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To Oceania: I'm sorry.

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by siyeng0, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    Please forgive me if this post is rambling and incoherent. I am not drunk, but I have been drinking a lot of coffee, and I'm not used to stimulants, and it's late at night. Also, I have a reputation for sarcasm, but please understand that this post contains no sarcasm; if a line or phrase comes off that way, it is unintentional.

    I'm sorry.

    I have been cruel. I've been excessively cruel to people who have done nothing to deserve it - on the forums rather than in-game, out-of-character rather than in-character, and with no good reason besides the need to take my anger out on others who have never done anything to harm me and are completely unrelated to the things that annoy me.

    Please understand, everybody who I have bitched out, abused, belittled and otherwise hurt, that this is not your fault. I have not been treated badly (by those that I am unpleasant to, at least), I have no frustrations great enough to justify this retaliation, and I have, despite popular opinion, no mental condition that forces me to act this way. I am purely to blame for the way that I have acted. I'm not asking for you to forgive me; all that I ask is that you understand that it is not your fault, and that you don't take my words to heart. Please.

    My literacy does not make me better than you. If you can't express yourself online as articulately as I can, that doesn't make your opinion any less meaningful than mine, nor does it mean that I am more intelligent than you. For too long I believed that because I could type well, it meant that my words were somehow more worthy than those of people who could not, and that alone was permission for me to treat them as I wanted to. I was wrong. If you take away my grasp of the language, I am just a stupid little girl with unremarkable ideas, no better than anybody else on this forum and quite often worse. I'm sorry that I thought that way. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

    I have just turned nineteen years old. I'm not a child anymore. My behaviour has been childish, toddlerish even, and for that I'm sorry. To anybody who thought that you were being criticised by an adult with the wisdom to back her words up and were hurt because of that, don't be. I am not as mature as my language makes me look. You weren't arguing with somebody with life experience enough to form valid arguments and make judgements on your worth as intelligent people. You were on the receiving end of a temper tantrum by a petulant, immature teenager with a superiority complex.

    If you have ever been hurt by anything that I have said, please discount it. I didn't mean it. I have been needlessly and pointlessly angry, and have expressed myself in entirely the wrong way by lashing out at undeserving, innocent people. I'm sorry that I mocked you. I'm sorry that I teased you. Again, I'm not asking that you forgive me or accept my apology, but if my words have inflicted any damage, I hope that this heals it. Because you are better than me. All of you, by virtue of having emotional control, by your humility and by your kindness, are better than me. Please, please, please discount my hurtful words, because they mean nothing, and I regret every last one of them.

    You are good people. I don't hate you. You have done nothing wrong. If you take nothing else away from this, even if you don't think this apology is genuine, please accept that.

    Finally, there is a person who indirectly made me look at my behaviour and realise just what a monster I've turned into, a former friend of mine who commented on my outbursts in a previous thread. I won't name you, but I'd like to say, thank you. If you hadn't commented, I would never have noticed how cruel and unpleasant I have become. So thank you. I hope that I can redeem myself in your eyes eventually, but if I have said and done too much for that, I understand.

    Thank you.
  2. Paradox_

    Paradox_ Guest

    God did your dog die or something
  3. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest


    Just felt like you might need it.
  4. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    Hahahahaha the kid got called out on her teen angst and couldn't handle the heat. Way to go full-throttle into an emo stage. Way to ***** out of responsibility for what you said. Nice spinelessness.

    edit: Just read the posts you refer to in other threads. It's as if you're trying to be cheap wannabe hack version of me. Of course it's expected that you'll fail at that.

    I particularly liked this one:
    You seem pretty broken here, just fyi.
  5. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    welcome to adult hood..actually I dont give 2 ummm cents ;P but hey anyone seeking what ya seeking is good with me..

    seriously tho...either ya really good at BSing...or ya actually looking for something :D heck find thy people ya hurt and go from there...who gives 2 cents on the people who are posting here...find the ones ya really hurt...cough siggy msg...cough..and go from there...

    Other than that...good luck on your travels....For ya willl need it more.... ;D

    There are two kinds of people..the ones who are saints..and the ones who Bull**** to be saints :D

    I wish you nothing but the best on your travels.......
  6. five oclock

    five oclock Guest

    Post copied...
    Eveyone desevers a second chance..good luck....
  7. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    Stop posting drunk. It makes you even more incoherent than normal.
  8. iddqd

    iddqd Guest

    um, i think you missed the point entirely, blad.

    this IS someone taking responsibility for their actions. they have recognised that they did something 'wrong' and have apologised for their behaviour.

    seriously, L2comprehension.

    as for siyeng, i dont see why youd apologise for words on a forum, its just words. if people have their little noses put out of joint, then thats their problem. sticks and stones...
  9. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    I didn't miss the point. If the person gave a **** about what they said they wouldn't have said it in the first place. An apology like this is just a blatant "I'm a tosser who doesn't think for myself" sign plastered above their head.

    Apologies don't suddenly reset everything. You don't get out of a speeding fine simply by saying sorry. If this scrub had a shred of responsibility, they'd not try to weasel out of the results that their words have had. They'd man up and deal with the fallout from their own overwhelming stupidity.

    Also, I want to watch this sucker burn and suffer and writhe in the cess pool of their own pathetic misery. :) Nothing quite matches the satisfaction of putting a boot into the guts of someone who firmly deserves it when they're broken and weak and defenseless.
  10. Deneya

    Deneya Guest

    I would just like to point out something...whilst being adept at literacy does not mean you are better, it generally does mean you have a greater level of intelligence than the standard psyche we normally come across in game.

    Stop being so hard on yourself.
  11. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    Haha no it doesn't. It means they're compensating for having a hollow lack of self confidence and mediocre intellect by trying to be flamboyant with what they do possess.

    Truly intelligent people will be succinct with their language, both written and spoken, because it guarantees understanding and engages the target audience.

    Granted, the truly stupid make no effort and clearly abuse the rules of language - there's a large difference, but make no mistake that those who are ****y with their language are simply compensating for their mediocrity by trying to impress.
  12. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    I agree with Dal, you have missed the point.

    Speeding is breaking the law. That is a poor analogy and has nothing to do with what is being discussed here.

    Oh, and for the record, saying sorry can help in some situations like that. My 16 year old nephew and his friends recently found a car with some keys in it so, without thinking, they took it for a short joy ride. The police got involved but didn't end up pressing charges as there was no damage done and each of the boys said sorry to the owner of the car.

    Siyeng's apology was 'maning up'. You seem to have a personal issue with her though and i'm guessing that's why you can't see that.

    LOL, getting a bit carried away aren't you?

    Spoken like a true scumbag
  13. Elwood

    Elwood Guest

    I don't know if these are actually your thoughts or if you have just regurgitated it from another source but aren't you contradicting yourself in the post below a little earlier in this thread:
    Isn't this the same as what you are being critical of Siyeng for?
  14. Bladron

    Bladron Guest

    You could argue that the 'saying sorry' didn't change much in this case. Perhaps it did help to aid in their humiliation and shaming, but equally, the officer likely realised that they had learned their lesson and realised the stupidity of their actions, and therefore the officer realised that further action was not required. T

    he officer sounds quite good, and I commend them for their action, as they realise that the point of a punishment is to deter the offender from breaking the law again, so if something other than the textbook punishment is more effective at no loss to all involved then why not? That's why we have a warning system, after all. Evidently the being called out and being forced to view their actions in hindsight was enough to shame them, so they have learned from their mistake and will not do it again.

    FYI it's not a poor analogy as it gives a clear example of the point I was making, which is that 'sorry' does not simply fix anything in this world. I was making no attempt at saying that this was equal to speeding, and you're pretty stupid if you came to that conclusion. Ergo it has everything to do with what is being discussed here.

    Not really. her posting history consists of ******** stupidity so I'm having no qualms at watching her suffer. I'd not heard of her before this, but a quick look through her post history shows that she deserves no quarter. Had she not wanted to feel the heat, she'd have not made her remarks in the first place. Holding forgiveness for her actions at simply an apology only validates the fact that she can say 'sorry' to fix everything. Unfortunately, 'sorry' does not fix everything throughout life.

    You're kinda new around here, aren't you?

    How the hell is that contradicting myself? I told five oclock that his being drunk when posting made him more nonsensical, and therefore sounding more stupid, than normal. That ties in perfectly with my point that stupid people have no regard for putting effort into their speaking or writing. I'm not quite sure what point you're trying to make, so it's evidently not been made very well at all.
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