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Tinkz capture ... continued

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by tink'r_toiz, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. tink'r_toiz

    tink'r_toiz Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Tinkz tries to sleep but the cold, the silence, oh that foreboding, deafening silence. She twists and turns fitfully, tucking her legs and arms inside her robe hoping to conserve the warmth of her body. She thinks she must look a bit like a large spider curled up in the dark stone corner.

    It has been days since her captors have questioned her. For the most part, they have not been cruel, just, perhaps, neglectful and Tinkz is made aware of the fact as her stomach adds the only sounds in her "world". She grins slightly as she thinks, maybe she could eat a spider about now... no, most likely not, more likely try to tame it as a companion. She fondly thinks of Sigi, her sigil colored bunny and frequent companion on less serious trips to the Shadowlords crypts and she thinks of Nonel, Michel, Pepe, LLama, Lore and all the True Britannians. She has not lost faith in them, but the enemy is strong and numbers are growing; she now has moments of concern.

    The ransom they ask is considerable. She knows the True Britannians dare not part with that much silver, not if they intend to be able to hire guards and wage a war so her only hope is rescue. The Minocian Partisan Resistance are talented trackers, stealthers and thieves. If there is anyway for her to be found, they will do it.

    Tinkz catches her breath and pulls into a smaller ball as her world is invaded by footsteps....

    Yes, the time is growing closer ... Tinkz must be rescued soon! What will happen if she isn't? The Shadowlords have sentenced her to death and there is a real world consequence to this story. Let's hope Tinkz is recued so we do not have to find out what that consequence might be.

    Please read the next Focus on Factions interview that will post today! There will be additional story detail as lead-in to the interview.
  2. Zara

    Zara Guest

    Little known to most, Zara has spent most of her free time these last few days wandering the musty halls of the prison they held Tinkz in. She had actually stopped in to see Tinkz on a few occasions in hopes to get the crafty little thief to change her mind and offer the information that was requested by Anthius.

    Each time she came to stand outside that dreary cell though, Tinkz was fast asleep or at least pretending to be. Zara just did not have the heart to wake her but tonight would be different. If Tinkz lay in slumber, Zara would wake her as the time for her sentence was growing near. Zara is a faithful servant to Anthius and the Shadowlords but there was a big part of her that just did not want to see Tinkz put to death.

    The more time that passed without so much as a single word from the True Britanians only made her suspicious. They were biding their time, no ransom would be paid, and that Zara was sure of. But she was also sure they could not keep the little thief hidden for long either. There was a storm brewing and it would be catastrophic.

    If it came to a rescue, there would be many deaths on both sides, Zara was confident in the skills of her fellow Shadowlords and that any attempt to rescue Tinkz would be thwarted. But, was it worth all of the death and destruction?

    Zara was now on the lower levels of the prison, pacing. “Tinkz, you have held strong and you have proved your loyalty to your faction, but is it truly worth your life?” The words fell from her mouth in a soft whisper. She had to give it just one more try. No one had really expected Tinkz to last this long. It just went to show how important it is to never underestimate your enemy.