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To all possible and new RPers a Warning when dealing with the High council community. [post revised

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Rael BloodOmen, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. For anyone who's interested by the state of the role-play community...

    I am Rael BloodOmen, the leader of the Vampire Guild Society of
    Shadows.My guild is two years old. We have strong internal role-play,
    spontaneous external role-play, and some talent in player versus player combat.
    From the beginning, my guild has been harassed, degraded, and demeaned.
    Much of this abuse has come from a small clique of players that have
    declared themselves to 'lead' the community. Yet what makes them worthy to

    Long standing prejuicide against vampire role-play has lead many to
    accuse us of being Godmoders. Game mechanics include a spell called the Vampiric Embrace. We have the ability to spirit speak to drain a corpse. We
    have life leech weapons, life leech spells, life leech abiliies. We summon
    dark wolves and vampire bats, we turn to wraiths to recall. This comes at
    the expense of the Embrace's weakness to fire, weakness to garlic, weakness
    to Undead Slayer weapons. The game is teeming with undead of various
    types,from unintelligent to super intelligent like liches.
    Therefore, Game Mechanics allows for our abilities. We are not god moders.
    Furthermore, people have accused us of being non roleplayers because we
    emphasizes the PvP aspect of interaction. Certainly, we feel that conflict
    is part of RP. However, we are not just Trammel PKers. Our equipment is
    generally poor, we are always willing to chat,and give you the option to just rp and not fight,rather than give you the "leave or die option".

    Look at the other guilds. Dozens of times, we've been speaking to a
    'Good' RPer. Dozens of time, we've seen them go silent and stand still, while
    calling in gank squads over Ventrillo. Many of the 'Good' RPers are
    openly affiliated with Fel PvP guilds, for one reason or another.
    Indeed, the'commander' of the Good clique, Ren the Conjuror, is also a member of
    the ones who call themselves the most dominant PK guild in Ultima
    Online. Furthermore, we left Skara Brae bank and the constant ganks there,
    relocating to Umbra, which is clearly the necromantic city. And in
    return?Your guilds have followed us here. This proves that it is you who
    desires orange, no loot warfare.
    The last straw has come most recently. The so called, self proclaimed
    leaders of the Roleplay world have attempted to form an Empire of
    Armaggedon, attempting to run both the evil side and the good side,
    simultaneously, a clear conflict of interesst.

    They have formed this empire and invited us, the Society of Shadows, to
    participate, offering us their acceptance and approval in return for
    our obedience. Why should your self proclaimed status require our
    obedience in return for your approval? What is it you think makes you so important that we should allow ourselves to be manipulated and abused by your closed circle of elitists and snobs? Our guild compromises some 30 active players.
    Everyday, you can find us in Umbra, at all hours. We can field upwards of
    20 players at an event.
    How often are RKR, QdV, or CAD ever seen beyond a weekly meeting? You are not active players. You seem to be elitists who rest on laurels from years ago, most of which were earned by players no longer in the game. You seem to be trading on the names and reputations of people who were great, relics of a glorious past, but it is a past you cannot sustain.
    So why should we be expected to bow to a clique of some 5 people? active. We fight together, hunt together, are friends and familyeven. We hold together, have fun with each other. I feel my guild is the best guild in Ultima. We're not the richest. We're not the most powerful.
    We don't dominant Felucca or considers ourselves super role-play gods.
    But we play the game and are closely bound to each other. It is not us who
    require your approval.

    It is YOU who requires OUR approval. It is your manipulative, smack talking, cruel and jealous selves that require our approval, and that is an approval you win through inventive roleplay,active participation and honest friendship.

    The last straw has been the OOC nonsense. The insults, the accusations, the
    attempts to split our guild, our allies.
    This is a game; we try to keep in game. But we have found that the
    members of this so called elite clique do not feel the same. They feel that
    this is an excuse to cruelly manipulate others. And we can prove this to be
    Therefore, we will no longer interact with the High Council or the
    Empire of Armaggedon. We are going to create our own role-play system, based out of Umbra, independent of these people. We will make our own way without
    these people.

    We ask that all who care, read the link below. See the screen shots,
    read the logs, look at the discussion boards. Judge for yourself.
    These people have been going blatantly out of character to wreck our
    guild,threaten our players in their real lives, and personally attack us.
    Therefore, we no longer want to play with these individuals, and we're
    killing them all in game on the way out.

    Maybe you don't agree with us. That's fine. But at least judge us
    fairly for yourselves.

    Good day.

    Proof can be found on this site for those who wish it

    [ Link to the site forcibly removed. Good job, way to try and hide the truth. Its alright though, we will make sure any rper new, old or otherwise will have access to the site to form their own oppinions. Try all you like, complain all you want to the admins. Your NOT going to stop me. Take care bye bye now]

    I encourage THOROUGH investigation of this site to any unbiased new rper and any current rper whom have their doubts about the HC.
  2. Mat Cauthon

    Mat Cauthon Guest

    As a member of the High Coucil and of a guild of people who I see as family in the rp community I believe we should at least put our thoughts on what Rael's "evidence" says here. I am the char Rand al'Thor of the Yew Milita. A guild that has had open war with the Society of Shadows for some time now. Rael and his men, Viktor to name one for sure has said many times that we had no idea what rp was, in the post Viktor out right says we can't. I found this very funny. I find it funny that they believe that we should have more repect then we showed towards them. Rael said we went OOC, said we KOSed, all becuase of our prejudice towards the necomancer and undead rolplay. Well Rael, guess what, we NEVER EVER thought about putting people intot he Second Empire to help in your fall from rp, there is no grand plan to kick you out on any sides. All the evidence here says nothing but how paranoid you and your men is. Shows that you don't know what a rp community is. We togther in this Rael, "good" and "evil" are in the same community but for some reaosn you thought yourself higher and that we should have to go by your rules. This is not the way things work. SS has been a guild for two years, will Ren has been for longer, many people in the community has been here longer then Myself, or even Polynikes. What makes you think you know anybetter? Did we like you? Honestly. . no. It wasn't becuase of your roleplay, you didn't control your men, you let then KOS us, you let them do whatever they wish, and then we when did the slightest thing wrong you cryed like a child. Rael, the community will always have it's issues, that is what happens when you place this many people into one area. Tempers will flair. But no, instead of fixxing issues, talking with us how to fix them, you made them worse, even believed that we were planning to kick you out of rp. You say your rp, but you made this big arguement that Ren was BC, let me tell you somehting, IT DOESN'T MEAN A THING. Ren is rkr, thats all you have to worry about, if she has a char in anyother guild, who cares. You say she is a Pure Pvper, RkR avoids sensless fighting, how many times have you seen RkR waiting somewhere for a fight? How many times has YM or the Moonglow MIlita been in town when a pack of men came in of yours and started a fight, we are more Pure Pvpers then she is, so before you start thinking your over us. . learn what true rp is, the essence of it. That was a waste of enerfy for Viktor to even bring that up. Second, what happened that night you left rp, and yes you left it by your own accord, you proved that all you are is a man with hurt pride becuase the first thing you did was kill your allies, many unarmed and with no char skill, just to amk yourself feel better, and no Rael, a real rper would not have looted, again, your closer to BC then Ren is. And Viktor is you see this, When YM decided to ask you to the caravan, ganking wasn't in mind, we wanted to rp with you guys more, we were having discussions of more rp events, and maybe meeting togther in an OOC formate here and there so we get to actually know one another, like a community shoudl so maybe this animosity between YM and SS would go away. But again, you act like children. You thrown away soemhting that could have been really fun cause you thought you deserved better, almost reminds me of a child who throws a fit cause he didn't get what he wanted, jummping up and down waving his hands with snot coming from his noise. I feel sorry about what happened, but I relly do hope for the best with your Malas rp, and I'm glad that what happened did happen, Why? Becuase our rp will be better without those who act like yourselves, Sooner or later those who can't rp falls throught the cracks.
    Melee Captain of the Yew Milita
    Rand al'Thor
  3. Miller_GL

    Miller_GL Guest

    Somebody finally spoke up and said what they thought, so I'll be the next to back Rand.

    Rael, from my two years in the RP community I have come from next to nothing, having never PvP'd before, to being a Sergeant of the Highland Guard, to being a grunt in the newly formed Dileaban (after the fall of HG), becoming the only Armunn (second-highest officer) in D-G, and then splitting off and forming my own Highland Mercenaries guild after the rest of D-G left for WoW. In all that time and with all those experiences.. I have only seen one thing from you: disrespect.

    For the longest time I let it slide, thinking it was all in character. You were the godly vampire and it only seemed right that you would methodically insult everyone that opposed you. Then came the night when I was in Cove and trying to roleplay with a rat that had opened the bank doors. It wasn't right that a rat opened the bank doors and I was trying to catch it to talk with it. I hadn't even gotten out the "Come out little creature, I know you're unique because rats don't open doors," before you and Viktor gated into Cove.

    The first thing that came out of your mouth: "What's going on here, you want peaced?"

    Then you accused me of KOSing the rat and flat out told me that Yuri (the rat) was in ventrilo talking with you and you know he wasn't lying (implying that I was lying). You told me "Let's be honest, you saw orange and wanted a fight." Yet noone had attacked Yuri.

    Later I came to Umbra to find you and discuss the situation, guildmaster to guildmaster, but you wouln't give me the time of day. I asked for a word with you, and you replied, "No words for you." You threatened to kill me on the spot, and could not control your men from repeatedly hurling insults at me. I had to be the diplomatic one and just recall out of there, as it was clear you were never going to come off your high horse.

    And, after these experiences, you have the gall to claim that the people of the High Council don't roleplay well? You think YM can't roleplay? I have to just sit back and laugh at those hypocritical statements in light of what I've seen from you.

    I, also, was not a part of any "roleplay conspiracy" (I don't believe any even existed), but I do agree with Rand that I'm glad that something happened. None of our efforts to interact with the SS guild were working. You all seemed content to banksit atop the Umbra bank and do nothing, except to kill some unarmed, unskilled characters in Moonglow with nary an "Arm yourself!" or "I'm hungry." *clank!* *clank!*

    You can't roleplay with someone you don't trust. We (the United North Alliance) have tried to make it work for so long now... but there is just no working with you. It's your way or the highway, and I guess everyone knows which road you've chosen now.

    Good riddance.

    Guildmaster of the Highland Mercenaries
  4. zOoMaN - BC

    zOoMaN - BC Guest

    lol.......wars in trammel !
  5. BTHKiller

    BTHKiller Guest

    lol Slim perhaps they would like to come to fel to see just how good they are.. Here ya go fellas you all come to a designated area at a designated time I mean all of you no matter which guild or which RP society you belong to. then you pick either DAE or BC you decide which one will come and fight you(im afraid we cant both do it cause once we see each other we would completley forget about you and begin to fight each other). When you have all died you will then know what PvP on a guild scale is all about.
  6. "then you pick either DAE or BC you decide which one will come and fight you(im afraid we cant both do it cause once we see each other we would completley forget about you and begin to fight each other"

    Best quote ever. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  7. Muctug

    Muctug Guest

    I love how when people post about thier particular playstyle and what they enjoy to do, then all of a sudden BAM! Here comes someone, to whom, this has nothing to do with and that plays a totaly different style of play saying," Come do it this way, you would survive." Or "Your just a bunch of Trammies" Blah blah blah blah blah. You know thats what most people hear when they read what you post. Hey good on you if you like Hardcore PvP in Fel. Some dont. Some like to RP PvP. I do both. I know some of these people in them guilds that would probably kill alot of the Hardcore pvpers, and vise versa. What I am saying is we dont care if you think RP pvp wars are funny. You do your thing and let other do thiers. Till you start paying for others subscriptions you have no right to say or do anything to another person for thier playstle....Ok. Get the hint. Probably not. Oh well.
  8. Let em have fun guys, Honestly there is nothing wrong with their playstyle. Actually it is kind of fun. It is lots more "Honorable" than fel fighting, This is their post let em have their conversation, we do our "trash talk" on other posts /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif. the only thing i see wrong with role play, is when i was in a chaos/order/warring guild, i made too many friends and there was noone left to fight. but if they are having fun, let em.
  9. Bob Mac

    Bob Mac Guest

    Ill play the pk and you play the ghosts /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. bbr

    bbr Guest

    Empty lines are you friend.....

    *gives you a cookie*

    i'm NOT reading that huge Block of text without editing......
    far as i can see real's text is a LOT easier to comprehend...
  11. To Miller and Rand. As i have said MANY times, in regards to your reply here: Pot calling the kettle black my friends....pot calling the kettle black.
  12. Mat Cauthon

    Mat Cauthon Guest

    Like I said, for any new rper they are not going to get one said of a story, espically when some (concerning Yew Milita and it's allies *looks to Miller*) is false.

    Lets not get into the acts of both of our guilds. Cause in the end we have better people, Better allies, and the best GM on the game so. Have we made mistake. . hell ya. . .have you?. . Damn straight. Like I said, I'm here to support Yew and its people. SO what you want about anyone else concerning your ol' allies and QdV but the United North had absolutly nothing to do with anything you brought up on the page.
  13. Heh, so now you claim to just be better huh? *laughs* Thats fine with me, you are more than welcome to your opinions. I stand by my previous comment,...Nuff said.
  14. DaphneJoan

    DaphneJoan Guest

    If Ren is able to keep what she does in her other guilds completely seperate than her rp guild what should it matter? She's always has been a steady person in the rp community for years. I don't think the attempt to tarnish her "game rep" with the communities she is in is going to really matter much as well as some of the others. It's not like she recruited Epyon and Bum to play in her guild that have no interest in roleplaying like another guild did. If you feel your guild isn't welcome to the rp community maybe reflect on what your guild has to offer instead of making board drama.
  15. Miller_GL

    Miller_GL Guest

    I don't see it as the pot calling the kettle black at all. I see it as you making accusations about the entire GLRP community based on your wild paranoia and a couple ICQ and journal logs (those of people in your own alliance, not the High Council, BAF or United North), and then the rest of us defending ourselves from your wild assumptions.

    This is just like it always was in-game too. You could always dish it but could never take it. We're sick of tip-toeing around your temper tantrums and sick of trying to work with you, with the disrespect and lack of results we always got. You can stick by your statement, that's fine. I'll stick by mine too: Good riddance.

    'Nuff said.
  16. Miller you just keep talking but dont really say much. As far as recruiting bum or Epyon, oh yes your so right that afore mentioned guild is the ONLY one who ever had those types of people in their guild, you obviously are very clueless about matters. For one it DOES matter when said person condemns a path that some have taken, yet they them selves do. Thats okay, being a hypocrite is okay.
    These posts just show that none of you are actually reading anything, i mean i guess photo evidence and TONS [ not a few miller] of icq logs with people admitting guilt doesnt matter. Miller i wont even listen to you , some one who infact makes accusations when your nothing more than a lier, i caught you red handed blatantly "head hunting" Yuri not bothering any one and you simply attacked him because he was orange. So you can just give it up. Deny all the stuff you want, Any one who knows the elitist attitude of the HC community knows that their higher ups dont hide anything from each other.

    You want to say YM was innocent than go attack your pals cuz if you are then blame them for saying your in on it, otherwise quit trying to make it sound like something WASNT going on buddy because any one who reads the website and actually thoroughly reads all the evidence sees full well it isnt paranoia, becuase it isn paranoia when your right man. So get a clue.
    Oh and incase you all really just missed the point, it isnt the matter if they wanted us here or not. You seem to miss the point that WE quit THEM, not the other way around. You guys say your fine with it, then good , great but own up to your words and actions and dont come to umbra on alternates to "try" and stir things up, becuase you have nothing better to do.
  17. DaphneJoan

    DaphneJoan Guest

    Try focusing on playing ingame and not so much who says what in icq or out of game. Creating drama is something you want, but I think it's not going to accomplish you much.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest


    If Ren is able to keep what she does in her other guilds completely seperate than her rp guild what should it matter? She's always has been a steady person in the rp community for years. I don't think the attempt to tarnish her "game rep" with the communities she is in is going to really matter much as well as some of the others. It's not like she recruited Epyon and Bum to play in her guild that have no interest in roleplaying like another guild did. If you feel your guild isn't welcome to the rp community maybe reflect on what your guild has to offer instead of making board drama.


    First, I question how well Ren is doing at keeping her guilds seperate, seeing as RKR seems to be getting scrolled up rather rapidly all of a sudden and more than one of Ren's Fel guild have been by Umbra or our hunts in Tokuno to mock us.

    Yes, at one point Epyon did ask if he could give RP a try with our guild, a point the 'Good' RPers still belabour. Yes, we have a member of DAE in our guild, another point that gets harped on. Guess what? You've lost all ability to complain about the fact that we gave Epyon a chance, now that it's been demonstrated that Ren herself is a member of Epyon's old guild. You don't have the moral authority to complain that we have one guy who originally came from DAE when we both know that several YM officers are in BTH. You can't really complain about us having Fel PvPers in our guild when you yourselves are Fel PvPers.

    You used to complain that Fel PvPers couldn't RP and would just try to bring Fel tactics and equipment to our wars. Well, now it seems like every fight we have with YM involves a grinder and half of RKR is 120 scrolled. It seems now like you're saying "No Fel PvPers can RP but our Fel PvPers."

    Sorry, no. The complaint about Ren's Fel ties don't center around the fact that Ren has Fel ties. We've always said there was nothing wrong with having Fel ties. It doesn't even center around Ren. It centers around the fact that the High Council clique always bitched about us being PvP centered while at the same time putting their characters into Fel guilds to get scrolls and learn Fel tactics which they then used on us. My problem isn't that this or that person on the good side has a character they use in Fel. My problem is that this or that person on the good side is a bald faced liar, who waffles to me, even now, months after Epyon QUIT UO, that we had Epyon in our guild for a week, but then says "Oh, you can't make mention of the fact that Ren knew what Fel guild Epyon was from because they were in the same Fel guild."

    As for focusing on playing in game and not considering the ICQs, bull. We all use OOC communication to set up our events, which I suspect you know full well. If someone is ICQing our members OOC insults about our GM and saying "You should break your guild", you expect us to ignore that? You expect us to ignore the same people coming up to us at Umbra bank and tossing insults at Venom because of his IRL sexual orientation?

    Admit the truth: If I went to a High Council meeting and started slamming an HC member because of their IRL sexual orientation, you'd all be ripping me to shreds to everyone who would listen. Turn about. Fair play. It seems obvious to me that your side took this out of game in an unforgivable way and are now scrambling to gloss over the fact that your people were clearly in the wrong.

    As for the complaints that we killed and looted EoA members on their unprepared, unskilled characters. Again, bull. They weren't so unprepared that they didn't insist we come to Felucca with them. They weren't too unskilled to drop poison fields and energy vortexes on us. If you insist someone comes to Fel with you and then you go grey and drop a poison field on them, what do you think they are going to do? Of course we killed them and yes, we took their GM leather armour crafted by the Drow Elves as a trophy. Stop crying. It's GM leather. If you're that upset, my offer to craft you more GM leather with my own mule stands. Otherwise, suck it up.

    If you want to take a fight to Fel, don't cry if you get killed and looted. That simple.
  19. Well,

    This post has really stirred up some hostility it seems and is hitting a little close to personal for some of the participants. I do feel however the arguments to follow are better left dealt with in a different medium so i am closing this thread .

  20. <blockquote><hr>

    First, I question how well Ren is doing at keeping her guilds seperate, seeing as RKR seems to be getting scrolled up rather rapidly all of a sudden and more than one of Ren's Fel guild have been by Umbra or our hunts in Tokuno to mock us.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I don't see at all where RKR seems to be getting scrolled up rather rapidly. FYI, some people in RKR have actually been playing the game and actually manage to pay themselves 120 scrolls. If you look, most of the people are only 110'd. 110 are pretty cheap and easy to acquire, if you have friends they might even give them to you.
  21. Bravia

    Bravia Guest


    Slim perhaps they would like to come to fel to see just how good they are..

    [/ QUOTE ]

    BTH, i had spent much time fighting along side you, at yew gate, and in open fields pretecting spawns and killing people, but this is were i have to say you need to keep your red little nose in your own business, if you had a bit more sense, you would remember Rael said we were not the best, we did not have the best equipment, this post was about how everyone degrades SS becuase they are all holding hands and sitting on each others lap (in the RP comunity) this has NOTHING to do with fel style pvp....you BTH are a living T-R-O-L-L!
  22. landon27

    landon27 Guest

    Look this is a role playing based game. Stop picking on the players who intend to play the game how it was designed I think everyone forgets this is not a pvp based its a RP game. So if they want to RP let them stop giving them a hard time at least they have the heart to sick to there rp guns. And BTW I have met some RP players who would have a very good chance in fel some of those guys have a good suit and good skills.
  23. Itari

    Itari Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Landon...how would you like to enlighten the rest of Great Lakes as to why you pulled up a 3 and half year old thread?
  24. Speed_Racer

    Speed_Racer Guest

    Wow I didnt even notice the dates on this. I was thinking to myself ...people still role play?
  25. Xegugg

    Xegugg Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    I would like to know if Rael is still a rank 11 vampire.
  26. Aibal

    Aibal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
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    ANOTHER typical Landon move. Yo, Landon, oh brilliant one, this thread is over three years old. And you wonder why we laugh AT you...............
  27. Cetric

    Cetric Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2008
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    damn rael, ive never seen such an essay..
  28. Cynic

    Cynic Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 26, 2008
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    wow stratics saves threads for that long?!

    i'm going to see how many old posts I can stir up for laughs!
  29. Cetric

    Cetric Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2008
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    woah didn't even realize that it was 3yrs old. landon wtf did you do this to me for lol
  30. *removed* lol I didn't even realize how old this thread was
  31. landon27

    landon27 Guest

    I did not know this was so old I have been gone for 3 years so its new to me. And as for cetric I have to keep you on your game....yes..thats it..lol. As far as laughing at me go for it makes me happy that I bring joy to someones life.
  32. Kahlan_FHP

    Kahlan_FHP Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
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    You did too know this was old. You would have had to spend all day if not longer going back through messages. Wow.
  33. MalagAste

    MalagAste Belaern d'Zhaunil
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Royal Knight

    Aug 21, 2000
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    Holy ancient history batman!!!!

    Wow...... well RP on GL is fine.... you wanna talk about perhaps joining the RP community then by all means PM me...

    The current GLRPC is looking to expand and looking for new members as well as looking for guilds interested in joining.

    We do many different activities from PvM to PvP..... group hunts, explorations, defence of Sossaria to poetry contests, tavern nights, Treasure Hunts, and many other activities including patrols, Virtue Lessons and Doom runs.

    If you think UO has become stale maybe it's time you look at it from a different perspecive.

    If you think RP is about Thee, Thou and stuffy meetings think again!

    Find that small world of those who know what the R stands for in MMORPG.... and discover UO again for the first time... Or revisit that world you have forgotten.
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