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Tinker Request Thread!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Garaba, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Garaba

    Garaba Guest

    Ok, Tinkers you know the drill. Post what you would like to seen done to our great profession.
  2. Bhima LS

    Bhima LS Guest

    I would like tinker traps restored to how they worked pre-AoS (both crate and chest traps).

    **knows the sneaky dev team knows what I mean**

    : )
  3. Dimax

    Dimax Guest

    Just need need the Dev's to take a good hard look at Tinker made Golem's,
    I know we had one Dev say something about looking into Golem's but thats all.
  4. Dimax

    Dimax Guest

    Not sure but I'v been able to make Crate traps that work so I'm not sure if there is a problem ? Is it that you want chests to be able to be trapped also ?
  5. BorekVV

    BorekVV Guest

    I would like to be able to make keys for the Paragon Chests. Maybe with a need for GM Lockpicking. I figure if you can make locked boxes, you should be able to make keys for other boxes.
  6. eacrittenden

    eacrittenden Guest

    Here's my 2¢:

    1. The ability to smelt tinkered items (or whatever the tinkering equivalent of "smelt" is)
    2. The ability to craft enhanced jewelry. This probably needs to wait until they make crafting as a whole more viable. No sense making it like smithy & tailoring. ...Remember when being a Blacksmith was a respected profession and GM crafted armor and weapons were actually better than most loot?...
    3. Have ore type affect durability/uses of tools. Nothing too dramatic but maybe something like: Iron smith hammer 50-75uses...some mathematical progression formula... Valorite smith hammer 250-300 uses. Not sure how to accomodate wooden tools into this...maybe have different lumber types (pine, oak, walnut) that have properties like the ores do. Hey, maybe we can get the Carpentry guys in on this and fix that too!
    4. The ever popular Fix Golems post.

      Just a few ideas. It would be nice if I could use my Tinker and Carpentry skills for more than just being able to make potion kegs and craft my own tools.
  7. Cravenoff

    Cravenoff Guest

    I'd REALLY like to see tinkerers be able to craft mechanical horses. Imagine that..a metal horse you can ride, maybe even decently strong, like a hiriyu with no magic but great physical, and two slots so you can drag a golem along too. That would be so great!
  8. Bhima LS

    Bhima LS Guest

    Hi. Crates used to work differently than now; and chest traps also used to work differently.

    But I don't really wish to make this thread a discussion of how traps work. Professional Pre-AoS Tinker trappers will know the difference, and the dev team will know the difference, and i've had assorted threads all over talking about the differences before : )

    For years I used to sell tinker traps. It was my one successful feluccan vendor, and i'd sold hundreds (and given away hundreds) over that time. My tinker was actually one of my main chars until AoS came out, and then he was reduced to a BoD collector and armor repairer.
  9. Barok

    Barok Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1) Tinker crafted jewelry boxes!
    2) The ability to meld jewelry together!
    3) Beef up Golems! As they stand they certainly don't warrant 3 control slots!
    4) Runic tinker kits!
  10. Barok

    Barok Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    5) Slingshots
    6) mechanical pets like dogs and cats
    7) faction catapults and siege engines
  11. Barok

    Barok Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I've been thinking about this item for a while, might as well allow tinkers to craft them:

    8) Tinker Crafted Hitching Posts

    Once locked down, their security setting can be set, like other containers and things. Then anyone with the proper security can place a pet on the hitching post, removing it from their control slots. Then anyone else with the proper security (and skill if required) can claim the pet.
  12. In regards to golems:
    - Lower control slots to 2
    - Improve Mana Bond
    - Instant bonding to controller
    - Lower repair timer
    - Easier repair method
    - Ability to disassemble
    - Improve/Adjust resists based on type of metal used for creation
    - Remove *training*, replace with improved golem skills based on controller skill level
  13. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here's an idea:

    Make DC, Shadow and Copper Runic Hammers, ASH +10, Spined Runics and a Tailoring equivalent to the ASH +10 craftable by GM Tinkers, and rework the rewards of the smith & Tailor rewards as a result (especially adding/replacing tailoring rewards). Then, make it to where smith & tailor items to be merged with colored material BODs HAVE to have at least one magical ability, therefore requiring those BODs be filled with these tools, now made by Tinkers.

    Tinkers would also get the ability to craft Tinker equivalents to the DC, shadow and copper runics. Say, the ability to craft DC runic tinker tools at 0.2% at 90, ASH-equivalent tinker tool to "hold" at 95, Shadow at GM, and Copper (requiring holding an ASH) at 105 (only a 10% chance of success at GM plus holding a ATT). And, unlike the smith and Tailor tools, the Tinker runics could be used to enhance stuff and add new runic properties (so that something tinkered with a CRTT, then enhanced with a CRTT, would have an outside chance of coming out as good as a high-end runic item - but with an insane chance of breaking).

    Some of the revised rewards for the Smith & Tailor would be "parts" (ala the parts of obsidian statues from the Collector Quest) that require a GM tinker to assemble, ranging from a Golem beetle (2 slots, functions as a portable anvil to go with the Fire Beetle), to the current colored Anvils, to various tailoring and smithing deco that would be much rarer than the godawful stretched hides currently found in the tailor system.

    This would create some more interaction between crafters who don't have a super-mule.
  14. Trevor of DD

    Trevor of DD Guest

    How bout something that requires several different crafts to fully impliment.
    For example.
    A GM tinker can craft a working cannon.
    It can only be used on a GM carpentry crafted ship, which requires a GM tailor crafted sail.
    And to fire the GM smith crafted cannon balls, you need pouches of GM alchemist crafted gunpowder.

    So the main item in this example is the tinker crafted cannon, but without the use of other skills, its practically useless.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Perhaps different types of goloms such as shadow goloms, valorite goloms, verite goloms, etc, that normal goloms are about what they are now, but either those can be enhanced so long as your tinker and blacksmithing is high enough and that improves the power of the golom dramatically or they can be crafted straightout with the different levels of power, also depending on your tinkering/blacksmithing.Or perhaps not different powers just different ressits.

    If enhanceable then make it breakable just like any item, if craftable make it hard as hell to do.

    About healing them make the timer just as fast as a tamer healing his/her pet. But damage healed will be tinker/mining combo(as it would take a great knowledge of ingot usage) or tinker/armslore combo(ginving a real usage for arms lore again) this bascially making this a pet that mules can use for defence and not the pet for warriors to take to battle with them.And remove the mana thing al together.

    Bonding. Make it so after the same week counter is up and they have not died then they bond. If they die after bond they dissapear and appear in your bag as a heavily damaged useless object or something like that and you have to seleect in your tinker tool bag the option to repear it, the repair again having the same difficilty as the above healing suggestions.
  16. beeblebrox42

    beeblebrox42 Guest

    Noone wants Tinker BODs?

    I DO!
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The usual fix golems request. Pretty much everything that's already been stated:

    1) Insta-bond (or at least some way to retrieve the 'trained' power crystal when it dies)
    2) 2 Control slots
    3) Maybe just a lil stronger?
    4) Easier way to repair golems - i.e. double click ingots and apply, like a bandage

    Also, I agree that a mechanical mount of some kind would be pretty cool [​IMG]
  18. Sumarius

    Sumarius Guest

    I'd like tools to wear out like they do on Seige! I've been thinking about coming back to UO(currently playing WoW) after a while off and if they did this, I'd come back for sure. Yes, I like UO better than WoW.

    As a crafter I liked crafting even just the simple things. I remember creating a tool vendor and noone ever buying anything from it.
  19. timejester

    timejester Guest

    As for golems, make it so you can use tinkering or tinkering/smithy to create different parts for your golem, maybe a new arm for strength or fire damage, maybe a different torso for resists or other properties, divide him up a little bit, amybe make tinkers make some unique fighting pets,

    just a thoguht.

    also, winged shoes.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest



    - 3/2 control slots.

    - Parts list: 1x power crystal, 1x clockwork assembly, 50x iron, 50x coloured ingots, 5x gears

    - Uses an exceptional metal mace weapon in its creation, can be normal or runic, DI and SSI transfer to golem. Choice of weapon determines golem's innate special moves.

    - Has the following trainable skills: Mace Fighting, Parry, Tactics, Anatomy, Magic Resist.

    Exodus Overseer:


    - 4/3 control slots.

    - Parts list: 2x power crystal, 1x clockwork assembly, 25x iron, 25x coloured ingots, 3x gears, 2 arcane gems

    - Uses an exceptional fencing weapon in its creation, can be normal or runic, DI and SSI transfer to overseer. Choice of weapon determines overseer's innate special moves.

    - Has the following trainable skills: Fencing, Poison, Tactics, Anatomy, Magic Resist.

    - Deals less damage than a golem

    Exodus Minion:


    - 5/4 control slots.

    - Parts list: 1x power crystal, 3x clockwork assembly, 100x iron, 75x coloured ingots, 10x gears, 3 arcane gems

    - Uses an exceptional axe weapon in its creation, can be normal or runic, DI and SSI transfer to minion. Choice of weapon determines minion's innate special moves.

    - Has the following trainable skills: Swords, Lumberjacking, Tactics, Anatomy, Magic Resist.

    - Deals more damage than a golem

    General Notes:

    - Each should retain their original steampunk look. KR golems look terrible.. I haven't seen the other two in KR, but the original designs are great.

    - Can be deactivated & locked down in a house, allowing Controllers a choice of pets without the need to recreate a stable slot system.

    - A core mass can be salvaged from the corpse once the creation is destroyed. The machinery can be rebuilt around this core. Stats and ingot consumption will be re-rolled for the rebuild, plus skills take a minor hit. Rebuild as opposed to bonding as it makes more sense in the machine context.

    - Craftable from different metals, each gives a similar resists spread as metal armour of that metal. Base resists dependent on Tinker's skill when crafted, metal type bonus is stacked. Portions of the artwork should be rehueable, eg: the rusted parts on iron golems, so you can tell at a glance what metal they're made from.

    - Quicker & simpler repair method, as many have requested.

    - Tinkering + Arms Lore determines the build quality / starting skills.

    - Arms Lore /2 gives a lower ingot cost % to repair.

    - If Tinkering + Arms Lore = 150 or more, it lowers the control slots needed by 1 per machine. ie: golems become 2 slots, overseers 3, minions 4. This raises the skills needed to control above twink level, but doesn't lock out too many variant templates.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Now those are some really exciting ideas!
    I basically use my tinker to make tools and such until he gets better. I am discouraged at how he is otherwise pretty useless.
    Would be great if we could control a mod on the magic jewlery. Perhaps have Arms lore + item ID to have ability to make better magic jewlery like Ecru Citrine ring and such. I cringe at the thought of wasting ecru citrine gems to make garbage.
    Currently, the loot jewlery has better mods than what can be crafted (or at least, have a better chance to loot better jewlery I mean).
    Since runic crafted weaps and leather armors are getting some great changes, how about giving Tinkers some love?
  22. I agree regarding the crafting of jewelry. If tinkers were to be given a boost here, they might actually be able to make a viable living in-game.
  23. Chameleon

    Chameleon Guest

    GM Tinker should be able to craft jewelry better than the looted ones.
    Now that smith & tailor has been given a boost in their craftworks, it's time for tinker to have the same boost too, bring on the runic tinker tools!
  24. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Haha was just searching google for tinker smelt and found this. how ironic with the booster pack this actually went in