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  1. Since we're all poor...lol What's a good amount to be tipping at houses? Do you tip at every house you are at or does it depend on the quality of host/ess?

    I was a bit amused last nite while at a money house when someone said they couldn't tip because they had no money...lmao

    November Rain
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I try to tip based on length of time I'm there and the quality of service..no doubt tipping will be down now though with recent changes to payouts and rise in costs, lol
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I try to at least pay ยง10 per plate, for my food, even if I have little money. At a money house, I tip one payout amount of the money object I am using, per greening cycle.

    That is my base rule of thumb, but it will vary depending upon my feelings for the hosts, and how flush I am at the time. [​IMG]
  4. Kymberleigh

    Kymberleigh Guest

    I also believe its based on how good the host/hostess are. I mean if I am there for 30 minutes and you have to beg to have food made, then why tip? I hate having to beg for food .. I was at a house last night myself where people were going to go home and eat because the person keeping the house open was afk for a long long time. I mean that to me isnt worth a tip. Is it? [​IMG] <font color="blue"> </font>
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I tend to tip based on the amount of food I've eaten, rather then the quality of service, as providing the food is at direct cost to the host.

    Like Gilly I usually try and tip around $10 per plate (based on the cost of $24 per group meal). If I've been on the lot for many hours then I'll probably tip a bit more. If I help to repair things on the lot while I am there, then I may tip a little less, depending on how much repairs cost.

  6. Inge Jones

    Inge Jones Guest

    I was at one place the hostess was so generous she insisted on paying me for fixing something and told me not to tip! And I know she needed some money for something too!
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    tiping is a good thing, lol
    the same as many before, i tip on how things go in the house
    now the first week i did nothng but skill my one sim that was 2nd in line of the account so ZERO money, lol
    once my skill got to a high enough level to where I could make some money, I went back to house and tipped $500, and I fixed things when they needed repairs, (was skilling mech). Belle and her roomies did such a great job, that I could not go w/o tipping! [​IMG]
  8. mike1977

    mike1977 Guest

    Sometimes I just call the repairman when it gets around 10am...that's my tip...lol
  9. <blockquote><hr>

    Sometimes I just call the repairman when it gets around 10am...that's my tip...lol

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I do that a lot, too!

    When EA-Land had only brand new sims, I would tip all roomies $10 for each time I greened because I figured they all went in together and I likely used something that each of them owned. Now, with the Bullet Train, it's harder to tell who "came equipped" with all those items so I'm just tipping the roomies that are at the house at the time.
  10. Lucky Lisa

    Lucky Lisa Guest

    Usual tip from me is 50 simoleans per roomie...

    25 if noone, even if they have the skills, serenaded me...

    100 when I've been serenaded a whole lot or stayed a long time!