotten a rune book yet or even know what they are) where they can get all the fertile dirt they can stand with hardly any loot to speak of, because with crappy stats and crappy gear and no luck you think you will live through an air/fire elemental if you barely know the game or came back and are just trying to figure it out enough to get good enough gear and a slayer to go kill dragons, drakes, and wyverns? Oh yeah, then I imagine by day 3 ancient wyrms and shadow wyrms are just super easy with no resists to speak of (and no money to repair your items which you lost because you didn't know bout insurance, or better yet had some of your insured items become uninsured in your absence from the game - but why worry about that bug? After all, rebalanced creatures take precedence) because you didn't have the time or money to get luck to get a nice item, and oh also I hope your eyes aren't bleeding from playing 10+ hours at a time to do the scenario you speak of. Oh, but wait, with the "rebalanced, dynamic" spawn you probably won't make it to Destard even if you could find it.

    Do you see the point? Do you really remember what it was like? If I managed to pull my friends and family from their existing games, that is the scenario they would enjoy. Because guess what? I can't play 24x7 to babysit them.
  14. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    My wife and cousin did just fine while I was in Alaska. They did this thing called "hey you play this same game I do? where do I go after HAVEN(yea you know i would find those skeletons because they are in haven with no wraiths) I remember the first day of beta, I remember the first day of production shards as well. skeletons do not drop only bone armor (we acquired a full set of nice leather armor off skeletons before heading to Shame, where no air eles spawn only earth eles and scorpions). I have assisted countless players just starting the game, some of which read up on the game before asking other players questions (yea stratics and uoguide.com are available for those who needed that little extra help starting out) My not seeing your point of view is based on actual game play, not theory. If people who Choose to play an MMO can not stop to ask another player where to go from haven, or just run around everywhere checking out new places then guess what? Even in the current game environment they would not make it very far. What you described would happen to everyone no matter if my opinion is considered by the devs or not, it is that simple. Why would they not make it to a dungeon huh? I have no suggested to reinstate the over land spawn, so they would face the same challenge they do now, and yes as a RETURNING player I am able to build a char from scratch in just a few days time (depending on if I have a ton of time to play or very limited amounts of time to play, either way would not be much more than a week) your argument involved returning players, I posted on that fact. I can not personally say as far as the new player experience, but hell if things were made as hard as they were when I started, then guess what? People would learn how to play still, Look how many people did it.

    I get people to play all the time, I do not ever baby sit them. I do not even give them stuff. But you know, we play a single player game so no one else in the game could possibly offer any help at all (and there are no websites to learn from either) this is a brand new game and anyone who tries to play it for the first time will instantly quit because they can not kill a skeleton in one hit (even tho it has been stated endlessly times that skeletons should be left alone). It has nothing to do with seeing things from your view it has to do with "experienced that" and it in fact does not sway my opinion, people go through it in every game they ever play. When you start a game you are new to it, you either learn it through playing or through someone teaching you (i.e. other players that actually, well you know, play the game. Or websites/tutorials/any other reading source) Nothing I have said is based on having good items/gear/or power scrolls. You can play this game with nothing more than loot. And yes you can fight air elementals with about 20 resists, remember the game use to be played naked and the monsters have not gotten any stronger at all, so in fact...you could still play naked, just takes some of that "old school" play styles to do it, not something I recommend but hey it would still be possible.

    And don't bring up bugs that have been addressed.
  15. GarthGrey

    GarthGrey Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    While C&D is stomping all over another thread, I"ll just tell the OP that this is exactly the new content this game needs. We don't need EMs to drop shields at the bank saying, "Hark and Hail and Well met...yada yada the Terrible is at (insert some newly designed section of Green Acres) and needs our assistance...thanks for coming , heres your sash....

    We need "CONTENT".....even in it's simplest form...
  16. Lady Michelle

    Lady Michelle Sprite Full SP
    Stratics Veteran The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    May 12, 2008
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    Should keep the legendary monsters as they are, but add in buffed ones like they did the greater dragon. Do it this way tho you have to kill so many legendary monsters to get a buffed one to spawn. The buffed one would also have the better loot, and double the gold on them. Something like the paragons but not as fast or tuff.
  17. Goodoljoe

    Goodoljoe Guest

    Most people dont even hunt monsters as their drops are absolutely and horribly outdated compared to nowadays millonaire economy,what makes you think they would start doing it if they made them harder?
  18. Geez.

    Let me simplify.

    Random qualites/abilities on monster spawns that have minimum and maximum and some surprises.

    That is some standard, some weak, some stronger monsters of the same spawn. You need to be present to adapt and battle.

    Not being predictable seems to alarm people. Bad choice of words.

    Random events can happen at the lizardman spawn. If you are harvesting leathers, you will encounter a stronger faster lizardman at times. Now it is predictable. But I guess a better word would be a variety of lizardmen spawn with different abilities on a scale of normal to very strong.
  19. resources
    new players
    loot to be imbued
  20. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger Guest

    What do they hunt if they do not hunt monsters? The proposed ideas in this thread and the other would eliminate all "predefined" activities, that means whatever someone would normally hunt for loot wont be predefined and they would get cremated by a stronger version of that monster if they were not paying attention. It is not a matter of making things harder, it is a matter of changing how things currently are completely, read the idea in this thread, read all the ideas presented in the other thread, You will find the majority of the better ideas only incorporate the idea of buffing monsters while all of them include some sort of randomization or other new system to how the spawn should work.
  21. 10 years ago I remember people always fighting orcs and skeletal knights, liches, etc. But that was when the game was so much fun. Now there is almost no point in hunting them unless they make it more interesting.

    The main problem for UO has always been the dev team. If they want to make this game great they should make it more and more like Ultima 7. Ultima 7 was so great, you could walk into a store and start stealing things, kill anyone, be chased by the guards. There was a lot of freedom of play style in that game. When UO first came out, the feel of the game was fairly close to that, until trammel was introduced.

    I think think they have to rebalance the old content. Large areas of the game are virtually always empty.

    Look at all the work the dev team put into the new ToT? A new item and some more colours. Hopefully Bioware looks into improving this game.
  22. Muu Bin

    Muu Bin Guest

    It's the same old mankey bone they threw us last time around to keep the payers (er... players) mildly content until they figure out KR (er... SA). :thumbsup: