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to kill or not to kill

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Renneb, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Renneb

    Renneb Guest

    hello i am returning player i started back in 99 left in 2004 came back in 2006 left again to just come back a few weeks ago. My char is Renneb he is the second PC that i made

    but i think it maybe time to kill him off im looking for some good ideas
    right now he is a RP Pirate so im thinking maybe an epic sea battle or maybe he will just get lost at sea? if anyone has some ideas please post them here

    im also gonna need a new char i have done mostly malee char's and i wanna change it up with some kind a mage char or necro mage if anyone has a good mage temp please post that thank you