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EM Fiction Towns of Trammel

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by EM Elizabella, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. EM Elizabella

    EM Elizabella UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
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    Malachi and I have written this summary of the status of each city.

    Britain – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: Assembly of Lords and Guilds, led by Lord Kendal
    The capital city of Britannia is politically controlled by nobles and merchants. The day-to-day tasks of governance are handled by an entrenched bureaucracy. Unrest and protests have been used as a rationale for keeping the entire town under curfew. Britain, represented by Lord Kendal, recently signed a non-aggression treaty with Jhelom.

    Jhelom – Loyalty: Independent, Goverment: Military Dictatorship, led by General Gideon
    The city of the Valorian Isles has long been known for its fierce fighting spirit. In this time of turmoil, the people of Jhelom turned to what seemed a bedrock certainty: might makes right. Its military leadership declared independence from Britannia and set to work expelling those who did not fit their physical and mental ideals. At first, the outcasts were merely banished; now they are sold into slavery. Jhelom realized such profits from that trade that they now seek more souls to sell. Their expansionist efforts focused first on Skara Brae. Jhelom recently captured the fittest children of Skara, planning to raise them as hardened Jhelom soldiers.

    Skara Brae – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: Rangers, led by Artemia
    This spiritual center of Britannia has borne the brunt of Jhelom’s expansionist policies. Skara Brae has suffered raids, attacks on shipping, and kidnappings. The children rescued from Jhelom were sent directly to Yew. When word of the Britain-Jhelom pact reached the town, the townspeople sent the rest of their children to Yew as well. The people of Skara Brae are determined to defend their town or die trying.

    Yew – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: The Monks of Empath Abbey
    The “Breadbasket of Britannia” is in a difficult position. The monks of Empath Abbey want to be neutral and offer refuge to all. During the current crisis, families from all over Britannia have sent their children to Yew and the surrounding countryside. However, there are troops from Britain garrisoned in the town, ostensibly for its protection. The monks continue to smile and speak softly, tending to their growing flocks.

    Vesper – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: Mayor Sweet Maid Sally
    This city has the dubious distinction of having had two APEX mayors, Vadim and Sweet Maid Sally. Vadim tried to gain control of Minoc and had plans to subvert Cove. After Vadim was executed, the pirate Sally became mayor. She has stated that her lucrative maritime and casino revenue makes aggression towards Minoc unnecessary. Because of its bustling ports and new sources of gold, Vesper no longer has much need to trade with Minoc either. Vesper is flourishing, but criminals move freely in and out of the city (as long they pay their taxes). Sweet Maid Sally was the only witness to the Britain-Jhelom non-aggression treaty. Thus, she, and her city, has some protection against those two powers.

    Minoc – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: Mayor David “Dave” Burnside
    The town on the edge of Lost Hope Bay withstood aggression from Vesper and raiders. Those attacks ceased with the inauguration of Vesper’s new mayor, but trade between the two cities has not returned to former levels. Minoc now enjoys relative peace and the mixed blessings of geographic and economic isolation. Currently, its main problem is the lack of a steady market for the goods its miners and tinkers can produce.

    Trinsic – Loyalty: Independent, Goverment: Council of Paladins, led by Lord Archus
    After the mage Margreta’s death, Trinsic’s governing council was re-organized by Dupre and Lord Archus. The citizens have awoken from their magically-induced docility, but still regard their independence with pride. Its authors, Margreta and Edward, are considered great Trinsic patriots. Margreta’s reign is remembered as a time of plenty. The city is stable under the leadership of Lord Archus and allied with, though not part of, Britannia.

    Moonglow – Loyalty: None, Government: None
    The mages of Verity Isle agreed to be led by the most powerful among them: twins Chandra and Zoran. All was well, for a time. Then the two disappeared while trying to heal the Ilshenar Honor moongate. Moonglow’s mages now recognize no leader and no limits to their personal experiments. Non-mages are advised to avoid the town, unless they are adept at dodging wild magic.

    New Magincia – Loyalty: Britannia, Government: Direct Democracy
    This rebuilt town is controlled by a citizen-government composed of all the property owners. If gridlock can be termed a form of government, it seems to be the right one for this tropical island. The dozen tiny fiefdoms are relatively peaceful, more focused on their neighbors’ lawns than the battles that rage across the ocean. New Magincia remains part of Britannia, but is neutral and self-reliant.