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Toontown Test Version Notes 3/22/09

Discussion in 'The Toontown Times' started by YoungUn, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. YoungUn

    YoungUn Guest

    Toontown Test Version Notes 3/22/09

    New version notes posted on the Toontown Test server.
    March 22, 2009 [sv1.0.38.18.test]
    • Fixed issue with Windows Launcher version of Toontown. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    • Fixed graphics bug which caused the text misalignment on the Party Gate public party listing panel.
    • Fixed bug causing Party invitation backgrounds to become missing during the Party planning and when a guest receives it in their Toon mailbox.
    March 22, 2009 [sv1.0.38.17.test]
    • Changed the Jukebox user interface panel so it will list the new Parties specific songs at the top. Random play will also bias towards the Parties specific songs but will pick from the entire song list.
    • We've made getting to a party easier! When you see the Whisper message telling you your party should now start, or that a party you've been invited to has started by the host, simply click on the message itself and it will bring you right into your Shticker Book's Parties page. From there you can quickly get to your Host or Invitations tab to get the party started!
    • We've added some more information on the Party Gate user interface panel, listing Time Remaining for each party and some simple instructions on how to pick a public party to attend.
    • Fixed bug which caused the Party Planner interface to show the incorrect date when picking a date and time to start a party.
    • Fixed bug which sometimes caused the Party Clock to not show the time remaining and the host's name.
    • Fixed bug which caused the Party Cannon to not record the correct number of hits.
    • Fixed a few other Parties and Boarding Group crash bugs, and made Parties more stable. Please let us know if you find any new bugs with Parties and Boarding Group!
    • *** KNOW ISSUE *** </p>
    • Currently the new text on the Party Gate interface panel is misaligned. Also, the background images to party invitations seem to disappear as you click on the arrows to scroll through the choices. Both of these issues will be fixed upon next update.

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