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To Play or Not to Play

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by wishinandunsure, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hello to anyone who reads this! What a wild and crazy UO ride that I have been on! It has left me wondering what to do.
    I would like to state that one of my accounts have been terminated due to having dubbed items, what I am still unsure. All that I can think of is the heritage tokens that I bought off someone at brit, or the cloak of corruptions and other cheap items that I bought off vendors. Maybe some armor that I got at an IDOC, who knows (by the way, not one runic kit or hammer was on that account). Sucks. But, that's the background.
    So, I am wondering what to do. My hubby plays and this is a way to spend time with him. I have made some friends, that honestly, are great. I miss them. So, those are the reasons to continue.
    I had no idea I was buying dubbed things. In one post, I mentioned that I did not have any clue that the items were dubbed. And since obviously by the actions taken by EA, just having things that are dubbed (even if you are unaware) results in termination.
    So, I am left wondering a few things:
    1. Are all the dubbed items off the game?
    2. Have all the loop holes of the dubbing been fixed?
    3. Is EA attempting to make people quit the game so that they can just close it out?
    I would hate to rebuild my char's and this happen again. I enjoy playing, but honestly, I do not want to be burned again for something that I had no way of knowing that it was illegal.
    In one email that I recieved, it stated that before I continue game play, that I should be fully aware of "illegal" actions. I am taking that very seriously. I am also thinking about why I would want to continue to play a game that sets someone up for this type of action.
    These are honest thoughts, without any "heated" emtions behind it. Just ponderings. All that I know for sure is that if this situation happens again, I and my hubby (and yes, he won't have a choice, the wife turns the head remember? lol, and yes I am a dork) are gone. Even if EA does a mass banning for dubbing again, and I am not involved in it, I am gone. EA will never get another dime from me if that happens (but in the scheme of things, I know that it won't matter what I do, it will not affect EA in the least). The issue that I am wondering is this: has the problem been fixed? will this happen again, will EA do everything that it can do to make sure that things will not get this extreme again, and will they continually be updating things so that it will never happen again? If EA has done a great job of elminating the dubbed items (even if I was one of the terminated accounts) and they have resolved the issue (ie, there will never be another dubbed item on the game that will be available for sell or use), then I will gladly play again and feel confident that I am not wasting my time.
    So, to those who have read my "novel", thank you. I just wanted to "think out loud" to people that play and have some knowledge of what I am talking about.
  2. classical

    classical Guest

    in reply to play or not to play sometime game's have to make hard call's in some innocent people get caught up in it. i feel the same way how can they ensure it wont happen again.

    How can they ensure 100% that no duped item's will be obtainable thru other vendor's within there game.

    i to had a account hit by this and have been trying to reason it out as well.

    Here tho is where im going to prove my point of how easy it is for them to return into the game.

    Had a friend on another shard they had a deactivated account went on line to check it.
    now here's the mind blast.And keep in mind they were also termanated as well.

    Same credit card same name same address same phone number and boom there back in game!
    ea/osi doesnt check so at this point in time i've come to the reasoning if they can do what stated above what's to stop the dubers from returning within uo

    Im giving it till the end of the month to see if thing's shape up(or i will as well be shipping out and returning to a previous game i played)Actually ive all ready done so but until they fix the game what's to prevent it from happening again and again

    I as well enjoy playing uo but quite honestly at this point evidently playing by there rule's of this game for 4 year's does'nt mean anything when your up against this.Even if you were'nt jailed banned or suspended did not matter when this hit.

    They assume your guilty because they were found.you plead your case then they go they want no futher contact with you?

    Yet were suppose to be there valueable customer's

    I personally think that when you come into ea/uo they should make you wait 24 hour's
    and match thing's up. In doing so they stop alot of duper's returning in to it.

    The most important thing here is they seriously need to start listening to the player's within it without us they would'nt be the game.It's alway's been a major complaint in this game.

    Why can't they protect us player's of the game to make it safe and enjoyable beneath me.
    We also know gm's have alt that play when they are in that status do they ignore what they see?

    They've made it way to easy for them advance token's in there off and running they do not have to worry about working char up because they plain don't care(statement in reference to the duper's of the game)

    Why not bring back the old days when u did'nt have those thing's when you actually have to go out in put effort into developiing your char's?

    Or make a program and have your developer's make something so we may see what's dupe so we can aviod it like your houseplacement tool's in run it with a color spectrum that constantly changes so they can't peg it.

    The player's of this game have made many suggestion to you but will you listening and improve it? you did get innocent people yet we did play by your rule's yet were the one's your ignoring.

    Do you honestly and thruthfully care about your cleintell you have to this game if you do please fix it so were safe and don't have to be afraid of shopping within uo.We are self can't stop obtaining them if you can't stop them.

    Signed I used to love this game but now i have some really serious doubt's about it:(
  3. feath

    feath Guest