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Tired of running, so in search of some newbie sets :)

Discussion in 'UO Asia Trade' started by BrianFreud, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. BrianFreud

    BrianFreud Lead Wiki Mod & Doer of Crazy Things
    Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Editor Wiki Moderator Campaign Supporter

    Oct 2, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Hi all :)

    I'm really tired after running to all the valentine's day clickys to check how long they have left, as are some good friends of mine. :D We'd like to at least get a basic mage set together for the future, so I can check and update such posts far more easily.

    So, I'm looking to buy a 4 starter sets on each Asian shard, each set containing:
    (Note: I only need 3 on Hokuto)

    1) a medable 100% LRC suit dyed all the same color (preferably dark blue or dark red)
    2) a Tram city runebook (marked at the banks) - fully charged (20 charge)
    3) a Fel city runebook (marked at the banks) - fully charged (20 charge)
    4) a runebook marked with the 2 Malas banks, EM hall in Brit (Tram), RBG hall in Serpent's Hold (Tram), and your EM's house - fully charged (20 charge)
    5) Two empty runebooks - fully charged (20 charge)
    6) 100 recalls
    7) A bag of sending - fully charged
    8) 100 POT
    9) a +13 (or better) magery bracelet
    10) a +13 (or better) magery ring
    11) a pair of NPC-bought thigh boots
    12) a cloak dyed black, preferably Melissa's Cloak
    13) a Tome of Lost Knowledge with 64 spells

    I can pay 2m per set, on either Atlantic or Chesapeake, with the sets to be picked up on your shard.

    Additionally, I am looking for 1 set of:

    1) a Tram dungeon entrance runebook - fully charged (20 charge)
    2) a Fel dungeon entrance runebook - fully charged (20 charge)
    3) a Tram shrine runebook - fully charged (20 charge)
    4) a Fel shrine runebook - fully charged (20 charge)

    I can pay 500k on either Atlantic or Chesapeake for this set.

    Please ICQ 23573865 or PM if you can help. It'd be nice to get all the sets from the same person, but even just a single set would help greatly!


    ICQ 23573865