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Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Baby Doll, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Baby Doll

    Baby Doll Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran IPKU

    Jul 22, 2008
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    #1 Baby Doll, Jun 9, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
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  2. Tjalle

    Tjalle Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter Gilfane

    May 12, 2008
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    Great idea. I really hope you can gather a few to train with and then hunt some "evil" down.
    And if you do, let your stories be heard on the forums. :)
  3. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Are you the "old" Baby Doll from East Wood? I thought your son was playing the char.
    Do Shark still play?
  4. Baby Doll

    Baby Doll Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran IPKU

    Jul 22, 2008
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  5. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Ok, not the same Baby Doll as the one I know was on Siege 12 years ago
  6. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran K^S

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Well the Amazons will definitely take you up on that offer, Baby Doll. You res'd Clio and the savage one fought & lost vs Brutus in the Arena; so clearly I need some help too. I love companionship & group hunting. My play time is rather random but when I am about I will take you up on the offer. If you would like to join the Amazons with Luka & myself or one of Allied Guilds then we can do that too. *smiles*

    Lady Clodia, Amazon Regent Priestess
  7. IanJames

    IanJames Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 19, 2008
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    This is why I :heart: Siege
  8. Luka Melehan

    Luka Melehan Certifiable
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Campaign Patron

    May 12, 2008
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    Count me in. I can't do late nights tho.
  9. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Carefull Ladies, you may get the taste of it, just like this 2 ladies I meet years ago, when I was running with the Undead Lords. Here is one of the stories I had to write to become a full member of UDL

    Was that Myrkuls work?
    Freja was riding at an old road, she know very well, when she saw two ladies, one was young, the other could had been her mother.
    They both had an axe and was out cutting woods. They was in dress and hats and did not look like they belong to the forest.
    They looked very innocent and Freja could get close to them without they reacted like Mortals use to do. They just said Hello, when they saw Freja.

    Freja looked at them, and was thinking, that she wanted to please Myrkul with this two lady souls.
    Freja like to tell them why she attack, so she said: 'Prepare to die foolish mortal. My master Myrkul requires your soul.' and attacked one of them named Lovis.
    It did not look like Lovis wanted to give up her soul and she jumped on her horse, run to town.

    Freja then attack the other woman, the young one named Aliena. This lady did not run but tryed to fight, she died fast.
    She did not have much with her and Freja raised her again and told her: 'Thank you for adding your puny mortal soul to Myrkul's greatness'
    She mumbled something, not easy to understand, then she asked:'who is myrkul?'
    Befor Freja could say more as 'My Master and God', Lovis was back and attacked Freja.
    Freja and Lovis took a race more to town, Lovis did not know, that Freja know this forest very well and know how close she could go to town without get in trouble with the guards.

    Freja went back to Aliena.
    Aliena was still asking quistions: Aha and what is your god saying to kill ladies?
    Freja said, Lady souls pleased Myrkul very well.
    Freja told: My masters is undead lords. I'm only a slave yet serving my lords and their God Myrkul.

    This lady was careless, she was rumbling around in her items, then she said: Wow, a necklace, look! and she smiled to Freja.
    Now, i am a rich lady or not? she said.
    She again looked at Freja and said: can i ask you something, but, you must say the truth.
    Ok ask, Freja said.
    Why are all the evils killing everyone, what do they want?
    Freja did not have the answar for this, she could only try to explain, why she was killing, and even that made her trouble, she only knew, she had to kill to harvest souls to Myrkul, and she enjoyed it.

    Lovis is back again, Freja attack her and once more Freja lose the race to town.
    Lovis keep coming back, this time yelling 'go ahead talk to Aliena and Don't shoot me, I'm a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB'
    Freja did not know what a noob was, Freja attacked again.
    Aliena started yelling, Stop, Lovis is my aunt, please not kill old ladies.
    Freja stopped, did not follow the old lady to town this time.
    Lovis was back again, yelled: TALK, do not KILL me.

    A evil looking mortal show up, there was writing GRANDOR: [Apache Warlard, Hun] on his clothes.
    Corp Por - Energy Bolt, GRANDOR said, then he laugh and run of with arrows hitting him his back.
    Aliena keep asking: Tell me, what have i do with the evils in this land.
    Of all the evils, who have killing me, no one has taken my stuff, why?
    Bloodthirsty Freja said.

    Freja looked at Lovis: I still need your soul for Myrkul, she said.
    Take it if you want, Lovis said.
    Freja said, she would let Lovis keep her sould to next time.
    Lovis dropped all her items in the hands of Aliena and said: Ready to be killed.
    Aliena started to beg: Kill her please now, I have all her stuff, please kill her.
    Freja was wondering, what happing to this ladies and said no not today.
    Next time is early enough, Lovis said and smiled.
    My stuff please I am freezing to death otherwise, Lovis said with a shivery voice.
    Aliena, my stuff please, she demended.
    Aliena smiled evil, but did not give the stuff back.
    Lovis attacked Aliena without having a weapen.
    Let kill, Aliena said and armed her axe.

    Freja dropped an axe for Lovis feeds and the older lady turned out to be the strongest or the best to swing an axe, and Aliena died again.
    Haha Lovis said, and picked up her items from Aliena's body.
    Freja shake her head and leave the ladies after she raised Aliena again.
    Freja don't understand what made this two ladies bloodthirsty, could it be Myrkul?
    Freja, Slave of Myrkul, [UDL]
  10. Baby Doll

    Baby Doll Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran IPKU

    Jul 22, 2008
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    Hello, would be a honor to join the Amazons. Baby Doll is I4NI COM and will stay that way. But would love to enter my blue GiGGles, she is not as skilled out as BD, but skills around gm level. Daytime/morning - ish would be sweet. But I am somewhat adaptable. Just gotta think what she will be. If ya see me in game hollar out, I'll do same. Thanks to you and Luka, we shall have good times!

    P.S Freja we will take care not to have issues. LOL Nice lil story. One question though full membership UDL, what is that?
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  11. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    To become UDL you had to start as a mortal slave in the guild, then you had to serve the knights first as slave and later as squire. Even when UDL was one of the most powerful and feared guilds, they was also roleplaying, even when they offen forgot it in the field. I had not yet had time to rewrite this story.
    I was the last UDL knighted on Siege and raised as an Undead Lord. This is from year 2002, where Siege was alive and wild.

    My Knighting
    Freja (Siege Perilous) 05:21:09 01/27/02
    Freja: [Squire to Mark, UDL]
    Ammar: mearly a chance meeting
    Ammar: mortal??
    Ammar: [UND]
    Excalibur: Ammar
    Ammar: yess?
    Excalibur: your kind are welcome from now
    Excalibur: till knighting completed
    Ammar: *nods*
    Ammar: my thanksss
    Excalibur: with no agression
    Ammar: wisshes to see thiss doess I
    Excalibur: warlord Bella?
    Ammar: ah
    Excalibur: will you ensure guest safety till ritual complete?
    Ammar: *feels better*
    Ammar: the KOSss mortalsss
    Ammar: fight with them you doesss?
    osiris: my lady i am proud to be here
    Ammar: good soulsss Tiberius
    Freja: Thanks Ammar
    Ammar: for?
    Freja: being here
    Ammar: *nods*
    Ammar: sorry for the dissruption
    Ammar: mearly hunting DT were we
    Freja: It's ok :)
    Grendal: [Soul Reaver, UND]
    Excalibur: Welcome
    Excalibur: enter
    Grendal: Good soulss Freja
    Freja: welcome
    Grendal: Knighted you will be
    Grendal: good thisss is
    Corra Darkfrost: [Shadow's Hammer, ToD]
    Sorozhev: Hail Corra
    Corra Darkfrost: Hail
    Sorozhev: How are ye this evening?
    Sorozhev: (Inquisitor of the Council, Council of Mages)
    Sorozhev: [Warlord, UDL]
    Corra Darkfrost: Middle of writing paper for class irl =(
    Vaniah: (Mystic, Council of Mages)
    Vaniah: [High Priest, UDL]
    Kilrog A'lkein: [Priest Archon, UND]
    Kilrog A'lkein: *glares*
    Excalibur: [Arch Lich, UDL]
    Freja: Yes M'Lord
    Excalibur: stand in back room and meditate slave
    Excalibur: seek myrkuls advice
    Corra Darkfrost: hha u = owned
    Mierin: [Daughter of Night, UDL]
    Tiberius: [Slave, UDL]
    Shadow Seer: [PURE RAGE, A0D]
    HP Lovecraft: Hey Freja
    Excalibur: leave her
    Excalibur: she may not speek
    Sorozhev: Congratulations Freja!
    Freja: Thanks
    Sorozhev: You will make a worth knight!
    Sorozhev: worthy
    Freja: hope so
    Freja: :)
    Sorozhev: Har
    Sorozhev: We know that you will
    Freja: Thanks
    Excalibur: Good Luck My Slave
    Freja: Thanks M'Lord
    Punani: *waves*
    Mercury King: hi Freja
    Vaniah: [High Priest, UDL]
    Excalibur: *nods to priest*
    Vaniah: Welcome all on this great eve, as we gather here to witness the ceremony,
    Vaniah: of a mortal deemed worthy, with Myrkul's blessing,
    Punani: Praise Myrkul!
    Vaniah: to shed thy foul mortal flesh and become one of Myrkul's minions.
    Vaniah: With Myrkul's blessing let the ceremony begin.
    Vaniah: Squire Freja, step forward with the blessing of the Arch Liche and Liche Lord.
    Excalibur: Rel Sanct - Bless
    Corra Darkfrost: step not run
    Covenant: Rel Sanct - Bless
    Punani: hehe
    Punani: Kill the late blue
    Vaniah: Freja, are you prepared to rid yourself of your mortal weaknesses?
    Freja: Yes M'Lord
    Vaniah: And to represent all that is un-holy and serve only Myrkul?
    Freja: Yes M'Lord
    Excalibur: Rel Sanct - Bless
    Vaniah: I Freja, have embraced the Lord of Death's wisdom and teachings.
    Freja: I (Freja) have embraced the Lord of Death's wisdom and teachings.
    Vaniah: I pledge my restless soul to Myrkul and his followers.
    Corra Darkfrost: nub. you were suppose to include the (yourname) brackets.. (was a little kicks in the macros for the ceremony)
    Freja: I pledge my restless soul to Myrkul and his followers.
    Vaniah: In the name of all that is un-holy, I Freja, will ready the realm for my master
    Freja: In the name of all that is dead and un-holy, I (Freja), will ready the realms for my master, Vaniah: Myrkul, please bless my soul.
    Freja: Myrkul please bless my soul.
    Excalibur: Rel Sanct - Bless
    Punani: HOOWAH
    Vaniah: Vas Ort Flam - Explosion
    Excalibur: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    Vaniah: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Freja: Excalibur is attacking you!
    Excalibur: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    Mierin: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Excalibur: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    Covenant: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Freja: Vaniah is attacking you!
    You feel yourself resisting magical energy!
    Freja: Mierin is attacking you!
    You are dead.
    Vaniah: With Myrkul's blessing rise as undead.
    Excalibur: An Corp - Resurrection
    You have lost a lot of fame.
    Vaniah: Congratulations, you are now part of the Undead Lords,
    Covenant: Praise Myrkul! Arise as one of us now Freja!
    Excalibur: Congrats Freja! welcome to the family!
    Zizon: WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS
    Vaniah: the new force in Sosaria and the realms around it.
    Drannon: *cheers*
    Mierin: Congratulations
    Shaar Barista: *claps*
    Tyrone Rugan: *cheers!*
    Freja: Thanks M'Lady
    Sure Shot : WHOOOOO
    Mercury King: *claps*
    Wintermute: *SREAMS*
    Havok: good showing lass
    Tyrone Rugan: *sniff*
    DeVore: Kix lix dixcongrats freja
    Zizon: wooo hooooooo
    owl: *[email protected]*
    Shadow Seer: are we gonna eat?
    Your guild title has changed : Knight
    You have been made a friend of this house.
    Excalibur: may she serve Myrkul well
    Excalibur: Praise Myrkul!
    Excalibur: Freja
    Excalibur: i give thee now
    Freja: Praise Myrkul
    Excalibur: what only kin see from me
    Ooth-Nargai: damned evil people
    Excalibur: *bows*
    Mercury King: way to go freja...your not the same
    Mercury King: *claps*
    Excalibur: welcome sister
    Shaar Barista: *claps*
    Freja: Thanks
    DeVore: congrats again :)
    Excalibur: Mortals
    Excalibur: thank you for attending
    Freja: Thanks all
    Shaar Barista: Congrats Freja
    DeVore: mmay you not live for a long time
    Mercury King: way to go Freja
    Mercury King: *claps*
    DeVore: or whatever you'd say
    Covenant: Welcome to the family sister.
    DeVore: to an undead
    Ooth-Nargai: akoh freja
    Tyrone Rugan: I may never get another chance at this...
    Shaar Barista: Best of luck to ye as we battle eachother
    Tyrone Rugan: *kisses Freya's hand*
    osiris: congrats my lady
    Tyrone Rugan: Fare thee well!
    Covenant: Mortal...
    Freja: thx osiris
    DeVore: too late Tyrone
    Tyrone Rugan: Eh?
    Covenant: men have died for less...
    Excalibur: Knights!
    Tyrone Rugan: Har har!
    DeVore: boney fingers
    Covenant: ::chuckles::
    Excalibur: Prepare to Ride!
    osiris: tank you my lord
    Shaar Barista: Let us go Ooth
    Tyrone Rugan: That close enough to death as I'd like to be tonight
    Excalibur: we harvest this Eve For Freja!
    Shaar Barista: Vas Rel Por - Gate Travel
    Covenant: But, I too once felt the warm rush of blood through my veins
    HP Lovecraft: Hey Freja.
    Covenant: A part of me...remembers.
    Tyrone Rugan: *sniff*
    Ooth-Nargai: to hell with youa ll!
    Tyrone Rugan: Aye
    Covenant: Farewell pirate.
    HP Lovecraft: It's me Hax.
    DeVore: Vas Rel Por - Gate Travel
    HP Lovecraft: :p
    Tyrone Rugan: *tips hat*
    Covenant: May the wind fill your sails, and the wine your belly.
    Excalibur: Osiris
    Tyrone Rugan: Aye, many thanks
    Covenant: ::tips hat::
    Tyrone Rugan: Ye Lords of the Undead are fair spoken
    Tyrone Rugan: I knew not
    Excalibur: go to the bowells of this keep
    Covenant: ::chuckles::
    osiris: aye my lord
    Tyrone Rugan: *sniff*
    The Q: [Eskimo, J-D]
    Dr EviL: [Daddys Back, J^D]
    Tapio: [Angel of Sorrow, GOD]
    Blood: JD attack
    Rhyssa: [I'll Make U Famous, J^D]
    Bella: har
    Tyrone Rugan: *sniff*
    Bella: JD is minax
    Blood: or so it looks like
    Bella: more points for us!
    Excalibur: aye
    Covenant: And run by your side shortly.
    Excalibur: excellent
    Covenant: ::Embraces Freja::
    Blood: hrmm
    Dr EviL: howdy
    The Q: Hail
    Mercury King: congrats freja
    Covenant: Congratulations, again.
    MadAx: greetings
    Freja: thanks
    Excalibur: welcome to this stronghold
    Mercury King: *bows*
    The Q: Thank thee
    Dr EviL: thx
    Excalibur: on this great day
    Excalibur: the ceremony is completed
    Sure Shot : Flam Sanct - Reactive Armor
    Rhyssa: :)
    The Q: aww
    Excalibur: but you are welcome all the same
    Dr EviL: figured we were late
    Sure Shot : Rel Sanct - Bless
    Wintermute: Heh
    Dr EviL: :(
    The Q: :)
    Dr EviL: Congrats Freja
    Wintermute: Freafull mortals...
    Freja: Thanks
    The Q: Grats
    Excalibur: she had labored hard for this day
    Dr EviL: aye I remember from way back
    Excalibur: and Myrkul has blessed her
    Dr EviL: she's done the sahrd good
    The Q: We worship Diablo the all mightyt
    Excalibur: blessings upon you in our fortress
    Excalibur: Rel Sanct - Bless
    The Q: Thank thee
    Excalibur: Rel Sanct - Bless
    Wintermute: Or curses.....
    Excalibur: Madax
    Rhyssa: :)
    Excalibur: Blessings upon thee this day
    Excalibur: Rel Sanct - Bless
    Tapio: ty
    The Q: We just came to show our respect
    Sorozhev: Vas Rel Por - Gate Travel
    MadAx: aye
    Dr EviL: our apologies for being late
    Freja: Thanks for coming
    HP Lovecraft: Farewell to you all
    Excalibur: thank thee for doing so
    Rhyssa: take care
    Modnar Gnihtemos: [Arch Angel of Faith, GOD]
    Tapio: thank you
    The Q: :)
    Excalibur: see you on the field
    Dr EviL: cya on the field :)
    The Q: my we battle well
    Tapio: k
    HP Lovecraft: Congratulations Freja
    Freja: Thanks
    Dr EviL: aye congrats
    Sure Shot : be well
    Freja: you too
    Sure Shot : Vas Rel Por - Gate Travel
    Bella: lets go take some souls Excal
    And souls we got that night
    : the remains of Maverick
    : the remains of owl
    : the remains of Shadow
    : the remains of Love Handles
    : the remains of White Lighter
    :the remains of Godzilla
    : the remains of TaZ
    : the remains of D'ojos
    : the remains of ChurchHill
    : the remains of Demoyn
    : the remains of Drithe
    : the remains of Tyrone Rugan
    : the remains of StupidSam
    : the remains of Noah Skape
    : the remains of Gara
    : the remains of Randalph
    : the remains of Wintermute
    : the remains of Memnon
    : the remains of Brandy
    : the remains of Stanley
    : the remains of osiris

    I was the last Knight knighted in this realm
    UDL are now in other realm, the last I heard is, they would go to Diablo III. I hope they sometimes will wake up their old chars here.
    Freja: [Knight, UDL]

    Attented at the knighting:

    Ammar: [UND]
    Cold Steel: [In the Name of, J-D]
    Cryptic Slayer: [The Preacher, J-D]
    Na-Krul: [Deamon, DT]
    Kilrog A'lkein: [Priest Archon, UND]
    Able: [Priest, UND]
    Excalibur: [Arch Lich, UDL]
    Sorozhev: [Warlord, UDL]
    Raith the Dark: [Luscious Lich, UDL]
    B'Lar N'Thot: [Bone Warrior, UND]
    Brandt D'Ahara: (Blacksmith, Minax) Blue?
    OrcSoul: [Son Of Aegis, UDL]
    Tiberius: [Slave, UDL]
    Misery D'Strife: [Knight, UDL]
    Letum: [Shade, UND]
    Grendal: [Soul Reaver, UND]
    Ranal: [Priest, UND]
    Jou'Nar: [Bone Warrior, UND]
    Mercury King: [Slave, UDL]
    Tindilius Aegis: (Inquisitor of the Council, Council of Mages)
    Tar'Fu: [Grunt, Orc]
    Gerak: [Grunt, Orc]
    Dru'gug: [Gruntee, Orc]
    Laghed: [Gruntee, Orc]
    X'ugar: [Wargoth, 0rc]
    Tapio: [Angel of Sorrow, GOD]
    Ukgoth: [Mojoka, Orc]
    Nholg'gholm: [Grunt Rok Goth, 0rc]
    Buba'lub: [Grunt, 0rc]
    Grubb'nub: [Gruntee, Orc]
    Lugnakh: [Grunt, 0rc]
    Wench: [High Preist, UDL]
    Zurp'igig: [Grunt, 0rc]
    Gru'tar: [Gruntee, Orc]
    Zizon: [Ancient, UDL]
    Corra Darkfrost: [Shadow's Hammer, ToD]
    Mierin: [Daughter of Night, UDL]
    HP Lovecraft: [Brambles Suk, IMO]
    Shadow Seer: [PURE RAGE, A0D]
    Havok: (Executioner, Minax)
    Wintermute: (Keeper of Lies, Shadowlords)
    Kix.: (Defiler, Minax)
    Satyrs Kross: [AaA]
    Phire: [Advocate, Sky]
    Shaar Barista: [Legion Commander, DT]
    Ooth-Nargai: [Legion Guard, DT]
    Tyrone Rugan: [Captain, 8=X]
    Grei Mas Rien: [The Principal, POV]
    Alaric: [Guard Captain, DT]
    Midnight Sun: (Defiler, Minax)
    Covenant: [Lich Lord, UDL]
    Drake Lightcaste: [Guard of Retreat, DT]
    Jarod Tremlor: [Vampire Lord, DT]
    Maverick: [Do I Hate Drugs?, NO]
    Punani: [Oh Hell, NO]
    DeVore: [WINNER IS, TSB]
    Drannon: [Tomb Ingraver, UDL]
    Vaniah: [High Priest, UDL]
    Bloodbane: (Avenger of Mondain, Minax)
    Mercillus: [Guildmaster, BHU]
    Sure Shot : [Treasure Hunter, KOT]
    Savage: [FEAR, A0D]
    Dr EviL: [Daddys Back, J^D]
    Tapio: [Angel of Sorrow, GOD]
    Rhyssa: [I'll Make U Famous, J^D]
    Modnar Gnihtemos: [Arch Angel of Faith, GOD]

    Not sure of the color of some of them
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  12. Luka Melehan

    Luka Melehan Certifiable
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Campaign Patron

    May 12, 2008
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    I work mornings and into the afternoon depending on where my jobs are. I am excited about this. Still trying to skill and we had a busy week and people at the house over the weekend. BUt I should be able to get back into progressing now.
  13. Amaranthine Embrace

    Apr 25, 2012
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    Aaaaaaaaaahhhh Dear Freja ,how these names take me back to the most wonderful times on sp.I had left sp back in 2004 and never looked back till just now.It was wonderful.Do not ask for my name for it is with the sacred dead.
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  14. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
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    Yes that was one of the reasons I did post this post. It was an amasing time, I believe half of the shard was red and it was alot of fun.
    Whisper your name in my ear, I won't tell anyone :p