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Touch of Darkness

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by D'Amavir, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. D'Amavir

    D'Amavir Visitor

    Aug 28, 2015
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    Octavio sat alone on the upper floor of the Empath Abbey, eyes on the book that rested in front of him. He'd read the same paragraph several times as his mind went back the conversation he'd recently had with Aedon Durreah.

    The Guardian of Aegis had told a frightening tale of demons and death- a tale the former bard would have regarded as merely the yarn spun by an experienced storyteller, if not for Octavio's own experience with such tales made real.

    The soft rustle of fabric brought his wandering mind back to the present as the man he'd been waiting for walked into the room. “You called, Singer?” Saviel said softly as he approached the table and took a seat.

    Octavio smiled upon hearing his childhood nickname then looked closely at the man across from him. One look at his cousin's wan face almost made him decide against getting the grey robed mage involved. Was this the effect of Saviel’s deepening study of the dark arts?, he thought to himself before he pushed the concern away and spoke in hushed tones, “What do you know about a being known as Charnadis?”

    Saviel's interest peaked and he leaned in a bit before answering, “Very little to be truthful. I was much younger when those tales were being told. Why, are you searching for your next epic.”

    He shook his head sadly before responding, “Greatly do I wish that were the case. But, no. I ask for more pressing concerns. I believe that some may be seeking to rekindle that long dormant fire.”

    Leaning back he said, over steepled fingers, “And you want me to look into it? I assume because you believe it has some bearing on what happened to your father?”

    Octavio gave a sharp nod then said, “Yes. On both counts. You know what we have learned so far. How could I not think that this might lead to more answers?” Though his voice betrayed his concern, the strength of his convictions were clear.

    A grim smile played on the mage’s face as he spoke, “Very well. I will look into these dark tidings. After all I would hate to see your noble hands sullied by such vile forces.” At that he rose and made his way to leave.

    As he reached the doorway, Octavio stated, almost formally, “I am reactivating the Obsidian Guard. The resources of the House will be at your disposal.”

    Saviel paused at the words. He gave an affirming nod and left the room.
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