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Timeline of Britannia - Earth Reckoning.

Discussion in 'The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance' started by WarderDragon, May 9, 2011.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Timeline of Britannia - Earth Reckoning.

    I adhere to a different chronological scheme than most.

    In Ultima Online - based on tales that the Avatar would return to Britannia after a month and discover the world had changed centuries in his absence - One Earth month is a Year. One Earth Year is 12 Britannian Years. So on and so fourth.

    This leaves we - the Protagonists - with a problem. A character born at the launch of Ultima Online would be nearing his or her 168th Year this September. Yet most do not see their character as a dessicated geriatric on life support.

    Then - for all intents and purposes - all event announcements (made OOC or IC) use Earth Time for identification purposes. Do our characters understand Earth Dates and Years? Or should we suspend our disbelief and assume our characters are reading a different message than we do.

    Then consider that Winter - in the above scheme - would come once each decade. Christmas and Valentines would come once each 12 Years. Confused?

    So I have opted to devise a new calendar. One that assumes humans - or at least the Protagonists - age at the same speed as Earthlings. (12 Solar Years are equal to 1 Earth Year.) Sosaria circles the Sun once each Solar Year or Month. The Seasons come once each Earth Year or 12 Solar Years due to a slowing axis.

    The current time periods are divided into Before Britannia (B.B.) and Anno Britannicus (A.B.).

    We will call it Earth Reckoning.

    - September 2nd, 1980. The Defeat of Mondain.
    - September 24th, 1997. The Kingdom of Britannia is established.

    - 70 B.B. Birth of the Lost King: Wolfgang II.

    - 60 B.B. The Birth of Mondain.

    - 45 B.B. (Before Britannia) The Death of Wolfgang. The Night of Long Knives.

    - 44 B.B. The Senate of Akalabeth collapses. The First War of Succession Begins.

    - 40 B.B. The Collapse of Valderia.

    - 35 B.B. The First War of Succession ends. Cantabrigian and Wolfgang II agree to share power and divide the land in two. Ilshenar is ceded to the Kingdom of the White Dragon.

    - 30 B.B. Cantabrigian British faces Mondain. He wins the conflict - Ultima 0: Akalabeth - but the War turns in favor of Mondain.

    - 0 A.B. (Anno Britannica.) The Defeat of Mondain. The First War of Darkness ends. (Ultima 1.)

    - 3 A.B. Wolfgang II dies. Lord Robere begins Conquest of the North. The Second War of Succession begins.

    - 5 A.B. The Second War of Succession ends. The Order of the Silver Serpent is established.

    - 15 A.B. The Kingdom of Akalabeth is renamed Britannia in honor of Lord Cantabrigian. The Virtue Religion is Codified and Shrines are established.

    - 18 A.B. The Kingdom of Dawn is established. Xander ressurects the Dark Tower. Avalon is founded.

    - 19 A.B. The Second War of Darkness begins. Minax begins her invasion of Britannia.

    - 20 A.B. Trinsic is captured and then retaken. The Rise of the Black Temple. The Britannians retreat to a New World - New Britannia - and rebuild their lives there. The Order of the Silver Serpent is crushed and disbanded in the War of the Serpent. Na'Krul becomes Master of the Dark Tower.

    - 21 A.B. The Savage Crisis and the Third War of Darkness. (War of Exodus.)

    - 23 A.B. The Age of Shadows begins.

    - 24 A.B. Trade is established with the Empire of Zento.

    - 25 A.B. The Zealans of Eldarion return to Britannia.

    - 26 A.B. The First Ophidian War.

    - 27 A.B. The Second Ophidian War.

    - 28 A.B. The Shadowlords enter Britannia. The High Council of Lord British is assassinated. The Crimson Dragonflight begins its first incursions into Our World. The War of Shadows begins.

    - 29 A.B. Casca ascends to the Throne. Avalon burns to the ground. The War of Shadows. The First War of Britannian Independence. Casca is defeated. Dawn ascends the throne and is named Queen. The Great Stygian Abyss is opened.

    - 30 A.B. The Third War of the Ophidian. The Bane Chosen invade Ilshenar and Britannia.

    - 31 A.B. Queen Dawn is assassinated. Virtuebane is banished. The Birth of New Magincia. The Gargish Separatist Crisis.​